How to Get Web Browser on Vizio Smart TV? {2021 Review}


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    Vizio Smart TV is a buzzing need of the people these days as it helps in the streaming of online shows, movies and even news or sports! The latest versions of these Smart TVs come feature-packed with additional voice command options. What is Smart TV? Any television that supports online streaming of content with internet connectivity is known as a Smart Television. 

    With the addition of newer features and specifications to the TV each day, determining a Smart TV’s exact functionality is problematic. It varies highly depending on the brands and models as well. You might have also heard about the Voice recognition tools like the Google Assistant, Alexa and Amazon. They switch the program searches from the comfort of your couch. 

    Can Vizio Smart TV support web browsers?

    Vizio Smart TV is a leading brand in the US for television and amongst the top sellers of smart TV. It holds a strong reputation amongst top competitors like LG, Panasonic and Sony. Impeccable design, excellent functions and high-end resolutions make it a hit amongst the buyers in the industry. Access to limitless entertainment and hundreds of shows or movies is accessible through Vizio Smart TV. 

    Although there are numerous pre-installed apps on Vizio Smart TV, you can get a web browser for finding other media. With the web browser’s help, it is possible to add many other apps on this Smart TV. Here are steps to help you get the web browser for this smart TV.

    How to Get a Web Browser for Vizio Smart TV?

    Many people have a query on using the web browser for a Vizio Smart television to stream online entertainment without any hurdles. After adding a few popular apps like Amazon Prime, Vudu and, Putlocker, Netflix; you can get full utility from this smart TV. You can either connect this smart TV through the Cat5 port or via PC cable unit.

    Steps to Get a Web Browser for Your Vizio Smart TV!

    • Check the internet connectivity.
    • Change the DHCP settings.
    • Try testing them on other devices.
    • Reset all the existing TV settings.
    • Connect with Vizio support for further warranty service

    Steps to Connect Vizio Television Through a Wireless Network

    • Connect the smart TV to a wireless network.
    • Search for the Network option and then click on the ‘OK’ option.
    • Go to Network and select the wireless option.
    • Opt for the Wi-Fi Network and login to the account.
    • You are now connected with an internet connection.

    Steps to Connect Vizio Tv With a Wired Connection

    • Establish a connection between the TV’s LAN Port and Ethernet cable.
    • Click at the ‘Menu’ option through remote control.
    • Go to the network option and tap ‘OK’ on your mobile screen.
    • Now pick the Wired Network option.
    • Congrats! You have established a successful connection through a wired network.

    Once you have a web browser on your Vizio Smart TV, it is easy to stream your favourite shows and movies without disruption. You can also download a few apps to enjoy longing entertainment on your favourite smart TV. There is a Google ChromeCast option through which you can access multiple applications through a tablet, smartphone and computer.

    Concluding words

    Vizio Smart TV does not come along with any pre-installed web browser that allows you to surf the internet. But it is not illegal to get a web browser on it and view unlimited visual content available in the entertainment world. Vizio Smart HDTV is a sensation in terms of quality and movie precision. Try out its in-built apps that make a smart choice for most of the binge-watchers!