Popcorn Time APK – Best App for Download and Watch Movies and TV shows

Popcorn Time is an amazing app that lets you browse and watch movies on your Android, Apple Mac (IOS) and Windows phones and PCs. It lets you stream and download full HD movies online! Popcorn Time gives tough competition to all other similar surfaces, including NetFlix and Hulu. Popcorn Time is free for all devices.

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A great benefit for Popcorn Time is that you can watch online TV shows. Watch your favorite TV shows online using any device loaded with the app. The beauty of the app is that you don’t have to pay a penny to watch and download moves online.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is among the popular services and websites to watch movies online. It has gained popularity very quickly and the reason is that it is kept updated with the latest movies and episodes to be viewed by thousands of people simultaneously. this is the best among all the websites to watch free movies. No other free movie website comes close to the features and benefits of Popcorn  Time offers. The superior interface and the prompt availability of TV shows and services are what has helped it surpass other similar websites like putlocker, Netflix. The overall popularity of the website also tells us about the demand for websites to watch movies. Free movie websites have been quite popular in the history of the internet, but they have all been taken down sometime or the other. Popcorn time proclaims that it will never be taken down. And this means you can keep it in your devices and not expect to see it unavailable.

Popcorn Time is a must have app for your devices. You can get the app for free from the internet itself. The app is light and easy to grasp. You can easily get the app via google. Or you may follow the given links to get the app.

Popcorn Time Features:

Popcorn Time is awesome, and the following features make it so:

  • You can stream all sorts of movies and TV shows online.
  • There is no restriction on time; old movies and TV shows are all available right on the same screen.
  • Popcorn Time has a unique interface that anyone will love.
  • The app lets you both stream as well as download the videos of your liking quickly and easily.

Popcorn Time is awesome, right? But how does it work?

How does Popcorn Time work?

Popcorn time runs a lot like BitTorrent. When you stream or download a movie of your liking, it is loaded bit by bit to your device at a comfortable pace so you can view it without any lag or breaks. And while the video is transferred onto your device, the service makes a cache of it so that the website also carries a record. As a result, more people around you can view it, even if the main server which carries the movie is down.

How to Download Popcorn Time Apk

  1. Well, let us have a look at how to install the Popcorn Time Apk on your android devices.
  • Permission for installation from unknown sources.

The main and most important thing that we have to do is give permission to our device to download stuff from unknown sources. This is an important step because it allows the Android device to install applications from other sources than Google Play store.

For this, you will have to go to the settings and then security. All you have to do is tap on the “Allow Installation of Non-Market Applications”

  • Search for the Popcorn Time Apk on the Web

You will have to search on your favorite browser for the correct Apk of the Popcorn Time Application for Android.

  • Install and have fun!

2. Popcorn Time download is not only available for Android devices, but also for many different platforms too. To download and install the application on Blackberry devices which are running on BB OS 10, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings and then enter the App Manager where you will have to enter the Install programs menu in order to give permission to your Blackberry device to install applications from external sources too.
  • Now that you have given the permission, all you have to do is find the suitable Apk for your Blackberry 10 Running device.
  • After downloading the Apk, install and enjoy unlimited shows and movies for free.

3. In case you happen to use Amazon Kindle Fire or HD or HDX or other Kindle Fire Tablets, then you can follow the following steps to enjoy movies and shows for free.

  • Enable Apps from Unknown Sources in the Applications settings in your device’s settings.
  • Find the appropriate Apk for the Kindle device and download it.
  • After finishing the download successfully, install it to have uninterrupted fun with movies and T.V. shows.

So that was all about the app and its Apk download! You can now begin streaming!

How to Popcorn Time Download for Android

We all know that applications like these are not available on play store because they violate the copyright law. So, in order to get successful Popcorn Time Download on your Android device, you will have to follow the following simple steps.

  • Allow your device to install applications from external or forged sources.

Well, this may sound like a not so good option but this is the only way that you can enjoy T.V. shows and movies for free. Go to the settings of your android device and then enter the security settings. You will find ‘unchecked’ option saying ‘allow the device to install from forged sources’. Tap on it to deactivate it and this will allow you to install applications from sources other than the Play store.

  • Find the Popcorn Time Apk for Android on the web.

It is quite tricky to find the APK of the Popcorn Time application on the web as some of them are older versions and some are infected with viruses. So, the choice comes down to the official version which is available on the official website (https://getpopcorntime.is/ ). It ensures that there are no viruses and also the application is of the latest version.

  • Install the application and enjoy the movies and T.V. Shows in the highest quality. The application also offers subtitles for all the movies.

That was all about the app and how you can download the same on your Android devices. Though not available officially, the application is indeed a must have for all the movie and TV show lovers.

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Best Popcorn Time Alternative in 2019

There are times when the application might go down or the servers not be available or the movie you wish isn’t there on their list. Also, you might possibly find the app not satisfying enough. For such times you can refer to the alternatives available for the application. Possible alternatives like SolarMovie, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, TorrentTV, Isoplax, Zona, etc. IF you are looking for free applications you should not think of using the first two apps stated as they are both paid.

Showbox: There is quite a high chance that you switched to Popcorn Time after having used Showbox. However, if that isn’t the case, you should be looking up the app.

Playbox HD: Yet another application that will give you some amazing movies with great quality as well as resolution.

Viewster: The application keeps its list updated and comes up with some rare but yet masterpieces!

That is it. You can now get started with the application and stream! Happy Popcorn Timing!

Popcorn time for Mac (Download & Install)

Popcorn Time is basically a peer to peer player which has in store a number of Movies and TV shows on board linked directly with the torrent.  It was only last year that the Android version of the application came into being. Now, as technology continues to get better, Popcorn time is now all set for use on MAC as well. Here is an article on how you can proceed with downloading the application on your MAC system.

Features of Popcorn Time

  • The application has a number of movies available globally.
  • Available on all major platforms including Windows, MAC, and Android.
  • It has an easy to use interface and is quite similar to Netflix in terms of use.
  • Provides users with High-quality videos!
  • Recommendations are available based on your previous searches.
  • Movies and TV shows are available in a variety of genres!

How to Download and Install Popcorn time on MAC

Before you begin with the Popcorn Time APK download, you need to know that Popcorn APP is technically available only for Mac OS X 10.7 or versions above the same. For all those who are using Snow Leopard or earlier versions of MAC, installation of Popcorn time on your device will fail to work out.

Let us now begin with the steps you need to follow in order, to begin with, the download on your MAC devices:

Step 1

Go to the official website of Popcorn time ( https://popcorntime.sh/ ). Next, go to the button which states Popcorn Time Mac edition and hit the button to start off with the downloading process. Once the download is done, begin with the installation procedure.

Step 2:

Once the procedure is over, visit the app and choose any movie or show you wish to watch; from the Sci-Fi to the romantics; from the animated to action!

Step 3

Now you are to select the resolution on which you want the movie/show to play as well as the subtitles!

Step 4

You are all set to start using popcorn tv apk. Play the Movie or TV show you wish to watch!

Quite an easy task it was, isn’t it? It is equally simple to put the application to your regular use. Happy streaming!

How to Download & Install Popcorn time for PC

This is an article which will help you to download Popcorn Time on your PC’s. It is basically an application which lets you watch TV shows and Movies online for free. The same can be downloaded on all platforms; though not available officially. You can easily download the application on your laptop and PCs with Windows 7/8/8.1. You have movies available in a variety of genres and hence you can choose from all that you get. Here is how you can proceed with the download.

For users with MAC; you can as well get the application for yourself. All the features do work in perfect sync with the same. For a matter of choices, you can well go for apps like Showbox, MovieBox, etc. From HD movies to animes, you get it all in one single place.

Before we actually get into the details and the tutorial, let us have a quick run through on the features of the application:

  • Well, as stated already, movies and TV shows are available at your fingertips.
  • You can stream them for free.
  • You get to have HD quality videos along with options for resolution.
  • Content is updated and hence you will always find something new in store for you.

Now after much ado, let us begin with our tutorial on How to Install Popcorn Time APK on FireStick and your PC’s!

Download Popcorn Time for Windows

Okay, so before you finally begin with the Popcorn Time download, you need to download one most important thing prior to it. Let us now begin with the tutorial for the same.

  • First of all, since Popcorn Time is an Android application you need to download an emulator.
  • That is when Bluestacks comes into being. You can download the freeware from the website given:
  • Next, you will have to proceed with the installation process once the download is complete. (You need to have a proper working Internet connection.)
  • Once done, you need to search for Popcorn Time on the search bar present right on top of the application.
  • Once done, proceed with whatever installation process is required.

And that is it. Popcorn APK has been successfully downloaded on your PC’s.

Installing Popcorn Time on Windows (8/8.1/7/XP)

For those not knowing what the installing procedure is, here is how you need to do it.

  • You need to run Bluestakcs and go to the all apps section.
  • You will find the option on the home screen itself.
  • Here, you will find the app installed.

With this, you are all set and done to begin using Popcorn Time on your PC’s. It is always fun watching movies for free, isn’t it? Well, it is now time to watch movies for free and with quality too. Now, you don’t have to miss out on any of your favorite movies and TV shows!

Popcorn Time: Final Verdict

Popcorn Time is an amazing app to use. The list of movies is regularly kept updated and they are available quickly, easily and for free. The interface is enjoyable and the experience is amazing too. You cannot skip this app. Try the Popcorn Time app Now!

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