The Only Promo Video Resources You Will Ever Need


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    If you’ve ever performed an online search for, “How to create a promo video,” then you know that your search yields plenty of results. Although it’s awesome to have options, how on Earth do you know which route is the best to take for your own promo video?

    Thankfully, I know the ultimate solution. And I’m about to give it to you straight.

    Gone are the days of spending endless hours editing, trimming, adding, and searching for another software to include yet another program we have to utilize on top of all the rest to achieve what we’re going for!

    Thankfully, ever-advancing technology leads the way in developing video resources that allow us to no longer rely on a plethora of programs.

    Enter the online video maker world. If there’s ever been a time where we needed to try something new, this is it.

    In this post, we’re going to go over the ultimate promo video-making resource. We’ll discuss just what it is. Not to mention, its powerful features. By the end of this, you’ll be ready to step up your game.

    Let’s get moving!

    What is a Promo Video Maker?

    A promo video maker is something that allows you to create professional-looking videos without the need to edit video footage in any way.

    It’s designed for those who want to create an awesome promo video without needing to spend hours and hours on the computer or on a special program.

    In fact, what we’re talking about here is an online video creator tool that makes your job so much easier than before!

    Of course, there are other promo video makers available as well. But this one takes it all one step further by offering additional tools that will help you out while creating.

    Nowadays, people are looking for anything that can make their jobs quick and easy.

    How Will This Promo Video Creation Tool Make the Process Easier?

    You can create a video in just a few clicks. You don’t even need to download anything!

    With this online promo video maker, you can easily add images, text, music, and even video. Since your videos will be online, you can use your own photos and music as well.

    Once you’ve finished editing the video the way you want it to be, this online promo video maker will allow you to save it into an HTML5 file.

    This means that you’ll be able to then attach it to social media profiles using the HTML5 file or by embedding it into a website. It’s totally up to you what direction and for what purpose you’re going for with your video.

    What are the Features of a Promo Video Maker?

    First of all, you’ll have the option to start a project through a simple online form.

    Once you do this, you’ll be presented with a variety of options. You’ll be able to choose what video size and type you’d like – whether it’s for YouTube or Facebook.

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    Not only that, but this promotional video maker also offers layouts that are already created. These allow you to save time and get started right away on making your video.

    Once you have created your project, then it’s time to start editing the actual video clip.

    How to Use a Promo Video Maker Tool?

    You might be asking yourself, “How can I use this promo video maker?”

    It’s a great question. And it’s so simple to use! All you need to do is fill out the form that starts the process. From there, you can choose from ready-made options or create your own project.

    Once things get started, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options. Like the background music, your logo, and even the text and images included in your video.

    You can also choose a video background, and then you’ll have the option to apply filters. These allow you to easily enhance and adjust your video’s look.

    Some of these features include:

    • Music Library: Choose from a library of songs to use in your promotional video. You can even choose if you want to include background music or use a voiceover!
    • Your Logo: If you’d like, you’ll be able to add your own logo at the very beginning or end of your promo video clip.
    • Add Text: Add text anywhere on the screen – including over the top of an image if that’s what you prefer for your promo video.

    With all the customizable templates and features you can add, it’s near impossible not to see the value in this one-stop promo video resource!

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    Final Word

    If you have been looking for promo video-makers to use, you’ve just found the ultimate guide to finding the best one for your needs!