6 Must Have Apps That Make Your Life Beautiful

In this day and era, everything has become technology-oriented. Back then in the 19th century whereby technology had been discovered but had not really reached its full potential, you can only imagine how things were hectic. Everything had to be done manually. In this age where technology has really been diversified across all fields, things have really become easier. Things have been made easier and much more efficient. From the health industry to the education industry, I mean, where is technology not being used.

Today, you can do almost everything from your Smartphone. Yes, things that may require you to constantly move around can now be done in the comfort of your seat. Applications have been created in our devices that have really improved our lives. They have saved us time and even money. Now, there are applications out there that are even used to monitor your health and vitals saving you a trip to the doctor. They are others that can be used to offer you the aid when you feel that you are psychologically depressed. There are other apps that can help relieve your anxiety and calm you down. Other apps have been used to help you out in the house for example in your vacuuming and other things. It’s like having a helper with you who is not physically there. I mean, there is something for everything. Here, I have derived 6 apps that really make your life beautiful and non-strenuous.

1. Google Maps:

  • We have all had that moment where we have been lost and have had to ask around for the location of a place. Sometimes, some people will even ask you for money in order to give you direction.
  • Getting lost is no fun as it may end up wasting your time to get to a place whereby you needed to reach on time. It could even make end up making you late for an important meeting and even lowering your chances to get a job or something. This is wearable technology.
  • Well, worry no more because there is an app that makes all that go away. This is a must-have app for everyone as it is usually free on many devices and could really save you the hustle. This app will give you directions to every place that you intend to go.
  • Be it a restaurant, a shop or anything else, this app will show you the way. It will show you the closest restaurants, malls, post offices around your home, offering you convenience and making your life beautiful

2. Sleep pillow:

  • As I said, there is something for everything. Sometimes we have all had that moment when we have had problems sleeping due to some reasons such as depression. Some of our result in using sleeping pills which can be dangerous when used for a long time. This is new technology that everyone must-have.
  • Imagine an app that helps you sleep soothingly all night long. Well, this app will do just that. It will get you to sleep by offering some soothing mixes and sounds. It only goes for $1.99.

3. Uber:

  • Sometimes we are inconvenienced and can’t travel due to various reasons such as heavy rains. We could also be late and needed a mode of transport as soon as possible. This app will solve such problems for you as it is a car service app that works on demand. You will get a vehicle that will pick you up at your exact location in under seven minutes.

4. Google Drive/Dropbox:

  • Photos are memories that need to be preserved in order to always remember them. Sometimes, we have a situation whereby our phones can be corrupted and we may end up losing our photos.
  • This app is here for those kinds of needs. It automatically backups and saves your images for you. When you are worried that you have lost your photos, this app has already backed them up for you. This app also gives you enough storage for other files you may need to backup. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free.

5. Google Search/Google Now:

  • This app will offer you convenience even when you do not necessarily need it. Sometimes you may not have the full information about something and sometimes you may not even know that you need it.
  • This app will help you with any information that you may need. It offers you the most recent information that you may not even have asked for.
  • It is like having your very own secretary to remind you of some details that you may not feel the need to look for. This app will really make things easier for you especially if you are a busy person. Get it today.

6. Fantastical:

  • This is a calendar app that will always give you reminders on certain events that you may not want to miss.
  • On top of that, it allows you to fill in phrases and words that you deem necessary and the app gradually fills the rest of the information for you. It goes for about $4.99. Get it today and you will see the difference.
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