Visiting the Temple of Heaven in China – Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 – China is one of the major countries receiving the most number of tourists in the world today. In the country, every visitor has the opportunity of knowing an intriguing mix of traditional customs and modern technologies. Getting to know Chinese culture is undoubtedly an incredible experience, and the country offers tourists a myriad of unforgettable sights. Also, China is known as the Land of paradise that offers the most impressive landscapes as well as a rich cultural heritage of its medieval cities. As a result,  it is not surprising that it is the dream of many tourists to know them. Precisely, among the main places to know is the Temple of Heaven in China.

The duties of the emperors of China include not only the governing of the country but also the ceremonies, which numbers over several hundred. The most important is the sacrifice of the victims to the Great Heaven.

For the ceremony, the Temple of Heaven, located in the southern part of the Forbidden City was designed. This is not a separate building, but a huge complex of temples and a garden. Now, this Chinese New Year 2020 the Temple of Heaven is open to tourists, and everyone can have a nice view of the major worship practices of China.

In all, China is a beautiful place as can be seen from the beauties of its terrain and the Temple of Heaven highlighted above. Today, China enjoys a great influx of visitors daily, and due to this fact, the authorities have put in place a relatively flexible visa policy that allows nationals of many countries to enter there easily and without harassment.

To process an application for a China visa, travelers must provide some necessary information. This tends to include important documents such as:

  • A visa Application Embassy Form
  • An identity photo in color and on a light background, to be glued or stapled on the application form
  • An original passport (without passport cover), on which will be affixed the visa
  • A copy of pages 2 and 3 of the passport (on A4 sheet)
  • If you do not have a sponsor in China, you will need to make a dated and signed letter confirming that you do not have a sponsor in China.
  • A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of China
  • A copy of a hotel booking confirmation covering at least 2 nights

Upon possession of the documents highlighted above, the applicant would be required to present the same at the China Consulate or Embassy. For tourists who desire to process their China Visa without stress, Tripadvisor is at your service.

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