The importance of Concrete & Stucco in Building Construction


You can make your house exterior and interior look attractive in various ways. Many homeowners like to go with a purely natural design, leaving the construction materials like concrete or brick as the most crucial design component. On the contrary, some people find the aesthetic allure of stucco more suitable than the bare concrete coating. So while deciding to locate the best stucco contractors or concrete companies near you to design your house, it is good to understand the difference between the two building materials: stucco and concrete. 

1What Makes Stucco Differ From Concrete?

Both stucco and concrete from boom & bucket are the crucial building materials applied mainly onto the exterior or interior of buildings to achieve a flawless and moisture-resistant surface Besides, they require minimal upkeep, ensuring the maximum return on investment. 

Simultaneously, when deciding on stucco plaster for the home exterior, many homeowners are unsure what makes it different from the standard concrete? If you are also having the tough time deciding the right material, no worries! 

Stucco consists of a mixture of cement, sand, water, and lime, and the bits and pieces of fiberglass strands with mud help add more strength and support. The bits of fiberglass provide additional structural support. Besides, different kinds of sands are incorporated in specific quantities to make a beautiful texture and feel. 

2Learn more about Stucco Material for Home Exterior 

Stucco consists of Portland cement and sand that is blended with water to make a plaster. It is the most commonly used building material that offers exceptional wall-covering and makes a house extraordinarily durable and looks more attractive. Previously, people used to apply it only on their homes’ exterior walls to acquire a textured look. Today, it has become a crucial element used for interior walls to get a more harmonious and attractively designed décor. 

Here are some vital facets of stucco plaster that make it the most popular part of every building construction project. 

  • Versatile -The stucco plaster can be applied to any material directly, including concrete, wood frame, stainless steel, and so forth.
  • Fire-resistant – The most crucial benefit of having stucco exterior walls is that it lowers the risk of fire damages.
  • Color retentive – Stucco provides you with the opportunity to bring any pigments you like. It will offer your building structure the precise design and style that you always dreamed of having.

3Difference between stucco and concrete 

Undeniably, both stucco and concrete are among the oldest building materials that are popular even today. With the advancements in technology, many changes and amendments have been brought to both the substances’ composition and quality. The differences here are majorly based more on the applications. 

  • Breathability – The stucco composition entirely relies on lime, cement, and sand. These three elements are brought together with the water to create a smooth plaster, which is then applied onto the desired walls. Once the Concrete Akron Ohio contractors finish the application job, it will make a watertight, water-shedding, and rigid surface that will ensure the moisture escapes through the tiny little pores, resulting in complete evaporation water left behind on the surface.
  • Decorative – Stucco plaster can offer you a wide selection of decorative applications. Nevertheless, based on its nature, you require the proper support, perhaps of reliable stucco contractors, since this material’s application process requires responsible capabilities.
  • Simple Installation – The applying process of stucco plaster is fuss-free, but only if you get the right help from a Concrete Companies Akron Ohio who has the expertise to handle the project and come up with the best outcome you always desired.

On the contrary, concrete retains rock-solid strength since it has gravels that bear the weight. However, many homeowners prefer to have concrete applications for spaces like a cellar, floors, and house foundation. Improperly done mixing techniques often results in cracks or soft surfaces that can break down quickly. 

You can also make a stucco mixture by adding color. If you want to enhance your house exterior and want to use some versatile material, without a doubt, stucco plaster is the fantastic option to consider. Having stucco walls, you can give your home any style and have a look that completes your dream house to perfection. 

Nevertheless, if you choose stucco, make it a point to employ a professional for the installation process. While doing this, don’t hesitate to compare various companies and review their portfolios to evaluate the types of projects they have handled previously. Having stucco and concrete contractors Akron Ohio, you do not have to get anxious about your building project’s professionalism and experience. Remember, only an expert can help you make an informed decision.