Man-made Tile Launched by the Danube is the Biggest in its Kind


The UAE famous multi-conglomerate company the Danube owned a brand “Milano” which got a huge name by launching the man-made tile which is biggest in size. It can be used for both residential as well as commercial use. The tile has the measurement of 1.6m x 3.2m and it comes in different finishing varieties such as wood, granite, and marble.

Luxury Property Dubai – Luxury Real Estate Brokerage team said there is a change in customer taste and preference regarding the large tile design and format. That is the reason today we launched the tiles whose designs and layouts are bigger than the past.

The reason behind this huge success is the new technology and development in the tile manufacturing industry and the Danube got to hold on it. There are many benefits associated with this but the main is cost.


Now the tiles have become much slim as compared to the past with the help of technology advancement. When the tile is slim you can easily ship more tiles per container either by road or sea and thus less fuel will be consumed and you are ultimately contributing to the greener concept. He further added, with the benefit of economies of scale such products are offered at a better cost as compared to the original products.

He further said the biggest tile gives the beautiful look of granite or marble. We all know the matter of fact that marble is a bit difficult to fix, maintain and lay. On the other hand porcelain, full-body or glaze porcelain is very easy to maintain and install.

There is a huge demand for new and innovative products from the clients as many real estate projects have to completed before EXPO 2020. Therefore the Danube is making every effort to come up innovative products in order to build and maintain the market interest.

As we are quite close to 2020, many projects are under the process and we are under huge pressure as the demand is robust. Milano has shown the man-made biggest tile in the 5 big exhibitions. The slab which was presented was 1.6 meters by 3.2 meters. The tile is quite close to natural granite or marble tile, but in terms of benefits and features, they are outclassed as compared to the natural products.

The use of such man-made tiles are great, you can use them on the entrance of any shopping mall or institutions as it will give a very royal feeling. If you want to place it in a villa, you can place it on the floor or on the wall cladding. It will just beauty to the whole environment.