Security doors: why you should install them in your home or business

Security doors have come a long way in the 21st Century, providing an incredibly resistant barrier between your home and thieves as well as the elements. There are so many outstanding benefits to installing them in your property, and this is why they have become so popular in recent years.

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If you have been the victim of an intrusion, you will know just how miserable the experience was. It’s violating and makes you feel unsafe in a place where you should definitely feel your safest. What’s more, it makes one feel as if it could happen, and without proper protection this can become an unfortunate reality.

This is why these protective barriers are such a winner for families and businesses across Australia. They provide that enhanced level of protection that simply can’t be matched through simply having the old, chippable wooden door awaiting an intruder’s entrance. What’s more, they can come with fire attenuation qualities that can be imperative for many Australian homes!

With elements including theft protection and fire resistant screen doors, here are three reasons why you should install them in your property:

They protect against thieves

These outrageously sturdy portals are designed to keep out unwanted visitors and deter them from ever coming back again! With strong designs produced with high quality materials, they are designed to repel the following and more:

  • Knife and jemmy attacks
  • Pull attacks
  • Kick and shouldering attempts
  • Blunt force tool attacks

If you’ve been concerned about thieves attempting to enter your property, perhaps this – alongside a robust CCTV camera system – is the best way to ensure your family and your assets are safe from intruders.

Fire attenuation qualities

It goes without saying that Australia is a country whose homes and businesses are regularly at fire risk. This is exactly why fire resistant screen doors are one of the best ways to ensure your home has a higher level of protection from bushfires and other blazes.

This is done through the screen’s ability to mitigate the radiant heat between the home and outside. What’s more, they protect the home allowing burning embers to enter, effectively providing a safeguard between the outside and the home in an entrance that is typically at greater risk from burning embers (especially if the port is wooden!).

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the country or the city, everyone’s property can utilise this heightened level of safety from one of our most dangerous elements. So, if your home or business is one that could be at risk from bushfire or other blazes, these screens are one of the ultimate ways to reduce the risk they pose. Such security doors will be a great home improvement additions.

And they protect from other elements…

Not only do they provide added protection from blazes, but they also provide added protection from wild storms and even cyclones. If you live in a cyclone-susceptible region then you’ve no doubt considered the ways in which you can protect your home from future damage.

These strong, sturdy portals are renowned for providing a heightened level of protection from these wild weather events, especially when it comes to not allowing flying debris to smash through the front entrance!

So, these Security doors are three essential reasons to install Security doors quality entranceways in your home or business. Protection from intruders, blazes and other wild weather events are some pretty fantastic reasons, and when they are designed and built to the highest Australian safety standards, you know there is an enhanced level of safety attributed to their build!

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