Turn your Home into a Garden with Plant Stands and Shelves


If you have a small house and you are also interested in flowers and plants, you can beautify your home with wooden beautiful plant stands and create a suitable place for your pots.

The beautiful combination of wood and a variety of flowers and plants brings a special freshness to the house.

Remember that we humans come from nature and anything that brings us closer to nature makes us feel good, so one of the most beautiful decorations that can be considered for the house, while also being cost-effective, is decorating the house with wood.

Wooden house decorations can also be suitable for plant maintenance. If you have a small house and you are also interested in flowers and plants, you can decorate your house with wooden tiered plant stands and create a suitable place for your pots. With the help of various flowers that are produced for the apartment and need low and indirect light, you can make your house look like a garden without having to make the space of the house very large.

The decorative plant shelf is an accessory that can be used in any decoration. Even if your sofas are made of steel, you can use the shelf as long as the decorative items you put in it are classic.

To install the vase on the shelf, it is enough to install a belt on your shelf that can hold your vases. There are two types of shelves used for pots.

The model is a shelf that have their own seating and are mounted on the wall like a table. In this model, there is no need to place a belt around it. Install and place your pots on it.

Another type of shelf sticks to the wall. These shelves do not have a seat. So you need to put something in your pot. You can make a belt for your pot. If the belt you are making can be enlarged or reduced, you can definitely change the size of your pot, but it is better not to change the size of these belts, because they are not very beautiful when they are outside the standard shelf.

You can use plants that take root in water. In this case, you can use glass vases. These vases are both beautiful and can be found in different shapes and placed on the shelf. Use small colored vases that both beautify your home and are suitable for your flowers. Next to these flowers on your shelves, you can put a few books or anything that has a special meaning for you.

The feature of the shelves is that you can use them in any part of the house. If the reception area of ​​your house is not a living room, do not worry, the shelves can be suitable for both parts. Do not neglect the miracle of shelves for the house.