Indigo – The Best Domestic Low-Cost Airline In India


IndiGo is the biggest passenger airline in India, with a share of 55.5% in the market as of January 2022. Indigo largely supervises India’s domestic air voyage market as low-cost transportation with priority on the three statutes – offering low prices, occurring on time and providing a thoughtful and hassle-free experience. IndiGo has evolved to be a correspondent with being on time. Because of the great reputation of this airline in the market, many passengers prefer to go with Indigo ticket booking for their travel.

Since its origin back in August 2006, Indigo has thrived from a carrier with a single airliner to a caravan of 276 aeroplanes. A consistent fleet for every undertaking, high functional trustworthiness and honour winning assistance make IndiGo one of the most durable airlines globally.  

IndiGo retains a cumulative destination total of 97, including the 73 domestic places and the other 24 are the International. This comprises Kadapa (CDP) and Pantnagar (PGH), presently available for sale. 

1The Forever Preferred Airline 

IndiGo is not merely the largely efficient low cost operator only domestically but appears to be comparable with international low fare airlines. Indigo aims to constantly enhance its engagement with the passengers to improve their trip experience. From immediate multi-channel sales (comprising online booking, call midsts and airport counters) to status checking of online flights, a deluxe IndiGo application for Android, IndiGo has modified air travel in India. 

Presently, it is India’s highly preferred airline which is also loved at the same time. At IndiGo, fewer fares arrive with high quality. 

2Best Place to Work 

Being courageous and hassle-free begins with standing at an annoyance free locale to work. A highly active and motivated crew directs to increased levels of consumer service.  

IndiGo Avant ‘ifly’ capability is constructed to provide real-time exercise knowledge to all its new volunteers. This training capacity is considered one of India’s most excellent flying equipment facilities. With IndiGo’s people-friendly civilization at the soul of all we do, it continuously helps the corporation staff discover work-life symmetry. Having won ‘The businesses with Great Manager’s honour for straight three years in a row and prevailing ‘Best place to work – Certified’ in 2021 is an acknowledgment of Indigo Go’s civilisation; it makes IndiGo one of the very fortunate launchpads for coming leaders. 


IndiGo’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambition IndiGoReach concentrates on four wide themes: Women’s Empowerment, Children and Education, Environment and Heritage. Indigo works towards the upliftment of societies around us and in far-flung regions in the country. Subsequently, India’s holistic improvement is grounded in the communal aspirations of its species. 

4Facts and Figures 

  • Market percentage of 55.5% as of January 2022.  
  • Appointed as Aon Hewitt Best Employers India for the years 2016 and 2017.  
  • Line of 276 airliners encompassing 142 new era A320 NEOs, 48 CEOs A320, 52 A321 NEOs and 35 ATRs.  
  • In India, one of the Favourable Low-Cost Airlines, by World Airline Awards SKYTRAX for ten successive years (2010-2019). 
  • They have been perceived as a ‘Great Spot to Work’ in India for eight years consecutively in line from 2008 to 2015 and presenter for the 9th time in 2021. 
  • IndiGo has prevailed to be rated as the 4th greatly timely airline internationally in 2018, 6th greatly timely airline internationally in 2019 and last year in 2021. It was the 3rd vastly punctual airline internationally in 2021 by the “OAG Punctuality League.” 
  • IndiGo is furthermore perceived among the vastly profitable and powerful airline denominations worldwide, following the Brand Finance Airlines 50 announcement for two successive years. IndiGo was rated #43 in 2020 and strode up seven stances to #36 in 2021.