5 Social Media Blunders to Avoid for Better User Engagement


Social media has become the primary tool for all types of businesses to engage with the audience and convert it into a potential lead. But, not every business knows the best practices of generating leads with the help of its social platforms. In my entire career, I have worked with plenty of small and medium size businesses and helped them recover from mistakes that were ruining their entire social media existence.

There are hundreds of brands, online stores and service providers trying to utilize social media as the ultimate source to reach out to the intended audience. However, very few have been successful in doing so. Do you want to know the reason behind their success?

These brands excluded five blunders and now they are making the most out of their social media channels. If you want to be the top brand in your industry, avoid making the below mentioned mistakes. I bet you will be amazed by the end results.

Here you go


Not Having A Clear Strategy

Using social media is easy and doesn’t consume a lot of time. But, using it to interact with the prospects to improve user engagement requires a clear and customer-centric strategy. If you have been making this huge blunder, then it is the time to rectify this mistake. Give yourself some time to create a remarkable social media strategy that will be implemented across all social platforms. Once you are done preparing a robust strategy, make sure to discuss it with your partners and advisors.

Entirely Focused on Promotion

Promoting goods or services is right, but doing it excessively distracts the potential buyer. Social media has reached to a whole new level. Now, people use to see thousands of product advertisements and videos on their newsfeeds. But, they hardly click on one or two to get more details. You need to think differently and it could only happen if you approach your audience as a human. People prefer speaking to a human rather than a brand that only aims to promote its own products.

Lack of Integration With Other Channels

It is the biggest mistake many brands and service providers usually make. They don’t think out-of-the-box to grow their customer range. I personally believe that integrating your business social accounts with other resources such as your website, blog, YouTube channel or Slider Share can drastically improve the user engagement and ultimately the outcomes.

Irrelevant and Excessive Use of Hashtags

Hashtag is just an amazing way to stay connected with a diverse audience. But, using it excessively and inappropriately can ruin all your efforts. Before publishing a post, you should know its motive and then use relevant hashtags to spread it to the right audience. Brands such as RedBull, Coca Cola and Oreo are doing a phenomenal job with the hashtags. They know which hashtag suits a particular post and can maximize the chances of better engagement.

Harsh Response to A Negative Comment

When you are running a business, your aim should be to satisfy a prospect no matter what. As a brand, you should never be harsh when responding to any negative comment. Instead, tackle it elegantly so that you don’t lose your reputation. You should be smart enough to tackle such kind of situations and it could only be possible if you know the right way to respond.

If you wish to promote your business effectively through social media, then you must avoid these blunders. Remember, your audience has become smart and expects you to communicate like a friend or a problem solver. Now, it is your responsibility to fulfill their expectations through your social presence.