A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Real Estate


One of the many reasons why experts suggest investing in real estate is because of the level of satisfaction it accords. There is a real sense of gratification if you see a big home or a commercial property standing in front of you. The fulfilment of owning and controlling a tangible asset is something, which can never ever come from owning stocks or equity.

In addition to the satisfaction, the profit benefits are also a major reason why people invest in real estate. There are high profit margins to be enjoyed and unlike stocks or cryptocurrencies you do not have to keep checking in on your investments every hour.

In this beginner’s guide to investing in real estate, we are going to discuss three important aspects-

  • How you can start investing in Real Estate
  • What are some areas where profits are to be made
  • Risks that you need to watch out for

1Looking to Start Investing in Real Estate: Here is what you need to know

If you are looking to start investing in real estate, you need to keep one thing in mind. You should never approach any property from the point of view of personal use. This means that you always need to keep thinking on the lines of improving the property by investing small amounts and then selling in. for example knowing a strategy like apartment marketing solutions.

If you are an investor looking from time to time payments, you should think about renting. This will allow you to get a steady cash flow from your investment. People who are looking to start investing should also balance their financials by taking loans to cover the property cost.

By taking help from lending institutions, you can level out the risks and get monthly rents to cover for your EMIs. Over a period of some years, you will get access to the entire property and let someone else pay for it.

How can you make Profits from Real Estate?

We have already mentioned how renting is a great way to open up a steady stream of monthly income from your real estate investment. However, once you gain experience, you can try out different things like flipping.

By buying an old property and sprucing it up, you can heavily contribute to raising the valuation of the same. You can also look at converting an existing residential apartment into a commercial property and list the same on hotel and guest house aggregator platforms like Air BnB.

However, you should only start experimenting once you have been able to gather the required amount of experience to dabble in new opportunities from real estate. One new and lucrative opportunity, which has opened up in recent years, relates to virtual wholesaling. This can be an exciting new way to help increase your profits from real estate.

Some Important Things to watch out for when investing in Real Estate

If you are someone who is just starting out in real estate investing, you need to take into consideration the following points-

  1. The location of the property is very important and should be paid due considerations
  2. The interest area between commercial and residential real estate needs to be made
  3. Real estate investments should only be approached from a long-term standpoint
  4. You always need to take into consideration the tax on the property
  5. The age of the property is also going to play a critical role in the valuation

Apart from the above-mentioned five points, investors should try to ensure that real estate is only one of the portfolios they are investing in. This helps in limiting the risks and exposure, if you only invest in one area.

2The Final Word

If you are looking to begin investing in real estate, now is a good time to do the same. This is because the pandemic has resulted in lower demands and costs in the market. You can seize the opportunity and utilise your savings to invest in real estate now.