Top 8 Secret of Pinterest for Increase Traffic


Today we are exposing some of the most common Pinterest Myths. Let’s dive in!

There are a lot of social media platforms where you can market your business. Adding images to social media posts can increase views of your content by up to 96%.

One of the most visually driven sites is Pinterest. People commonly mistake Pinterest as just a place where people find inspiration or just to share nice photos. Pinterest is so much more! Pinterest is a fast-growing community that businesses can use to market their services or products.

1. Pinterest Is Just another Social Media Platform
FALSE. Yes, Pinterest is a place where you can share your ideas and your interest, just like other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. However, there isn’t as much socializing or interaction like messaging or likes. Pinterest is actually the second most popular search engine, coming in only after Google!

Most users repin what you have pinned and add those to their boards. This could just mean that they like what they see or that they are saving it for a later time for whatever they might use it for.

2. Pinterest Is A Sales Channel
FALSE (AND A LITTLE BIT TRUE). If you are using Pinterest for business, it is absolutely possible for it to result into sales or hard conversions, but the reality is that Pinterest is still mostly used to gain interest or momentum.

Think of it as a marketing platform for you to showcase your products to a certain demographic by using interesting images. It is where you can show yours or your company’s personality and vision to its many active users.

If you sell a product on your website you can also apply for buy-able pins. Currently, Pinterest is working with five commerce platforms. BigCommerce, Demandware, IBM Commerce, Magneto and Shopify. If you are interested in buyable pins you can learn more here.

3. Pinterest Doesn’t Drive Much Traffic
FALSE. Pay close attention to Pinterest! Pinterest traffic exceeds 5x that of Twitter and has 50% more traffic than other social media sites. It has a wide range of niches that can be easily navigated through so the traffic can be concentrated to your specific type of business.

Over 70% of all traffic to my website is via Pinterest. There is no way that I could have gotten 4,900 page views in the first month of blogging without Pinterest!

4. Only Women’s Products Do Well On Pinterest
FALSE. It is true that Pinterest used to be highly populated by women, but now, more and more men are signing up to join this community. In some countries, 50% of these sign ups are male.

In the United States, 13% of online men use Pinterest as opposed to 42% of online women. Even though it is a smaller market, there are still millions of potential customers for your male targeted products on Pinterest.

5. Pinterest Won’t Work In My Niche
FALSE. It is safe to say that Pinterest more popular searches are for food, fashion, and other lifestyle topics, but don’t get discouraged if your business isn’t related to these!

There are over 100 million users on Pinterest from all over the world. With such a large population and diverse population you will find your target market on Pinterest.

6. Creating Pinterest Graphics Is Costly And Difficult
FALSE. Pinterest is highly driven by visuals, but these don’t need to be time-consuming or professionally done. You can easily create beautiful Pinterest graphics using free stock photos and online photo editing tools like Canva or PicMonkey.

On average, I spend 5-10 minutes to make a Pinterest graphic. If you have a template saved, you can do them even faster.

Bonus Tip: Is it just me or do your kids try to attack your computer every time you bring it out? Using my phone is much less conspicuous so the Canva app is a lifesaver.

7. Only Visuals Matter On Pinterest
FALSE. While Pinterest is mostly composed of images and graphics, as we talked about on Day Two words and descriptions matter a lot when it comes to being found in searches. (Remember Myth #1? Pinterest is really a search engine after all!)

The description and the titles of your pins should be properly labeled. It is important to use keywords for these sections to be easily found.

8. Hashtags Don’t Work On Pinterest
TRUE. Save the hashtags for Twitter and Instagram. Pinterest does not support hashtags in their searches, so adding those 50 hashtags won’t work as well as when you apply it to your Tweets. Instead, searches focus more on the keywords you use in your titles, pin descriptions and board descriptions.

In our LAST lesson tomorrow, we will be covering the 8 mistakes you don’t want to make on Pinterest. Be sure to watch for the email!

Homework: Determine the top five keywords you want to implement in your brand. Update 10 of the pins from your website to incorporate these keywords.