What You Should Do If You Are In a Car Accident


You do your best to drive safely and avoid issues on the road. However, it can be a challenge to avoid being in a collision with another car. It is important to remember to check with everyone in your vehicle to ensure that they are okay, to evaluate the damage to your vehicle and take pictures, and to file a claim as quickly as possible. Here are a few steps you should follow if you are in an car accident.

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1Ensure That Everyone Involved Is Alright

The first thing you should do once you have been in an accident is make sure everyone in your vehicle is alright. In the event that someone is seriously hurt, call for an ambulance. Even if your passengers have just bumps and bruises, detail where they are affected in what the pain level is. You will need this information in case you are looking for personal injury lawyer later to get a settlement from the responsible party.

You should also determine if it is safe for everyone to stay within the automobile. If you are an imminent danger, you should do your best to get all those inside out. You should ensure all those who are in the other car are safe.

2File an Accident Report With the Police

Once everyone is alright, contact the police department and ask for an officer to assist you. This can be avoided in the event that you had a minor fender bender with little damage. They will assist you in mapping out the scene and moving the vehicles off the road. You must give your information to the other driver. They should include your name, drivers license number, and phone number.

You will need this information to complete the report that you are filing at the time. This is an opportune time to take pictures of the damage as well as the area around you. You can also upload the pictures to your insurance agent so they can determine how much it will cost to make the necessary repairs. You can drive your vehicle home if it still functions. You may have to call a tow truck to haul it to the garage for repairs if it is unable to move.

3File a Claim With Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance provider and file a claim as soon as you can. Many companies now have an app that you can do this. In addition, you are able to upload the pictures that you have taken from this program, and they will be sent directly to the agent who is helping you. Give them as many details as possible along with the contact information for the other driver.

They will send an adjuster to look over your vehicle or request that you take it to the garage to be fixed. In the event that the accident is your fault, you may have to pay a deductible to get the work started. However, if the other party caused it, you may have to inquire about the process of getting reimbursed.