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If you are looking for the best ileostomy belt to help you get back on track and feel better in your skin, the Stealth Belt has solutions for you. We offer products designed to help you feel comfortable with your looks. Our Ileostomy belts will also assist you in regaining the confidence to carry on with your normal schedule and engage in other activities. Don’t box yourself any longer; we’ve created these solutions with great craftsmanship to meet all your needs.

Stealth Belt Ileostomy Solutions

All designs come from ileostomy patients because we aim to make products with our customers’ needs in mind. Our products are of high quality, breathable, comfortable and adjustable making them the ideal choice. They are lightweight and virtually invisible, therefore suitable for all kinds of clothing and everyday use. We create long term ostomy solutions for people who need better products to meet their needs.

Why Choose Us

We’ve been helping hundreds of people for years to regain full control of their lives full of confidence and hope. Nothing brings us greater joy than knowing we are making a positive impact by changing the lives of different people. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Ostomy solutions we offer, and our client’s testimonials are proof of that. We care about your health as our own therefore we’ve created products for whatever needs you may have. Our ileostomy belts and wraps are made by those who wear them to assist others with similar problems learn how to live with an ostomy.

Great Ostomy Care To Prevent Leaks

Ostomy appliance leaks are no fun and can be embarrassing when you’re in public or when you’re doing something you enjoy. For the most part, leaks are usually caused by several things that you have absolute control over. The stealth belt offers the best ileostomy solutions to ensure you get the proper appliance fit. The belts are made of spandex like material that is very stretchy, which expands when your bag fills up. That helps to remove concerns about your bag exploding due to being crunched inside the belt.

Our belts come in a variety of versions such as the night time version which helps to keep your bag in a secure location so it won’t fall underneath you.  Ileostomy belts are versatile and have adjustment features to allow you to either tighten or loosen it depending on what you are doing. The adjustment feature prevents the pouch from bouncing up and down when it fills up by holding it in place.

Stoma Protection

It is also a protective gear when you engage in outdoor activities that are strenuous in any way. Ileostomy stealth belts have a Stoma Guard placed inside the pouch compartment of the belt. It functions as a protective gear that prevents tension or unwanted noise from impacting the stoma during sports or any outdoor activity.

Excellent Features

  • Designed to accommodate and fit all types of ileostomy appliances
  • It has a double locking closure system
  • Very comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • Adjustable band to any degree of tightness desired
  • Zipper openings to expose the bottom of the pouch enclosure for easy emptying
  • Offers great stoma appliance support by holding the weight of the bag in the pouch compartment enabling users to do all sorts of activities
  • Offers custom hole fit for your ileostomy appliance and stoma type whether it’s on the right or left
  • The overall quality of the ileostomy belt is top-notch
  • It has a Velcro fastening system perfect for sports
  • Very easy to use and wear
  • There is also custom colors and patterns
  • Easy to maintain and you can hand wash the fabric
  • Offers maximum durability for long term use

Colours And Customizing

Our designers do their best to add a sense of fashion while making ileostomy belts which come in customized size and colors. We aim to create products that are universally accommodating for patients of all shapes and sizes. Customers can order ileostomy belts and wrap with additional features depending on their body structure and type of stoma appliances.

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