How to Install Play Store Pro on Android Os

Play Store Pro Description:

Initially, when mobile phone developed, Google launched its own service Google Play Store, and it can be used on that time on download apps and games for Android. When Android operating system-based smartphone become popular on market hundreds of 3rd party smartphone companies born and become a partner of Android Os. Companies are bound to install Google services, and one the best service is Google Play Store. But at the current age smartphones phones have the advance type of operating system, but services are still the same. Now the generation of today era is more educational, fast, technical, powerful and developers bring solution of all issues. All of us tensed with the regular usage of the Google Play Store and looking for any simple and most advanced platform where we can download apps and games with more thrill and fun.

Nowadays, I am playing with Play Store Pro to grab my favorite apps and games. Have you considered? Play Store Pro is not a premium version of Google Play Store, which will possess additional features. Play Store Pro is used as a replacement of the official Play Store. Google Play Store Pro all those possess all those services which official store exist along with this it has additional functionalities which official store doesn’t exist. As compare to official store Play Store Pro is 100% batter, and it works differently.       

How to install Play Store Pro on Android?

Installation of simple apps is a little simple, but when you are going to install official Play Store alternative on Android device, then you have followed some tips.

  1. Allegedly Google Play Store doesn’t exist the APK file Pro app. So, first Google it and download the APK file of the app from any open source forum, website, and store.
  2. Android authority prevents installing of non-trusted applications. So first uncheck the Unknown Source option.
  3. If you have downloaded file on PC then first move the file from PC to the device.
  4. Now locate (find) downloaded file and tap on it.
  5. The installation menu will pop up, click on the install button.
  6. The installation process takes some time don’t worry.
  7. When It succeeds, go to the home screen and lunch the app and explore new Play Store Pro.

Features of Play Store Pro:

Premium Content:

To unlock locked content, most of Android users searching for hacking. But Play Store Pro Store will rid this concern because all of the premium content will be accessible here without investing any capital. 

Patched, Modified, and JailBreak:

Play Store Pro is considered the best crack apps and games store for Android, and it exists all variety of hacking applications, Patched, Modified, modded, and JailBreak.   

User-Friendly Interface:

The application contains user-friendly, which is available in different colors. You will get clean experience first time when you will utilize the app.


Play Store Pro is the best alternative of Google Play Store and includes all those functions which stand on the official store. Apart from that, it has multiple tools which are unique and not be found to any other Android store.   

Account confirmation:

To access all the functionalities of Play Store Pro, no booking is wanted. Direct revealed the app and started downloading and exploring content which you love.   

Root Permission is not essential:

Most of hacking application and 3rd party Android markets (stores) required root permission on the device to run. On non-rooted gadgets application doesn’t operate smoothly. But Play Store Pro supports multiple systems rooted and non-rooted both. 

Inbuilt download manager:

Beside astonishing Android apps and games store, you will find a batter file manager. When any game or app latest version launched, it will automatically notify you for updating. Your smartphone doesn’t miss any single update of applications.    

Access to system applications:

Ordinarily, users are bound to manipulate system applications, but Play Store Pro showcase all the installed APKs in one platform, including system APKs. Step by step, remove all APKs which are useless and burden on the device. 

Massive search engine with search button:

Play Store Pro has its search engine and server which hold millions of apps and games in different genres. The search button is appointed for batter user experience. If you face trouble to find your desired content is large database then you can search app or game with its name. A search engine will fetch the searched query from the database and bring the result in seconds.


The current version of the Play Store Pro App is 13.3.4 and it is only accessible on the Android operating system. Android version is required up to 4.0 to employ the app.  

Trusted, Safe:

The APK file is verified by dozens of security systems, so it doesn’t harmful for the device.


All you have nothing to bear any payment to access premium apps and games section. Just locate the content on which you are interested and download 100% free.


No rocket science includes Play Store Pro, even kids can use it, because its interface is fully similar to other Android stores. The use of the app is quite simple like playing a test match on the ground.   

Things to Remember:

  • Your smartphone exists Google Play Store official from its starting and to use Play Store Pro you are not required to kick out official store. Don’t uninstall Google Play Store, just put a new version of Play Store Pro and enjoy.
  • Why Play Store is more prominent than the Google Play Store:
  • Millions of apps and games stand on both stores, but official contains paid and free games. On the other hand, Play Store Pro doesn’t supply any premium content. Without spending a single penny, you can get access to all those apps and games which are premium on Play Store.
  • On the official forum, registration is not optional. But on Play Store Pro just run the app and get content which you are looking for. It will never ask for any further registration.
  • Play Store include cracked applications, jailbreak applications, patched apps, mod versions, and much more.

I love the service of Play Store Pro, and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in downloading Pro (premium) content on smartphone free. Lastly, rate our effort or share as soon as possible. If you have any query then mention in the comment, so we will clear doubts. Enjoy the benefits of amazing free Android Play Store Pro and keep visiting the site to get the latest updates of all technology news, tips, tricks and much more.

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