Top Six Luxury Yacht Charters for Birthday Party in 2023

There is something about the oceans that is simply magnetic. The wind that gently tussles with the hair, the warm smiling sun and the frothy waves that come and go back to its humble abode provides the best ambiance to experience a fantastic time with family and friends. The music is much more mellifluous and the fun seems the most magnificent at the ocean. If you are looking forward to celebrating a birthday, whether for you or your loved ones, Luxury Yacht Charters would be the best way of making your party a memorable one. In today’s day and age, Yachts are quite easy to book and the most majestic way of celebrating events.

Luxury Yachts Charters for Birthdays

Birthdays are celebrated once in a whole year and the one who is celebrating his/her birthday has to feel special on the day. Moreover, people who love partying at different and excitable locations a yacht is one of the best birthday party ideas.

Spending your special day on a luxury yacht and taking a short island trip will not only offer you a luxurious feel but will also get you a splendid experience over a deep ocean, under the open sky. Tapping your feet on melodious music, having luscious meal sailing over the water, and wine that would never stop flowing- wouldn’t it be pleasing?

Party on Yacht is the luxury pampering that you and your loved ones deserve. The best part is that you need not spend a fortune to get that.

Birthday Party on Yacht

Locating the best Yacht Rentals for a Birthday party will be quite challenging if you research through your sole tool; the search engine. With a wide number of charters providing a variety of rentals, selecting the best for you can be challenging if you do not know the trustworthy charters.

Here’s a list of the top luxury yacht charters in Newport Beach from where you can book the yacht of your choice and take a beautiful tour on your special day. We have handpicked them on the basis of their performance and the highest number of customer reviews.

OC Yacht Rentals

Your time with OC Yacht will be undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. This charter provides everything; from caption to catering and decorations. They will make your celebration memorable.

Newport Yacht Charter

Well-known for the courteous crew and fair pricing, Newport Yacht Charter has a perfect score of reviews from its customers. Birthday party celebrations provided by this charter company is impressive, complete with open bars, DJ booths, and dance areas. Hearing from the experience of customers, the ambiance of the yacht was also delightful.

Captain Newport Luxury Boat Rentals

Another proud holder of a perfect score given by customers, this charter has been garnering popularity among the people who like to spend some time away from the crazy thing called life on the soothing water. The yacht quality, professionalism of the staff and behavior of the captains have been praised by a number of people. A party on this has been deemed affordable and worth it.

Blue Star Yacht Charter

The Company also scores very high on the yacht rental leaderboard, with great reviews of customers about the responsiveness of the customer service and their professional behavior. They also provide luxury yachts and the sturdiness of these has been praised by many. Birthday party celebrated on this charter is affordable and it also focuses highly on cleanliness and maintenance.

All Water Charters & Boat Rentals

This charter company has been praised by a number of people for the friendliness of the staff and the quality of their services. The yachts rented out by them are of high quality and are captained by professionals who not only love their job but also ensure that their clients have a great time. The rents are also relatively affordable.

Newport Yachts

The yachts and rental services of this company are so impressive that people often return to avail their services. If you want to create a custom trip, the helpful staff here will make sure that you get what you want. There are a variety of luxury yachts available and that too on reasonable prices. With such professionals by your side, planning a birthday party on a yacht will be a breeze!

How to Book a Luxury Yacht?

To avail the best deals for a birthday party on yacht rentals, contact the companies through their website. If you want to tailor your itinerary, give them a call and their staff will surely help you. Now that you have all the information you need for a luxury yacht charter, take a well-deserved trip on your birthday from the land and escape to an extraordinary experience on the soothing water of the ocean.

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