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Guest Blogging Service | Submit Guest Post | Sponsored Post 2022

Thank you for your genuine interest in guest blogging for NewsOrator.

Please read through our new guidelines below.

  • Images will be added to guest posts by our moderation team.
  • The content must be free from typos, grammatical, and spelling errors. Guest content that does not meet this guideline will automatically be rejected.
  • Self-promotional content will be accepted only for Sponsored Post.
  • The article must be original, written by you, be completely exclusive for our blog and must have our readers interest at heart (Please see categories above). Guest content that does not meet this guideline will automatically be rejected; if your post has been published elsewhere we won’t publish it.
  • The article must encourage reader engagement (Add the call to action).
  • If your article is accepted and published, you are required to reply to ALL comments that are approved on your post. Failure to do so will result in your links being stripped from your author bio box, we reserve this right.

NewsOrator inviting all guest blogger to contribute your content on our website. We accept content on below topics on our website.

Business Technology Entertainment Lifestyle
Auto Apps Arts Family
Entrepreneur Web Design Books Parenting
Finance Web Development Gaming Food
Money Gadgets Movie Drinks
Green Energy Internet TV Gardening
Insurance Mobile Sports Health
Law Networking General Fitness
Real Estate Security Fashion Home Improvement
Startup Software Accessories Recipes
Digital Marketing Hardware Clothing Travel
SEO Web Hosting Shopping PPC
Men SMO Blogging Women

How to Submit a Paid Guest Guest Post in 2022

    To submit a guest post for consideration, please take the following steps

    1. Use the form to submit your interest for guest blogging along with some information about your writing chronology, including links to previous guest posts on authority blogs. Don’t forget to include a link to your own blog too.

    2. Contact you via email to let you know whether I’m happy with your guest blogging profile or not. If all is well and I’m happy with you submitting a guest post for consideration, I will include the email ID in which you should submit your guest post to.

    3. If I approve your guest post, it will be scheduled to go live within 7 days. If it is rejected I will provide you with a reason (We only publish 1 to 2 posts per week).

    4. will provide you only one nofollow link in your author bio for your website*

    5. For a dofollow link, you can contact me on my mail id.

    6. For Paid and Sponsored post Contact me on [email protected]

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