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Everybody wants to live in their dream houses, sometimes they do half revamping or totally renovate their living space. Most to the time you experience this home decoration process is little expensive and time-consuming. Find a few home decoration ideas or do it yourself tips can help you to decorate your home very quickly at low cost. As you know, home decoration professionals better know how to play up the house’s strengths and make it attractive. There are numerous ideas and tips you can use to give your dream home grown-up and polished. Here are some excellent decoration ideas to make your living place sensational and more grown-up.

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Decorate and Fill the Free Space with Living Plants

Many people don’t think about keeping the plants on a window ledge. But I would like to tell you if you move the plants around then they will look more imaginative. There are lots of places in your home that can be used for these soft and beautiful living creatures. It’s an incredibly modest but it is very true. If you add some living plant, it will make your room (any room) feel more home-y and finished. Place a minimum care living plant like Ponytail Palm, Chinese Evergreen, Moth Orchid, Maidenhair Fern, cactus and Clivia or philodendron on the table or nightstand etc.

Always Remember the Layers of Light

In the home (new or old) all rooms should have 3 types of illumination: ambient, which delivers complete lighting and often derives from the ceiling fittings; job, found over a kitchen, which is extra prominence and attractive. For the drawing room, you should have at least three watts/square foot. Replace outdated lights with new lightings in the main rooms (sp. living room) of your house to make it more inviting and attractive; you can use the high-illuminating bulbs in the lamps and light fixtures for extreme results.

Replace Old Furniture with New One

Apparently, furniture is an item that has survived for many years. Regardless of whether you have taken home ten years ago or have a redesign, it is very important to keep in mind when is the best time to replace your furniture. For your old dining tables, you can put a Polyester Tablecloths to make it look more elegant. However, many people know how long it takes for food and dressing, but the same people often do not consider the expiry dates of furniture and that furniture is increasing your house value.

Keep the Wall Colors Neutral and Bright 

Selecting the seamless neutral wall paint color is an overwhelming procedure. Stick to colors like gray or beige, specifically on the 1st floor, where the flow is an imperative thing. You can also try for some bright and light colors on your walls. Truthfully, this is the most excellent method to know what could be the perfect blend of colors that could make your walls stylish. 

Use A Hanging Potholder to Make Your Kitchen More Appealing

The kitchen is one such place which is mostly used in the house. We use the kitchen to heat and cook food. Most of our time is spent there. Then whether we prepare food in it or use it for food serve or we use it for entertainment. The kitchen makes us feel that you are healthy, so a hanging pot rack with light is a multi-useful amenity for your kitchen lighting design. A useful pot rack with ceiling lighting, enhance your kitchen look while adding a beneficial space to store containers, pots, and utensils for relaxed access while you work in the kitchen.

Living Rooms and Family Rooms

As you know, the kitchen and the living room are the most common places in the homes, but how to decorate these places has been enigmatic for a long time. Living rooms and family rooms can fill various purposes, from an official “parlor” used to meet our visitors or guest to space where the complete family gathers. Whether for enjoyment, watching movies, meetings, socializing, and sometimes play games and all. In the living room is a countless area that attached to the dining area and kitchen. Choosing a central point for the living room are explicitly ethical, where you want to create discussion zones. The arrangement of the family room always keeps in mind about what furniture is best for living room according to the size of the room. So, you can move to the detailed planning of lighting, art, and accessories and choosing area rugs.

Use Decorative Mirrors to Make Living Room Even More Beautiful and Attractive

Are you planning to renovate your house to make it beautiful and good-looking? You can give a new look to your home with decorative mirrors. Mirrors can also be applied to generate a little space to feel more abundant. They are considered suitable for several reasons. As such, they reflect light; they bring coolness in the mind of the people. They make our living rooms attractive and striking and big mirror imitates an art piece opposite it. Now, we are going to state that how to hang the mirror on the left, right, and center how to place them in a better way. Create a focal point, consider the reflection, placement matters, and apply decorative mirror on the gallery wall as well.


With the aim to make your sweet home look more attractive and beautiful, renovation is the key job to do. Making this task exciting, one can prefer DIY home decoration with implementation of these effective ideas. Add value and standard to your house that people can talk about and enhance its beauty and life for long.

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