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Facebook Advertising: Changing Your Mobile Marketing Campaign to Include Facebook Ads


 Facebook Advertising If you are just getting started with a mobile marketing campaign, one of the biggest aspects to consider are your social media accounts. As the number one social media platform today, people are spending 1 out of every 7 minutes on Facebook when online. Facebook users typically are spending 10.5 billion minutes (almost […]

Cloudways 2.0 Web Hosting Review
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Cloudways 2.0 Web Hosting Review – Here are the Pro’s and Cons of Hosting Your Website With Cloudways


  Cloudways 2.0 Web Hosting Review Cloudways is a PaaS provider which enables its users to enjoy hosting on top cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, Google, and Vultr. Cloudways also gives you a hosting experience likes never before with its Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. After read this Cloudways 2.0 web hosting review you […]

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JEE Main Cut Offs


  There are many academic examinations conducted for students today. Among them, the students who are studying under a school affiliated with CBSE may decide to go for further studies in NIT and IIT. These students must pass an entrance examination called the JEE Main exam. This JEE main cut off exams are mainly conducted […]

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eCommerce Plugins : Top 7 Plugins for Increasing Your Product Sale


 WordPress has always been an excellent platform for creating fully-fledged websites. You can start off your first online project with WordPress as it lets you build anything – from a straightforward content-based site to a feature-rich online store, without much technical assistance. When it comes to building a fully-functional eCommerce site or online store, WordPress […]

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Top 10 Fashion WordPress Themes


 Planning to launch a fashion website? Well, WordPress is certainly an amazing platform to build your site and establish a successful online venture. However, in order to get started with WordPress, you need a good fashion WordPress theme that not only solves the purpose of the striking appearance but also extreme usability. But WordPress offers tons […]

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Hostgator Review – Unbelievable Hosting Features & Special Discounts


  The Hostgator is the Houston related provider of the reseller, virtual private server, dedicated and shared web hosting. The Hostgator is the best choice with the WordPress hosting supplier. The web property is to be hosted with the Hostgator. The Hostgator Reviews explains the inventions and importance of the Hostgator.   Awesome Hostgator Hosting […]