5 Reasons Why Pork is the Best Type of Meat


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When you are out to shop for the perfect steak for your barbecue, you may be wondering if pork meat should also spear on your list.

Well, pork is one of the healthy and nutritious meat options you can go for. As we learn from the best pork butcher, there is always more than one reason you could choose pork over other meat. Here is the reason pork is the best type of meat for your next feast.

Contains healthy and quality protein 

Protein is an essential nutrient in a balanced diet. Pork is a rich source of healthy animal proteins with a high concentration of all nine amino acids, essential for average body growth and development. Amino acid is the end product of protein, and not all protein contains it.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to increasing your muscle mass and recovering fast from a muscle injury, pork is the best type of meat to include in your diet.

Improves your workout performance 

The other good side of taking pork is that it improves your exercise performance. Pork contains various nutrients such as creatine, taurine, and bet-alanine, which are good for your muscles. Beta-alanine is an end product of protein that helps your body develop strong and healthy muscle. Pork contains this amino acid in large quantities.

No risk of heart disease

Unlike red meat that is associated with a significant risk of heart disease, pork is a healthy white meat. Most studies have shown that excessive consumption of red meat can often increase the risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes, heart complication, and cancer.  

There is no proven link between eating pork and these diseases, making it one of the best types of meat to order for a feast. When you consume just the right amount of pork, you should not be worried about heart disease or being overweight.

A rich source of vitamins 

Pork still beats red meat in nutritional value. Besides containing the essential amino acids, pork also provides valuable vitamins like vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. Your body needs these two vitamins to ensure proper cognitive ability and improve blood formation. 

If you want to improve your brain function and lower the risk of anxiety, depression, and other brain dysfunctions, you should include pork in your diet.

Contains glycine and selenium

Animal meat rarely contains glycine. However, pork skin contains a significant amount of glycine, which is helpful in the body. 

You can also find glycine in the pork belly and rinds. For every 100 grams of pork, you get up to 11,000 mg of glycine. Pork also contains selenium mineral, which is useful for proper thyroid function.

Final Thoughts 

There are many reasons you should go for pork meat and cut on red meat. The reason is the many benefits that pork has on your body. Read may not be suitable for everyone with allergic reactions, which makes pork an ideal choice. Pork contains healthy protein, minerals, and vitamins that are useful for your health.

The other reason you should shop for pork meat is that it is easier to cook compared to red meat. If you want to get the most out of pork, then always shop for lean pork from a certified pork butchery in your town.