How to Watch DirecTV in Another Room without a Box?

Now bid goodbye to those space-consuming additional TV boxes! Enjoy the DIRECTV services and avail HD quality pictures without any extra investment in TVs and other cable boxes. Single purchase and multiple user functionality is the USP of this latest technology from Sony and Samsung. It means no extra equipment and yet all features of a smart TV at your side!

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What is the Advantage of using DIRECTV Equipment?

The enhanced entertainment value in minimal expenditure is the basis of using DIRECTV technology. Once you buy this package, there will be equipment delivered at your doorstep for connecting your Television and several devices in other rooms. It can extend its connectivity, upto four rooms in all. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and start accessing the facility in another room without any box.

How Much Money do you Need to Spend on Getting an Extra Box for the DIRECTV?

You can use the DIRECTV services only after fulfilling the necessary programming agreements. If you abstain from doing this, DIRECTV might charge a pro-rated fee of around $480. Besides, an extra receiver might cost you almost $5.00/month more. Once you pick an HD DVR or DVR receiver, it is possible to get enrolled for the DVR service.

What is the process to stream the DIRECTV with my TV?

Here are the steps which can help you to connect DIRECTV services to your Television and enjoy the benefits: 

  • Go to the ‘DIRECTV App’ and select the menu option.
  • Scroll for TV and identify your listed receiver as a part of the menu.
  • Now you can watch TV on the device and tap on the device type. Choose your program for enjoying watching the experience on other TV in another room.

Are DIRECTV charges applicable for every TV?

With the billing of around $7.00 each month, you can enjoy the features of two DVRs at one go. For additional TVs, you might have to pay an extra amount. 

DIRECTV receivers or DVR’s enable people to enjoy TV channels through satellite. It is suggestive of installing the satellite dish towards the southern direction in the sky. For a single TV, the regular receiver is fine, but you can also hook it to another TV in the net room using a splitter or the coaxial cable. But remember that you use a single receiver for two TVs which depicts that they would show up the same channels. Hence, in both the rooms; watchers have to enjoy bringing the same programs and shows!

What are the steps to watch DIRECTV in another room without using a box?

  • Invest in a 2-way splitter to watch TV without another DVR.
  • You can identify that the splitter has two outputs as well as one input.
  • There is also a coaxial cable that you have to place to carry a signal at the input in the room where DIRECTV gets placed.
  • Next is the shorter coaxial cable that you have to place on DIRECTV receiver output. It is necessary to attach the coaxial cable with the splitter input.
  • Repeat the same for the output of the splitter. Set the coaxial cable from one end of the first TV and connect it with the cable on the TV input.
  • Meanwhile, connect the second coaxial cable at the splitter from second TV input to the output.
  • Switch On the DIRECTV one box receiver and enjoy watching shows and programs on both the TVs. Same channels would appear on both TVs, but you have to verify the connection so that exact picture and sound quality is available.

What are the necessary components to connect 2 TVs with a single receiver?

Wrap up

It is possible to connect 2 TVs with a single DIRECTV receiver. Users can experience the seamless enjoyment of watching the same programs on TV from two rooms simultaneously using a single box. Now you do not have to crowd up in a single room to watch your favourite program. Instead, relax on your living room couch or bed in the bedroom to watch the latest TV shows. Keep a check on proper tuning between the Television and receiver to avail uninterrupted daily entertainment dose!

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