Tips for Planning an Epic Proposal


After a challenging few years, you might have realized that your partner is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and don’t want to wait any longer to propose. Or, perhaps you met the love of your life recently and feel there’s no point waiting to make them your husband or wife. 

Either way, if you think 2022 is the year when you want to propose, it pays to carefully consider how you go about this significant moment in your life. Here are some tips for planning an epic proposal that you and your loved one will never forget.

1Speak to Your Partner’s Parents

If you want to be traditional or just generally respectful of your partner’s parents and upbringing, you may like to speak to the elders in your loved one’s life and ask for their permission or blessing to propose. Have a conversation about your plans and how you hope to make your beloved your spouse. This is less done these days, especially with so many couples getting married later in life or for the second time, but if it’s something you feel is important to you, your partner, or their parents or other elders, it’s worthwhile taking this step. 

2Purchase a Ring or Other Keepsake

Most of the time, but not always, those who are proposing purchase an engagement ring to have on them when they ask their loved one to marry them. If you don’t feel comfortable choosing a ring without your partner being there to have their say, though, or if you think they’re not the ring-wearing type, you might prefer to buy or bring along a different type of keepsake to have on you when you ask the big question. 

For example, you might purchase a treasured book of love poems or letters to present to your soon-to-be fiancé or bring along something you’ve kept since your first date with them or the first time you knew you loved them. It all comes down to what’s meaningful to the two of you and what feels right to share on the day. 

3Design a Proposal that Suits the Person You Want to Marry and Who They Are

Similarly, as you plan to propose, you mustn’t just follow the current trends or do what you know many others have done when in your shoes. Instead, if you want to pull off an epic proposal, design something that specifically suits the person you want to marry and who they are. 

For instance, if your lover is a beach babe, you can’t go wrong with popping the question down on the sand at their favorite beach, while if they’re a word person or creative, they’ll love something that includes special words and the use of your imagination. Think about what they cherish most, their hobbies and passions, their upbringing, major goals in life, bucket list items, and more. These factors will all help give you some inspiration about some excellent ways to propose. 

4Think About Ways to Surprise Your Loved One

To truly create a memorable and amazing proposal day, consider how you might surprise your loved one. If they have no idea you’re about to ask them to marry you, that is a great start that will shock and delight them. However, you might be able to go further, too. Or, if you realize that they have a good idea that a proposal is in the works, you might want to surprise them with how you go about completing this action.

For example, you could buy some fireworks online or at a local vendor or hire a fireworks expert and have a remarkable light and sound show in the sky as you get down on one knee. Or, you might surprise your partner with the tattoo you have recently got of their name or the date you met.

You could surprise them by bringing your pets or kids along or purchasing a house for the two of you to live in. Other ideas include surprising them by having all their loved ones, including family members from far away, arrive, or presenting them with exciting flight tickets and other travel bookings for a trip where you can elope or have a dreamed-of honeymoon. 

To pull off a proposal that gets talked about for years to come, you should also consider enlisting help, practicing what you want to say in advance, and having someone on hand who can take photographs or videos of the special occasion. 

Take your time planning your proposal and think it out step by step to help you create an epic day or night that will have your soon-to-be fiancé saying yes in a heartbeat.

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