How to Decorate a Christmas Tree at Your Home and Office


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The Christmas tree is decorated with the 12 symbols of Christmas like the candy cane, the star, the bells, the Santa clause, wise man, holly, angels, snowflakes, wreaths, light, doves, and gifts. How to decorate a Christmas tree is a long-established tradition for many households. In the past time’s decorations were mainly home-based kinds of stuff and brightly colored popcorn garlands, but today the decorations consist of everything from keepsake ornaments to hanging lots of twinkling lights. It is quite easy to decorate the Christmas tree.

What is the Christmas Tree?

Christmas tree exists as evergreen and an artificial tree. It is a cone-shaped tree like a pine tree. People use to decorate this tree with tinsel, twinkling lights, colorful ribbons, different ornaments the festival like Christmas. The meaning of Christmas tree is divine for people since it is associated with Christmas. You will find Christmas tree at every Christian.

The History of the Christmas Tree

The story of the Christmas tree is like this is an evergreen tree with the prehistoric icon of the midst of winter. Just like today, people decorate their homes with pine and such fir trees during the festival season, in past people used to hang evergreen limb over their doors and windows. In many countries, people believed that evergreens would help to keep away ghosts, witches, evils and illness. And so they kept evergreen trees in front of their door.

Since Christmas is near everyone is in a plan to how to celebrate this festival and make it more memorable. The population of Christians exists all around the world and it’s a big fiesta for them to celebrate. It was a day 25th December when Jesus born. People celebrate Christmas in the remembrance of their beloved Lord Jesus.

Religious Symbolism of Christmas Tree

Pope John Paul has considered the Christmas tree as a symbol of Christ in 2004. There is a strong bond between the Christianity and Christmas tree to such a level that it makes the tree decorated with the Christian symbol like worshiping the god. The Christmas tree symbolism is very holy for the Christian society.

Where Christmas tree Come From

Originally the Christmas tree came from Germany from where it was started to Christmas tree tradition like people in Germany used to put pine branch into their houses.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree in a Unique Way

Since the season of the festival is near people start thinking about what would be the best approach to make this carnival special and unforgettable. Christmas is a big festival celebrated in the loving memory of the Lord Jesus all around the world. A Christmas tree is associated with Christmas. People are searching for innovative ideas for decorating the Christmas tree.

Ways to Decorate Xmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the best times when your family members come together. Each one has their own unique idea they like to experiment and implement. Today I am going to share some easy and exclusive idea which will guide you on how to decorate a Christmas tree better than others.

I usually start decorating Christmas tree one month before so that I may have enough time and so much different ideas coming in my mind during this. Two kings of Christmas trees are available in the market. You can make a choice between an artificial one and the evergreen pine tree.

If I talk about me, I love to decorate an evergreen tree in view of the fact that I love nature and so love all the things related to it. People also make it joyful to decorate an artificial tree too.

Well, this was the short intro about the tree you all must be aware with. Now let me start with the approaches you can follow to decorate the tree.

Step 1:
A thing that I always keep in my mind is “start preparation before time”. Before start decorating your Xmas tree, you will necessitate preparing your tree. If you have chosen the real one this would be as easy as placing it in a pot at your proper place. And yes very important thing is a tree must be in a symmetrical way.

Step 2:
After placing a tree, your next part is a decoration of it. One way to make the customers even better is to have a theme for your Christmas tree decoration. A theme-based Christmas tree has an assured charm and attractiveness because everything goes together and consequently it creates a modernized look for the tree. If you would like to decorate your tree on a certain theme you will be so creative for the same. I tell you about me then last year I had a theme of snow.

How to Make a Christmas tree with Ornaments

I had hung the white snowflakes ornaments at the end edge of each branch of the tree. Well, it will be a beautiful combination of green and white. I had used glittered snowflakes because it would shine in the night too. And yes you may add more and different ornaments according to your choice.

Christmas tree Theme Ideas

You can go for more themes like Santa clause theme, star theme, chocolate theme; you can go for a sports theme, colorful theme, and lighting theme and so on. If you decorate your tree using a particular theme then it may be an innovative way and your tree looks so different than others.

Decide your theme as early as possible because it will give you enough time to shop for the items and different ornaments which you are going to use in decoration. Even you can make items and ornaments based on your theme.

Once you finally gathered all the items you bought, you can start with the decoration. You can arrange and hang all those ornaments on the tree. Be careful while putting the items on the tree. The items should not be thrown here and there otherwise a tree will end up looking like disordered. So put all the related ornaments such a way that it comes up with a beautiful and attractive tree.

You can decorate your Christmas tree without going for a theme and still makes it more striking. I will tell you the best possible ways to decorate your tree.

How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

When placing lights on the tree start from the top and weave around the tree and go to the bottom. The color of the lights and the number of lights you choose is totally up to you but I recommend not go for more than one or else it will become so messy. After completing the placement of light series you start arranging the ornaments like candy canes, baubles, garlands, and other hanging ornaments like stars, snowflakes, small globe lights, bubble lights, Santa clause ornaments and so many other ornaments available with you.

Hope that my tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree will help you decorate a tree in the best way.

Why To Decor Christmas Trees?

Traditionally the evergreen tree is used to consider to be celebrating the winter festivals and thus why do we decorate Christmas tree to express the arrival of the season of the festival the Christmas tree needs to be decorated.

Enjoy decorating the tree.