Best Apps for Yoga, Taxi, Dating, Online TV and much more.


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As you know there many apps come under the same category but it will be really hard for someone to choose from. Below we have made it easy by sharing some of the best apps in their own fields s simply check them and download whichever is required for you. You can also suggest us if you have any other alternative to the below-mentioned apps.

The best app to meet the love

Tinder has long been touted as the ultimate dating service, but Once asserts itself as a competitor of choice. The application takes the opposite of the previous trend and its overflowing offer by reducing the choice to a profile per day, it is supposed to stick with your personality. If you do not want to take action, it will be necessary to wait 24 hours to be able to access a new profile. If the love, at first sight, operates, however, everything is also done to allow you to spin the perfect love over your exchanges and your future appointments.

Best Carpooling App

UBER: How much has been achieved for the app launched in 2009 and now the world leader in the carpooling sector. The idea was brilliant, connecting motorists who often travel alone to make a common journey together and minimize the blows of transport, it was enough to think about it! The service working on the collaborative principle, its range of routes has therefore expanded over the years and you can now plan a round trip to the local village or cross the US and even beyond! The next step?

The best app to communicate with multiple

Slack: Mainly used professionally, the online communication platform has conquered the market by its simple and complete offer. Used by several million people, it allows you to open a conversation thread with any of your interlocutors and to create discussion groups on specific topics to classify interactions. It is possible to transfer files, even heavy and to use some connected services like Google Drive but also to make audio or video calls. Slack also allows you to switch from the computer to the mobile instantly and be reachable anytime anywhere in the world.

Best app for traveling

Airbnb: With 6 million homes and 500 million travelers on the counter, the app has had a revolutionary impact. But Airbnb does not rest on its laurels and develops other themes such as its experiences, to discover unique activities created by lovers of their cities, access to a tourist guide and gastronomic to miss anything during your stay. The application has recently introduced a new service called “Adventures” which gives access to original excursions, such as climbing a sacred mountain in Kenya or exploring Swedish islands by kayak. Thrill-seekers, it’s time to go for it!

The best app to edit your photos

Gimp: The free application of reference for photo editing had given the daring challenge to benefit the greatest number of correction tools worthy of professionals. The mission is successful! Even if the grip is not obvious, once the basic springs mastered, you will have access to many options to retouch your photos, refine details, play on contrasts, gray, black and white and correct tiny imperfections without losing yourself there. Available on all download platforms.

The best app to play

Doodle Jump: The iOS and Android platforms offer an infinity of games in a multitude of different styles. In this ocean of choice, Doodle Jump stands out as one of the sure values in the no-fuss, easy-access gaming category. Addictive at first contact, we take pleasure in trying to bounce this little man from space on all media for as long as possible. With its 50 million downloads, Doodle Jump lives a second youth with more and more sets and accessories to spoil its fan base.

Best app for car traffic

Waze: Free, easy to use, complete and collaborative, the Waze application already had all the assets to please the greatest number. With more than 10 million downloads on Android, it is now referred to as a reference for GPS functions, traffic information, and real-time radar detectors. Its strength lies in the collaboration of its users who can inform the community accurately on any event, from the straw bale stranded on the road to the more serious accident. In case of traffic jams, an alternative route is also proposed to you to lose the least possible time. As a bonus, it displays the speed of the vehicle.

The best app to be well organized

Wunderlist: The practical app serving the heads in the air and the messiest of us. Wunderlist allows you to program and configure your daily tasks in the form of lists, the professional appointment to reunite with friends or before shopping at the supermarket, everything is configurable to help you forget everything. You can also share your lists with your loved ones, set reminders, and deadlines for the most important deadlines. Wunderlist will quickly become indispensable!

The best app to learn sign language

Elix: A formidable tool to complement a more in-depth training, Elix is a dictionary of French Sign Language (LSF) that has been used as a reference for more than six years. It lists more than 13,500 signs in the form of small video demos with shell gestures and movements as well as 12,000 LSF definitions. Each word has a definition and an appropriate sign according to its meaning. Easy to use and perfect for learning quickly. Each member is free to use his webcam to complete the list.

Best app for practicing yoga

Daily Yoga: The developers of Daily Yoga have shown that they master the art of stretching to perfection by proposing an application for all the public, which will satisfy both beginners and more experienced in the discipline. You will (re) discover postures and training to follow with the help of hundreds of videos and audio speeches to improve yourself and help you find inner peace. The sessions are adaptable according to your state of mind, from 5 to 70 minutes per session.

Best app for moms-to-be

My pregnancy: As the name suggests, the application can best manage a pregnancy, the first weeks until delivery. It is by far the easiest to use and the most complete. The advice punctuates this unique period of your life and informs you about the evolution of the one who will become your dearest being. From the calendar to note all the important medical appointments to the follow-up of your weight through adapted yoga and fitness exercises or the recording of the contractions via the contractometer, there is everything to make you the future mother more blossomed.

Best Online TV Channel App

ThopTV: There are many tv channel apps available online but one of the best and most famous ones is ThopTv APK app. This app comes with more than 6000+ international live TV channels and unlimited numbers of Web series which are available online and are most famous. You can also watch the movies in HD quality and the best thing is that you do not have to login or register to watch anything on thop tv.