Top Types Of Indoor & Outdoor Horse Rugs


Knowing the difference between your horse rugs is essential when keeping our four-legged friends warm and comfortable. They help to keep our horses happy whether they are stabled or turned out in their field. There is a range of cheap horse rugs available, so you can make sure your horse Is prepared as best possible whether they’re in their stable or field. 

1What is a Stable Rug?

A stable rug is exactly what the name suggests, a rug for when your horse is in its stable. If your stable is secure and free from drafts, sometimes stable rugs are not essential, but there are benefits from choosing to provide your horse with one. Stable rugs help to regulate your horses temperate by keeping them warm when they can’t move about in their stable and are great for helping them to slowly bring their temperature down after exercise. When wearing a stable rug, horses are less likely to be exposed to mud and dirt, meaning less of a need for bathing your horse. 

2Fleece Stable Rugs 

Fleece rugs are used to help horses cool down slowly after exercise and to help them avoid getting too cold when their body temperature drops. These rugs allow for their temperature to drop at a low speed and create a layer of air between the rug and the horse. This means your horse can remain at a comfortable temperature when they return to the stable after exercise. Giving your horse a quick brush before applying a fleece stable rug will help them to prevent matting if they are damp. These indoor fleeces can also sometimes be used under turnout sheets in cold weather. 

3Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are worn by your horse when they’re out in their field. When choosing the most suitable turnout rug for your horse, you should ensure that it is warm if it is for use in the winter, durable, as it will be getting a lot of wear, and waterproof so that it can protect your horse from harsh weather. 

4Medium Weight Turnout Rugs 

Medium weight rugs are great for protecting from the elements, they offer 200-250g of heat insulation which helps to keep a horse warm when outdoors. There are different styles of medium-weight turnout rugs such as standard, which is a traditional shape, Combo which features a neck cover that can’t be removed which helps with extra protection from the elements, and Half Neck which reduces pressure on the withers. 

5Lightweight Turnout Rugs

Lightweight turnout rugs allow your horse to deal with mild but unpredictable weather even in warmer seasons. They are great for spring and autumn when unexpected showers could start when your horse is in their field. It is the perfect rug for keeping your horse’s coat protected from dirt when outdoors. it also has built-in UV protection to keep your horse’s dark coat from being bleached by the sun. Lightweight waterproof rain rugs are also essential for keeping your horse warm and dry on a chilly, wet day.

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