Web Scraping: The New Trend To Get The Information You Need From The Web

Web Scraping Is Popular And Useful

Many people are talking about web scraping nowadays. Web scraping is an amazing tool that is used by companies to collect data from different websites. There are different opinions about it, whether it is legal or not, what is the best way of scraping a website, etc. But the reality is that it has become popular and useful at the same time. Do you know what web scraping is and how it is used? Web scraping is a process in which using bots, you have the power to extract content and data from any website. Using this we can extract the HTML code and other stuff such as the data stored in a database. Once we have access to this, it will allow us to copy all the content of the website into our computer or server.

How does Web Scraping help in Data Collection?

Digital enterprises that are dedicated to database collection are the ones that use web scraping more than any others. This is how scraping has been used in these companies:

  1. Robots or crawlers track the website, analyze the content, and then store it.
  2. Many price comparison sites implement web scraping to automatically get the prices as well as the description of different products from allied sellers to later export this information into their servers.
  3. Most of the companies that focus on market research use web scraping to extract data from blogs and social networks to know what people think and what everyone is talking about.

There are Legitimate and Malicious Bots

Unfortunately, many people have used web-scraping incorrectly and therefore it is sometimes considered illegal. A lot of content on the web is copyrighted, therefore it should not be scrapped at all. Even though people know this, they continue doing it causing individuals and several companies to have large financial losses. The main tools of web scraping are software bots that are programmed to examine all the data and extract the information quickly and effectively. Many types of bots can be fully customized to recognize single sites, extract and transform content, store data, and extract the API. It can be difficult to know the difference between legitimate and malicious bots, as they all use the same system to access the site data. But, there are certain differences that we can easily distinguish.

One way to recognize legitimate Bots is to identify them with an organizer. A good example is Google which is identified with the HTTP header. This tells us that it belongs to Google and is not false or malicious. Also, legitimate bots respect .txt files that list the pages that a robot has access to. On the other hand, a malicious bot restores the website completely whether it is allowed or not. Scrapers nowadays are investing in servers to process a large amount of data which is extracted via scraping.

Benefit your Company with Web Scraping

Companies are using web scraping for many reasons. For example, price scraping is important to know more about the competition and what prices they are handling. This is to have competitive prices and be able to sell the products faster. They also use it for product marketing. This is also important because they want to know what the marketing strategies and plans are so they can implement them in their own company and be able to compete with others. No matter why companies are using web scraping, the truth is that scraping is here and it is here to stay. Technology is changing rapidly, therefore scraping is changing with it.

Check what People are saying About your Company

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