Best 6 Wedding Honeymoon Destinations For 2023


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From the 12th century to present day, there has always been a great importance placed on wedding honeymoon destinations. The once-in-a-lifetime experience was intended to help newlyweds put their relationship in perspective and keep their love for each other burning. So, besides designing and sending marriage cards, there’s a lot to research about honeymoon destinations way before the wedding. Just to list a few, couples primarily dream of the US, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan and Canada. However, these are not the only honeymoon destinations that you can try in 2023, we have listed some of the best honeymoon destinations for the year of 2023 that couples can try out.

Zanzibar islands, Tanzania

If you dream of beach honeymoon, then Zanzibar Island is the greatest wedding Honeymoon destination to try in 2023. Zanzibar has the best beaches and natural attractions. The Island is known for its stunning coral reefs, historic Stone Town and beautiful beaches. It has been a wedding honeymoon destination for world’s most famous celebrities. 

Hawaii, United States

As much as you are asking yourself where to print save the dates, you also have to ask yourself, where I get a perfect beach honeymoon destination in 2023. Hawaii Island is home to the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world including Waikiki Beach and Kona Beach. There are several hotels that are perfect for beach weddings and honeymoon stay with beautiful bungalows overlooking the sea. The best part about Hawaii is its diverse wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

The Amalfi Beach

This is one of the most popular beach Wedding Honeymoon Destinations in the world. The Amalfi coast overlooks the Gulf of Salerno and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The beach in Southern Italy offers the best honeymoon experiences to couples. It has several hotels to choose from and several beautiful destinations for beach weddings. Try Hotel Marina Riviera-Amalfi if you want to experience the best water views. 

Maui, HI

Maui is known for its fantastic beaches. With its pristine white sands, it’s a great match for water sports and beach lovers. The Island has a tropical climate and is perfect for couples who want to engage in endless beach activities such as surfing and water skiing. Try the first class Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, if you want to experience luxury beach weddings with panoramic views, stellar cuisine, relaxation lounges and swimming pools.

The Green Grotta Caves in St. Ann, Jamaica

Have you ever thought of swimming in a crystal clear underground lake? If yes, then Green Grotta Caves in Jamaica are the best honeymoon destination to try in 2023. The caves are not just great for swimming but they are also famous for their beautiful limestone formations. Couples can have their wedding, mini vacations and honeymoon in the caves. The “bottomless” Blue Lagoon will leave you and your partner feeling like you’re both floating in clouds. 

Cape Town, South Africa

If you want a romantic city break with fun outdoor activities, then Cape Town is the best honeymoon destination to try out in 2023. The city covers a lot of interesting tourist destinations such as Table Mountain (Maclear’s Beacon), V&A Waterfront and a lot more.


Wedding Honeymoon Destinations are important to newlyweds because they help them enjoy the best of this one-in-a-lifetime experience at the most beautiful places in the world. The best thing about honeymoon destinations is that they come in different types and can be enjoyed by couples from various backgrounds and cultures. If you want to try these destinations, then make sure you book your honeymoon well in advance.