Einthusan Alternatives – Get into the Pool of Free Movie Streaming Apps!


Einthusan Alternatives is the most talked thing among the movie lovers. Though, site provides a wide array of south Asian movies and TV shows, but cinema maniacs look out for more. But, before we talk about sites like Einthusan, we need to understand about it, first.

What is Einthusan?


Einthusan is an ocean of movies, TV shows and a lot of other entertainment stuff. Unlike other apps, it is available for free including the premium version. It is a web application and is multiple devices friendly. Thus, you can enjoy using this app on the gadget of your choice. However, there is no official Einthusan app on Google Play or App store, but since it is responsive – it will give you an app like experience when used on mobile phones.

Eithusan Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies are among its most sought after categories. Also, the app keeps on posting fresh content quite frequently to keep the users interested and entertained. In addition, there are movies and TV shows available in other languages, like – Bengali, Malayalam, Chinese etc. There are a million users who actively use this app and are happy with its content.

How to use Einthusan?

Einthusan app is easy to use. User needs to register with it and he can simply explore its content. Make sure you have a proper internet connection with commendable speed. There is no fee associated and hence, you need not to worry about paid subscription and stuff. You can even use Enthusian app with VPN connection. However, you need to make sure the VPN is valid in the area.

Eithunsan only asks for basic details to login and the data is kept confidential.

There are a lot of shows, feature in this app, are authorized. Also, the number of such shows and movies are increasing by multi-folds. The website has no legal issues and is soon to get its own copyright. Also, it does not violate any copyright rules.

It is a natural human tendency to look after for more and better. Thus, people keep on searching for a website like Einthusan. So, here we are up with the best Einthusan alternatives that will give movie buffs a lot more to enjoy.

Best Einthusan Alternatives Sites for Free movies and TV shows

1Amazon Prime

It is one of the most loved entertainment apps. It has a great fan base and some really amazing content. But, unlike Einthusan – it is not available for free. However, the content is extremely entertaining and worth to pay for. The fee is nominal and most of the people can afford it. Also, Amazon prime has a lot of ‘Originals’ content which is only available on it and nowhere else.

You can term it as king in making in the category of ‘Online Movies and TV Shows Streaming’. Known for its advanced and variety of content, Netflix is the first choice of the target audience. It is available for free for a 30 days trial but post to said period, you need to take the paid subscription to keep using it. There are a lot of shows and web-series that feature in Netflix are a mega hit worldwide. That’s the reason behind its extreme popularity.


Putlocker is one of my favorite Einthusan alternatives sites to watch latest movies online without downloading. There are lots of different genres like Action, Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Crime, etc. available to choose from. They have provided a search filter using which you can find movies of your choice within few minutes. Undoubtedly this is a must visit the site for all the movie lovers.


It is an entertainment app initiative by Star network. It initially featured the shows that usually air on Star Network, but later it developed itself as one of the front runners in the online visual content streaming category. It also features live sports and events which make it a bit unique among its category. Lately, Hotstar has also came up with ‘Originals’ and a few among them were highly appreciated by the users. Some of the content is available for free on Hotstar, but to enjoy more, you can purchase the plan of your choice.


Loaded with a variety of content in multiple languages, It is one among the most loved entertainment apps similar to Einthusan. The best thing about Voot is – it is available at a low cost. Also, a lot of shows and movies are available for free. It also has a prominent fanbase which is increasing consistently. Also, over the years, its content has become quite interesting and critics are also loving it.


It is launched by Ekta and Shobha Kappor, the uncrowned queens on Indian daily soaps industry. The app is majorly known for its sizzling content that especially attracts the users between 18-35 years of age. Similar to a few apps of its category – AltBalaji also provides paid subscription at fairly low rates. The quality of its ‘Originals’ is getting better day by day and so as its number of users are escalating at a rapid pace.

7OnlineMovies Gold

You can call it a replica of Einthusan in terms of overall functionality. There is a wide range of shows, movies and entertainment things available in the app which is available for free to watch. It also serves in multiple languages providing the users flexibility to choose language of their choice. The quality of the content is good and is also available in HD. It also targets the South Asian audience and has simple register process.


It is the perfect replacement for Einthusan app. It has simply the best collection of new and old Hindi movies. In addition, it also features documentaries and biographies which makes it even better. It uses multiple servers, so if one server is occupied largely or not functioning, you can use another server in place. It also has some amazing stuff available in other regional languages like Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

One for the best alternative available for Einthusan Hindi movies. If you do not like to watch movies in regional languages, like – Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali but in Hindi, then this app is surely for you. It really has some mind-blowing content in Hindi. Also, it allows you to post the movies which are not on the portal yet. The only side of the app which lets you down is a lot of ads which keep on popping in between and ruin your watching experience.

You can choose one among the best of Einthusan alternatives and start watching some fresh content.