In-person vs Online Tutoring: Which One is Better?


There are many ways in which in-person vs online tutoring differ from each other. Each student is unique, so it is impossible to say which one is better. It also depends on individual requirements. Online tutoring is much more time-saving, while in-person tutoring is more professional. As the tutor can correct and guide you in a much more precise way.

Maths is one of the most problematic subjects for learners. Thus, parents should not hesitate to get extra help for their child’s better future. Indeed, online tutoring can be an excellent resource for children. It offers students convenience. The Maths tutoring in Redbridge, Slough and Bradford can help your child. Hence, your child will have a better chance to excel in tricky Maths exams. 

Teachers often believe that tutoring someone in person is the best way to teach. So, many tutors feel the same But, this might not always be the case. The fact is, an online tutor can deliver a better service than a tutor in person. 

The following are some factors why online tutoring is better than in-person tutoring:

  • Online tutoring saves time. 
  • It is flexible and ensures round the clock availability.
  • Online tutoring is cost-effective. There is no transport cost and no stress of reaching the destination.

1Online Tutoring Benefits

The flexibility of In-person vs Online tutoring

Online tutoring provides a lot of flexibility. It comes with freedom. So, children can study from anywhere, as long as they have a working Internet. Moreover, there is no need to commute. So, your child can still learn even if you are travelling. 

Moreover, it also offers the best course option. It also gives access to excellent learning materials. You get access to qualified tutors. Different tools and apps can further help in learning.


Distance tutoring platforms do not have operational expenses. The reason is that they hire remote tutors. Thus, the fees are often lower. But, that does not always happen. There are tutoring platforms that charge high prices for the sessions. But, it is always a cheap option compared to other tutoring methods. 

Online tutoring will be convenient for students and families as it does not require them to travel to any specific place for study or education. So that they can perform better than ever before. Moreover, it will also be helpful for the students living in remote areas. Hence it provides access to education to people living in distinct regions. 

2Online Tutoring Cons

Not Ideal for Hands-On Skills

Practical skills are the ones that students get from doing something. Instead of reading. It is a great way to reinforce good learning behaviour. Moreover, it includes participating in workshops and gaining practical knowledge about the subject. 

It takes more interactive tools and creativity to teach online. But, it isn’t impossible to teach hands-on skills online as well. Hands-on skills give the pupil firsthand knowledge about the topic.

More Susceptible To Distractions

In online learning, there are many distractions. Tutors have more control in the traditional environment. They can see and manage the students in an effective way. 

As a result, potential distractions can be eliminated. But, in the case of private lessons, it is different. Many things can distract students in such cases, like mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, network outages can also present a problem. Likewise, noise from outside can also disturb them. 

Common distractors include mobile phones, access to the Internet, siblings or other people in the house. Lack of motivation or a lack of healthy study habits can cause your child to fall behind in studies.

3Tradition Learning Pros

In-person Interaction 

In traditional learning, there is face to face interaction. Hence, many students learn better by imitating their tutors. Real-time interaction ensures a more smooth learning experience. Likewise, extroverted children prefer to learn through this method. 

Some studies show a good relationship between tutor and student can lead to good grades. Moreover, tuition centres have students with different backgrounds and similar interests. So, children can make friends as well.

Respond Better To Body Language

An experienced teacher knows how to read body language. Body language, facial gestures, and feelings affect learning. Hence, proficient tutors understand and act accordingly. 

So, if a child is anxious, the teacher will be able to detect that and change their approach. Furthermore, it’s a lot easier to see fatigue, frustration, and distraction in students.

4In-Person Tutoring Weaknesses


One party must travel for traditional in-person tutoring. Travel expenses will likely be higher for the tutor if that is the case. Furthermore, it can limit the number of teaching aids and materials a tutor can use. 

If the student is the one that will have to commute to the tutor. Then the parent or siblings drop them off at the location. It will increase travel expenses.


Cost is the big reason people do not opt for traditional teaching. The cost usually is higher than for some other online tutoring options. The reason behind it is transportation costs can add to the tutoring bill.

5In-person vs Online tutoring: Which Should You Choose? 

There’s a lot of debate about choosing between online and traditional tutoring. On the one hand, online tutoring has a lot of benefits – it’s convenient, flexible, and accessible from anywhere in the world. In contrast, conventional tutoring is more personalised and tailored to the needs of each student. 

So, which should you choose? The deciding factor is your goal. Suppose you want to boost your grade. Then, online tutoring is the best option. However, if your child learns better with personal interaction, in-person is best. 

Moreover, face-to-face tutoring can build rapport much faster. Hence, it leads to better understanding and study progress. So, it depends upon the student; however, learning style plays a big role in it.

6Final Words

Both forms of tutoring have their benefits. So, whatever method parents schools from in-person vs online tutoring. It always depends on your child’s educational needs.

Online tutoring is a good solution for children struggling with learning Maths or any other subjects. Maths tutoring in Redbridge, London and Bradford can speed up the learning. Thus, your kid will always feel motivated.