The Renaissance


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The story on how two occupations were rescued from being extinct

When occupations are on the verge of being extinct due to unexpected calamities or impact of technology, there comes into picture renaissance figures who resurrect the occupation to a new phase. The history of the human race has thrived through so many desolations and resurrections. In due course, several occupations have been long ago forgotten and a few others strived to remain till date.

Chekkutty Revolution

There are several jobs that have been put to a standstill by nature itself. The handloom industry of Kerala, especially the makers of Chendamangalam silks came across the biggest disaster in their life during the Kerala floods of August 2018. All materials that were prepared and packed in prior keeping in mind the onset of Onam (the harvest of Kerala) were drenched in muddy pools of flood water. All their hopes for the year had been washed away by the floods so unexpectedly. All that the poor handloom laborers could do was to weep over the wet silks.

Understanding the plight of the handloom employees two social entrepreneurs came up to their rescue. These social entrepreneurs first conceptualized the Chekkutty dolls, a mascot that symbolized the rising of the state of Kerala against the disastrous flood. Chekkutty dolls were prepared from bundles of flood-destroyed fabric. Presently, Chekkutty toys are available for purchase online for Rs. 25 per piece. Chekkutty is a symbolism, a symbolism of how an unexpected calamity in business can clear better paths of business. It is the indication of how some innovative ideas can double the income from the other not-so-profitable business.

Farmizen Revolution

Farming has since time immemorial been the primary source of livelihood for mankind. From farming did all the other occupations arise? Though farming has lost its acceptance in recent years, it is food that has kept mankind alive over all these years. Hence, in this tech-era, people have started to develop the desire to cultivate for themselves. Even when people want to grow their own food, farming space has become the biggest hindrance for them.

As most of the people in the cities live in their own concrete jungles, finding space for farming is a really difficult process. What little the cultivated on their terraces is not enough for a family to feed on. So an alternative solution to cultivate crops has come into existence.

The Farmizen group came up with the revolutionary idea of renting a farm-space. This program is much similar to the way the Farmville game works. This initiative has helped hundreds of organic farmers and micro-entrepreneurs to directly sell to customers without middleman intervention. This would create better prices for customers and better returns for a farmer’s family. Moreover, a customer would be able to view the changes that happen on his rented farmland using the Farmizen app. If in case there is a surplus production of farm-products, the customer can also sell it in bulk. The primary aim of the initiative is to provide the farmers on-time monthly income same like the other professionals. For the customers, the harvest-time would bring moments of pride and happiness.

Who initiated the changes?

Both the businesses mentioned above were not miracles. The success of the businesses came up from a change that was introduced during times of trouble. These changes were the brain-children of successful business analysts. Though umpteen examples of how to become a business-analyst are available online, reading them would not suffice. A successful business analyst is made out of circumstances and his/her response to those circumstances.

For the success of a business, changes and their outcomes should be handled effectively. The business analyst should plan effective strategic plans for the success of the organization. The current system should also be analyzed by the business analyst. Effective communication skills, combined with business knowledge, critical thinking and, technical skills can create miracles. Though the roles of business analysts have been relatively new in business, their impacts have remained and would remain significant in any organization.