Hearthstone – Best Card Games for Android and IOS in 2020


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    Now European players can participate in the beta test to Hearthstone. Recently available is Hearthstone beta in Europe. So that you, once you have access to the beta, as quickly as possible is inserted into Blizzard’s online collectible card game, we summarize the most important information to Hearthstone and give you some beginner tips. You can find more information about the game and gameplay videos from the beta collected on our topic page to Hearthstone.


    Hearthstone is a classic collectible card game – in digital form. You imagine together so-called card “Decks”, with which you compete against other players or against computer opponents. Important: Hearthstone is not a trading card game, cards can not share with other players. You will receive Hearthstone new cards from card packages that you earned it or against in-game gold or real money buys.


    Hearthstone offers you various game modes. You can train against AI opponents. You can carry out regular multiplayer duels in “play” mode and use created decks of you. And you can (once you have unlocked all classes) compete in arena mode. This uses you not your own decks, but have a deck put together from randomly selected cards you. With this, you play then so long against other Hearthstone arena players until you have won 9 times or 3 times lost. The more you win, the richer the booty, which can include map packs gold and arcane dust. In the following video we give you an overview of the arena mode tips:


    Hearthstone offers you, nine classes, to choose from. They must play the free first part of the tutorial. Have you a class unlocked, you can play even with this class and create decks for this class? Each Hearthstone class has an individual special ability and a series of class-specific cards that can be played only with this class.

    Classes special skills cost 2 Mana crystals and can be controlled per round once himself (assuming, of course, you can pay the 2 crystals). Here an overview of the basic skills (the skills of some classes can be changed through certain cards):

    • Druid: “Shapeshift” – gives you 1 point armor and 1 point attack. The point of attack will be forfeited at the end of the round.
    • Warlock: “Bloodletting” – your hero takes 2 points of damage but draws a card
    • Hunter: “Steady shot” – deals 2 damage to the enemy heroes
    • Warrior: “Upgrade!” – your hero scores 2 armor
    • Mage: “Fire strike” – deals 1 damage to a freely selectable target
    • Paladin: “Reinforcing” – evokes a recruit of the silver hand with 1 point of life energy and damage
    • Priest: “Minor healing” – restores 2 life points to a freely selectable target
    • Shaman: “Totem summon” – conjures up one of the following totems randomly: healing Totem, storm Totem of wrath, burning Totem, stone claws Totem. Each of these totems can be installed only once on the playing field
    • Rogue: “Dagger mastery” – your hero has created no weapon, he receives a dagger with 1 point attack and 2 points durability. Your hero has created a weapon increases its attack value for the duration of the current round by 1 point


    Hearthstone cards are divided into two categories: basic and professional cards. Base maps are class-specific cards that only by leveling a hero class, you will receive up to level 10. These cards are not included in map packs and can also not be made through the crafting.

    For most cards, Hearthstone is professional cards. They can be found in map packs and can be produced about the crafting. The cards are associated with different levels of quality:

    • usually (white)
    • rare (blue)
    • EPIC (purple)
    • Legend (orange)

    The quality indicates how rare is a map. This mapping is set but – so there is a card not in differing levels of quality. In addition, there are many cards in a “gold” version. These gold cards grant but no playful advantage. Gold cards are only visually chic. They are decorated with a gold edge and often animated – the values and effects of a card remain unchanged. The golden cards bring only more arcane dust if you disassembled it.


    Generally, summon creature cards, throw magic or equip heroes with a gun. A type of card, however, deserves a more detailed presentation: secrets. Secret spells available are some classes. They did not immediately trigger, but enable their effects when a certain condition occurs (but of course only one time). The opponent sees is that a mystery was played – don’t know which, however. It is so important to know what secrets are the different classes available, to proceed according to clever. These secrets are hidden in the Hearthstone cards.


    • Freezing trap: When attacking a hostile servant, let it return to its owner’s hand. You can increase the cost for the replay of the creature to 2 Mana crystals.
    • Misdirection: If a character is attacking your hero, attacking instead a random character.
    • Sharpshooting: If your opponent plays a servant, 4 damage is dealt with this creature.
    • Snake trap: If one of your servants is under attack, damage and 1 point of life energy call upon your three snakes with 1 point.
    • Booby trap: If your hero is attacked, all enemies 2 damage


    • Ice barrier: Your hero will receive 8 points of armor when he is attacked.
    • Ice block: If your hero suffers fatal damage, this is prevented and the hero is immune for the rest of the round.
    • Counterspell: If your opponent casts a spell, it counters it.
    • Mirror shape: If your opponent plays a servant, summon a copy of the same cause.
    • Dispersion: If your hero is attacking a servant, he will be destroyed.


    • Eye for an eye: when your hero takes damage, as much damage to the enemy heroes.
    • Buses: If your opponent plays a servant, whose life points to 1 be reduced.
    • Redemption: If one of your servants dies, he is revived with 1 life point.
    • Hero victims: When attacking an enemy, it causes a defender as a new destination. This Defender has 2 attacks and 1 point of life energy.

    How To Play Hearthstone


    Both players of a Hearthstone game start with a hero figure, which has over 30 life points at the start of the game. The game ends as soon as the life of a hero figure is used up (the life of both heroes fall at the same moment to zero, the match for both players lost).

    During the game, the stock of Mana crystals, which is available to the players (and of course by special cards affect leaves) is constantly growing. Without usage of cards that affect the mana applies: in the first round, the players have a Mana Crystal available, there are two crystals in the second round, three Mana crystals may be issued in the third round, and so on… the maximum is reached at ten Mana crystals. Thus, a slow playmaking is achieved as in the most similar games. The least significant card can play out not at the start of the match.

    During the fighting, Hearthstone remains as simple as possible. Creatures can not immediately act usually play. As soon as they are “available”, creatures and also the own Hero (unless he receives worth attack by maps or weapons) can attack free every enemy target. The enemy hero is so, for example, also attack if the opponent does not have creatures on the game field. Only exception: creatures with “ridicule” – attribute. These must be given by the own heroes and by own creatures out of the way before other teams attack can be. This restriction does not apply to spell, however.

    The attacking and defending creatures in Hearthstone must be activated, by the way. This also means: creatures can attack only once per turn, but any number of times to defend. As always when two creatures meet, both dealing damage. What creature attacks, how often a creature in the current round was already attacked… all of that doesn’t matter. Also, this spell, the exception: is a creature with a spell is attacked, then is no counterattack.