5 Things Teenage Drivers Must Avoid while Riding a Two-wheeler

If you are a teenager who recently started riding your own scooter or bike, your excitement is understandable. However, to ensure you stay safe as well as responsible towards others around you, you need to avoid making some common mistakes. From driving rashly to not getting a two wheeler insurance renewal online on time, such mistakes can prove costly. Take a look at this article to know what common mistakes every teenager must avoid while riding a two-wheeler.

Errors teenage riders must avoid 

Listed below are some DON’Ts for you to remember:

1. Riding without documents: Never get on to a motorbike without having the proper documents. Not just a valid driving license, you need various other documents as well. From the RC book to the PUC certificate to the 2-wheeler insurance documents, all the papers must be with you when you take the vehicle out on the roads. When you have the documentation done, you won’t get into any legal trouble. You need to get the documents and also renew them on time. For instance, the two-wheeler insurance renewal online must be done on time. 

2. Riding without a helmet: Many youngsters might find it cool to ride their two-wheelers without wearing a helmet. The gush of wind on their face feels thrilling. But riding your bike without wearing a helmet is a grave error that must be avoided at all costs. It is also silly to do so. Get a good quality helmet that provides maximum coverage to your skull, face, and eyes. You need the protection of a helmet if you get involved in a road accident. Having third-party insurance or a comprehensive plan is a reactive measure, wearing a helmet is a proactive one.

3. Not following traffic rules: Teenagers often cross the mentioned speed limit, jump red signals, overtake other vehicles dangerously, etc. If you engage in any such activity, you can get into some very serious legal trouble and even end up in jail. This apart, if an accident is caused due to you not following certain traffic rules, your claim on the 2 wheeler insurance, whether it is a comprehensive plan or a third party insurance plan, might not be honored. So, drive responsibly and enjoy the experience.

4. Not wearing proper shoes and gear: This may sound very basic, but proper footwear makes a difference. You need proper shoes that offer the right grip to ride. If you just ride with your flip-flops, you may skid on the pedals and cause some grave accidents, that might lead to injuries and may warrant two-wheeler insurance claims. Also, one must wear appropriate biking gear while going on long road trips.

5. Lending your bike to friends without verifying: Last but not least, you should never lend your bike to your friends without proper verification. Your friend may be underage, under the influence of intoxicants, or may not possess a valid driving license. This can lead to accidents caused in violation with basic rules and then you won’t be able to make third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance claim at all. So be responsible for your own vehicle and don’t allow anyone else to take it for a spin without enquiring the basics. 

In conclusion 

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, common bike-riding problems can easily be avoided. Be a responsible person and ride your two-wheeler with caution. Get a good insurance plan and ride your bike without any worries. Make sure to renew your policy on time as an expired policy is of no use. Insurance companies settle claims only if the policy is active at the time of the accident.

Stay focused, follow the basics, and make sure to ensure your bike.

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