Amazing Tricks to Select the Perfect Flower Girl Dress


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Not just the bridal party but also the flower girl should look appealing on the big day. Most of the strongest trends in the flower girl display a return to traditional styles. In this article, we will see some of the current trends in flower girl dresses that are loved by people all across the world.

Smocked and Collared

All the grand weddings that have taken place in the past few years have presented nice trends in bridal dresses. The flower girls are typically seen in adorable, and old-fashioned flower girl dresses.

Smocked and collared style of dress is carried over into royal and non-royal weddings. This traditional style of flower girl will never run out of style.

Non-Traditional Colors

More and more brides choose to have a flower girl in a distinctive color than just traditional white flower girl dresses. You can even select a dress that blends seamlessly with all the other members present in your bridal party.

Some of these colors are gold, an ivory-toned dress, lavender, pink, and pale blue. They are the perfect choices for the smallest member of the bridal party.

Lacy Sleeves

You will see an increase in the adoption of lace featured bridal gowns that were first worn by actress Kate Middleton in one of her films. This trend is increasingly becoming prominent in flower girl dresses too.

This girly and delicate fabric looks very sweet on small girls. This makes it one of the favorite trends among people.

Satin Sashes

Girls in pure white flower dresses with large satin blue sashes are quickly becoming favorite in the bridal world. This looks really classy and appropriate for your grand wedding occasion.

It is advised to select the bridal wedding gown first and then find a flower girl dress that compliments it.

Go for more Flowers

Flower girls look best in dresses that are full of colorful flowers. Choose an adorable pastel colored floral baby flower girl dress with lacy gowns that are designed with remarkable floral details.

Another good option is to choose a simple printed flowery dress for the wedding. This will set you completely in-tune with the latest 2019 trends

Consider Ruffles

The fun ruffle and tulle appearance are again back in the bridal world. This style will make your tiny excited girl adorable in this style. It can’t get cuter than this.

Incorporate Adorable Layered Style

This is a fresh new trend that will give you a layered look. You would need to keep it simple and sweet with a mind-blowing cut and color. Layer your dress with a soft, and comfortable cardigan or even use a light cape on her small dress.

This will look ideal for fall or spring weddings but not adequate for winter weddings.


Flower girl dresses come in a variety of different types and styles. If you have got exhausted by browsing through the greatest and the latest trends for bridal dresses, then these top trends in flower girl dress will help you find your favorites!