{Updated} How to Make Money Online Without Investment {51 Best Way to Earn Online} in 2023

Making money is a job but earning some cash online without any investment is a fun job! Read this post to learn some amazing ways of making money online and how to make money online without Investment.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to make some extra money?

Extra money is great because of how it can dramatically change our lives.

It could mean:

  • Paying off your debts faster,
  • Leaving the job you hate,
  • Finally, taking the holiday you deserve, or
  • Paying with the bills so you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.

And making some extra cash does not have to be complicated or difficult.

If you schedule an hour a day to make some extra cash, it can make a massive difference to your income over time.

Below are the best 51 ways to make an extra income, the easy way. No matter who you are or what your skills are, you will find something on this list that will work for you.

How to Make Money Online

In this fast era, everybody is running after making cash and trying harder and harder to earn a handsome amount of money. And why it shouldn’t be? I mean look around you and see the rates of products and services available in the market. Prices of everything are touching the sky and becoming affordable. People need to make money on the side in order to earn extra income and live a luxurious life.

When it comes to side earnings, online money-making is one of the best options but beware of the scams! Many websites will tell you to pay a fee first in order to start the job. You don’t have to fall for them because there are some amazing ways to online money making without any investment.

How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

To make money from Affiliate Marketing, first of all, need a website, Blog, YouTube channel or email Subscriber to promote products and services.

Through which you will promote Affiliate products or services.

If you do not have any of these things, then first create the website, blog, YouTube channel or email list.

As soon as your website, YouTube channel or blog is created then you have to choose the products according to the website blog or the niche of YouTube channel, which ones will be useful for your viewers or subscribers.

After choosing the products, you have to join the affiliate program of a well-qualified company.

You can see the websites listed above to choose a company with a good affiliates program.

After selecting the company, you only have to signup for the affiliate program, and then promoting the company’s products and services through referral or affiliate links, banners, etc.

As soon as people buy the products you promote, you will get fixed money on sale of each product.

How To Make Money Blogging Like A Pro?

Are you aware on some of the effective and profitable means on how to make money online? Well, no need to be bothered anymore as there are already large number of choices on how you can immediately and easily learn how to make money. One of the most convenient and commonly chosen means of making money online is by means of blogging. A blog is a certain website where opinions, observations, and experience are posted online that often emphasizes images that link to other websites.

Trying to determine how to make money blogging is a bit frustrating, especially if you met conflicting information regarding this matter. Some people may say that you should rely on Google AdSense while others may refer you to get in touch with affiliate programs online. There are also people who are saying that blogging is not an effective means on how to earn since it is only an effective medium of publishing and promoting personal experiences, opinions, and observations of the readers.

How To Make Money online Blogging At Your Home’s Convenience

Despite the huge numbers of conflicting information and opinions about these online blogging, reality says that it is always possible to make huge amount of money from blogging easily and conveniently. But, not all the readers online, even the bloggers are equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to make money online from blogging. To give you an idea as to how you can acquire huge amount with your blogs, here are the lists of some effective and easy tips in order to assure that you can acquire huge amount of online profit and these are the following:

• Good Quality and Targeted Traffic
You can always have the opportunity to choose all types of monetization methods that are available online and stuff all your blogging sites on it. Without the presence of web visitors, blogs that you have created will be pointless. In this situation, your key towards immediate success and progress of your blogs will be on good quality content.

You need to optimize the content of your blog and make sure that it is of high quality in order to easily catch the attention and interest of web users and keep them from visiting and reading your blogs. If the content of your journal can easily catch the interest of web users, there will always be great possibility that they may buy the products you offer on your journal posts. Stick on having blogs with high quality content that will entice large numbers of visitors and will let you earn profits.

• Optimized Content
There are huge numbers of bloggers online that are stuffing different types of ads in order to increase the amount of profit they are gaining. They already forget the fact that the primary focus of their site must be about their readers. If you are going to keep strong focus on offering optimized content all the time, you will eventually found out that large numbers of visitors will keep returning again and again to your website and buy all the blogs you are going to post.

Learning The Right Ways On How To Make Money Blogging

• Choose Proper Niche
When people visit your blog, they opt to determine if they will be rewarded with reliable information about the topic they are looking for. Yet, if the blog you posted contains varied topics, posts, and niches and even unrelated things, they will immediately leave your website. In this sense, you need to choose proper and impressive niche that will maintain the focus of your blog in offering informative and useful information. Ideally, your blog post needs to offer information about things people are passionate about and possible solutions to certain problems they are dealing with.

• Encourage Subscribers
One of the overlooked ways of enticing people to return back and buy your site is to allow them to subscribe in your mailing lists. Seriously, if you can entice people to subscribe in your website, you are assured that you can send people notifications every time you are going to publish new blog posts. You can always notify them of some of the newest post available in your website. This is very essential in order to keep all your blog posts at the forefront attention of web users and visitors all the time.

• Monetize Wisely
Stuffing your blogs with huge numbers of graphics, banners, and advertising buttons is not good way on how to make money from blogging. This may just turn off other people and may tend to leave your website and head to other competitors website. Although it is good to place some form of marketing and advertising material in your blog, but there are instances that this may just ruin the preciseness of your blog and your reputation. You may also use advertising and all other types of banners provided that these may not ruin the information your blog tries to convey to the people.

How To Make Money Blogging The Right Way

The key towards successful way to make money with blogs are very simple and easy for you to follow. You just need to put them in its proper use and spare time and effort to make everything clear and perfect. To earn or make money with the use of blogging is really an effective and convenient process you should not miss. This will eventually let you acquire a great opportunity online allowing you to obtain huge amount of money with the blogs you posted in your website.

Thus, for those people who wanted to get hold of a large amount of profits online, spare time and effort to learn how to make use of your blogs? You are given great assurance that with blogging you are continuously creating and posting online, huge amount of money awaits you.

4 Steps to Make More Money using Google AdSense?

Are you looking for ways to learn about Google AdSense to generate income? Are you really an enthusiast to understand the money making process step wise to avoid mistakes and enjoy better and stunning results? Then, following are few of the steps that can answer all your queries.

Selection of an appropriate topic:
Doesn’t matter what you have decided to do for making money online, everything relies on perfect topic selection. You have seen that internet has opened new horizons for everyone. In order to achieve success with online AdSense program you have to become an expert content publisher. You have to write informative, useful articles and update your site or blog with it.

Building backlinks:
Once the articles are published on the website, next step is to build links for the articles. But, remember it works only if you have opted good keywords. Every single page of your site should be composed around the keyword having excellent search volume and fewer numbers of the people are competing for first pages of search engines. Through, a rough estimate an ideal keyword have a match of 1,000 searches or larger and having 10,000 competing pages. To find search result for your keyword, type your selected keyword in Google. Let’s for instance type “Make Money online”.

In this way you will get the exact count of the competing pages of the targeted keyword. If you urge to make it $100/ month with the Google AdSense then, your target should be 4,000 visitors/ month.

Boost your profit:
I have learnt that if you put the ads exactly below the page title you will get large number of clicks. For example your page title is “earning online” you have to place the ads exactly below the title. With this technique majority of the bloggers have got around 80% clicks, in other words if 100 people come to my site 80 visitors have clicked on any of the ad. However, if you follow my suggestion you will at least enjoy 25% clicks. Interestingly, rate varies from $0.25-$0.75 per click and makes striking revenue.

Add more pages:
It is the stage where things are more enticing and fun. If you really urge to increase your revenues then, add more pages to your site. I have researched that for every 1,000 traffic on your website you can earn $25 through AdSense. So, in simple words if you dream to make $500/ month by utilizing this technique,

it means you need around 20,000 visitors/ month for the blog or site. No doubt, it’s a big count but, you can make it easily by opting a niche having less competition. An example of such niche is “Fish care”.

Online Money making is now an interest for everyone either we talk about teenagers or retired people. Doubtlessly, people are earning millions through it but, it is possible only by investing ample of time, devotion and sincerity because some of the online earning ways takes time for money generation. Your time and devotion is the only investment you have to make in this business.

How To Earn Money Online with Photography?

Photography is a hobby and youngsters often enjoy different style photography and editing. But, you will be surprised to know that many of the photographers are earning money by selling their masterpieces online. Interestingly, these transitions take place every day across the globe over the internet and the experts and even amateur photographers are earning hundreds and thousands of dollars from their hobby. If you have a digital camera and you enjoy taking photos then, why not earn some extra bugs instead of storing and deleting them.

How to earn money from photographs? Learning the entire process to earn money online with your digital camera is a tricky procedure. However, the internet is over flooded with plenty of useful information like ebooks, blogs and forums providing basic info regarding the necessary techniques. Many of the photo stock websites are willing to pay for your masterpieces and are reliable and trustworthy as well.

Some of the popular names are Shutterstock.com, DreamTime.com, Istockphotos.com and more. Photography business is similar to other businesses some subjects are in high demand as compare to others. Mastering the art of selling what is in demand actually makes the real difference between the high earning and lowest earning photographers.

An Insight into photography earning: Turning your hobby into revenues and profit takes consistency, tenacity and hard work. You have to produce quality content to keep yourself apart from the mob. Some photographers are considering it as a numbers game and are just uploading plenty of pictures every day. While on the other hand, some serious photographer uses a professional approach and considers it as a serious profession. They take pre-planned steps and plan everything beforehand regarding subject selection. Moreover, if you really want to make a handsome amount make sure to add fresh photographs regularly.

Important points: If you really urge to earn money with your stock photography then, you have to create an account on any of your preferred paid stock photography websites. It is not an intricate process; everything is straightforward and takes few minutes to set up an account. Once you are done with the account process you can easily upload pictures from your computer, laptop or cell phone on the site and can set a price for it.

Though, some people may ask you to buy costly photography equipment’s but, to be honest and frank it is not necessary at all. If you own a digital camera of good quality it is enough to shoot amazing photos and sale on the internet. You can learn more about tips and tricks regarding making money with photographs by visiting the stock photography websites and learn what strategies are adopted by the top sellers. You can easily master the art about the most demanded subjects and their average prices to make a lucrative move.

Once you are in this field you will be amazed with the marvelous world to earn a handsome amount from your photographs online. Many of the businesses are searching for quality low priced photographs for various marketing and advertising purposes both online and offline. The key is to make them available with quality and effective yet affordable images.

Best Ways to Make Money Online with YouTube

One of the hottest popular and highly used online video streaming platforms is YouTube. Millions of people have utilized it to its full potential and leverage outstanding benefits from its matchless services. Talented people having no interest in showbiz and music have utilized this platform by posting videos of their special skills and talents. Businesses have utilized this podium to widen the scope of market reach.

Basically, YouTube is a free platform and offers plethora of benefits. You will be surprised to know YouTube is used to make money as well without making any huge investment. People are usually unaware of its money making secrets but, it is a money machine and enables you to make money in 2 ways i.e. by indirect and direct methods.

1) YouTube Partner Program:
One of the best ways to make money via YouTube is by joining “YouTube Partner Program”. It is an ideal mean to make money from the videos. This program offers a tool to the content creator that helps them in building an audience, to develop their capabilities in order to get money from the advertisements. If you urge to be the partner of this program you have to link your Adsense account with the YouTube account. These programs permit your ads to become visible in your videos. Being a partner of the program you will earn a portion of the profit generated by the clicks on the ads.

2) Movie reviews:
You can also earn a handsome amount of money by creating a blog and uploading movie trailers or movies available on the YouTube. You can also add interviews and information about popular actresses and actors. A small review about the movie and its lead in a video format works marvelously as well. People are largely interested in these kinds of information and videos and want to know about their favorite star upcoming movie and happenings in his/her life. Movie trailer will grab maximum attention and will make you earn money.

3) Affiliate marketers:
If you are an affiliate marketer you can make use of the YouTube to promote your product. How to guide videos will help you a lot. Let’s for instance, if you are promoting the weight loss products then, you can upload videos talking about the benefits and uses of the product. YouTube has the feature that it enables the affiliate marketers to display the affiliate links in the description section of your videos. If you are creative enough to compose engaging content then, visitors will click on the affiliate links and will visit and click your sale links or pages.

4) Business promotion:
If you have a blog or website then, YouTube is the lucrative tool to promote your business. Video marketing is the ideal way to create exposure about your business and spread your message to the target audience across the globe. By uploading videos related to your services and products will generate traffic and can add to your business.

Stay Tuned and Keep on reading to know more about money making secrets of YouTube.

Be a Social Media Manager

If you have a knack for various social media platforms (especially Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) you could be a Social Media Manager for small or local businesses that appreciate the benefits of social media and want to utilize them, but don’t have the time or knowledge to run it themselves.

If you can find enough companies to work with, this is a great way to make a full-time income, without the commitment of working for just one company.

Choose a platform (Pinterest for example) and learn everything about using it for a business that you can. There are plenty of online resources that are free to get you started.

Offer your services to a friend or family member with a blog and learn how to use your new skills professionally, learning as you go, and then once your confidence has grown and you have some real results which you can use as in your marketing plan, you can start offering your services to local businesses or to online bloggers.


Transcription is the best way to earn money online. So, If you have any experience of transcription or you have accurate fast typing skills and would be willing to learn, there is an opportunity to earn a full-time income as a transcription service such as Medical or Court Transcription.

This is quite intensive work, so if you didn’t want to do it full time, you could offer another service such as proofreading to go with it.

Sell your Stuff

When was the last time you did a spring-clean?

If you haven’t had a clear out in a while you probably have stuff that you can sell for cash. If you haven’t used something in over a year, chances are you don’t need it.

If you take a Saturday to rummage through your house you might be surprised at what you will find. It might be part of your wardrobe that has lots of wear left in it but just isn’t quite your style anymore.

Or it could be your old digital cameras or old school cameras which are just sitting there collecting dust because you take all your photos on your iPhone now.

You can list your stuff on eBay, Craiglist or OLX.

And the best part is, I bet you won’t even miss any of the stuff your sell. And instead you’ll have some sweet extra cash!

Be a Website Tester

Do you love leaving reviews and sharing your opinion on new ads, products or websites?

If the answer is yes, then this could be the option for you.

Website owners want to know what people’s first impressions of their website are.  They know that first impressions are everything and so they are willing to pay for testers to ensure that their site is attractive and easy for the visitors to navigate.

All you need as a website tester is a good internet connection and a laptop.

Websites like UserTesting.com pay $10 per test via PayPal. Each test usually takes around 20 minutes and involves completing a set of tasks and recording yourself speaking your thoughts aloud.

Doing the math, that works out to a possible $30 an hour which is not too bad at all for checking out websites!

Get Paid to Take Surveys

Taking surveys online is an easy way of making extra cash. My personal favorites are Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost.

If you are interested in taking surveys only, then I would recommend Opinion Outpost. They have a much pay rate than other survey companies and they offer a pretty consistent stream of surveys straight to your inbox.

This is something you can do while watching TV or during your lunch hour.

With Swagbucks, the surveys aren’t quite as good but there are many other ways to make money with this platform. Read my full review to find out the best way to make money with Swagbucks.

I must note that you won’t get rich filling in surveys but you can make some good pocket money from sporadic and easy effort.

To give you an idea, I recently managed to earn $10 from filling in 2 surveys. That took me a total of 30-35 minutes in total, which works out to about $5/ hour.

Not mind-blowing but not too bad for making some cash while watching TV.

Master Matched Betting

When I first heard about Matched Betting, I assumed it involved gambling but boy was I dead wrong.

Matched Betting is actually a completely risk-free method of systematically making money from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers.

For example, bookmakers often offer sign up bonuses for new members if they make a few bets on their site.

So what you then do is make a few bets for both sides to win the tennis match.

We know that one side is going to lose. So let’s say you lose £10 per bet which totals £30 for three bets. But making those bets means you have now unlocked a £100 sign on bonus. That results in a £70 profit.

You then rinse & repeat on other sites.

Sites like OddsMonkey offer tutorials and tools that teach absolute newbies to make money online consistently using the Matched Betting method. And their users on average make £900 a month.

Team UP With Brands

If you are not already working with brands, I suggest starting here. And focus on brands connected with your niche. Why? Because this is a great way to get recognized as a leader in your field.

Wondering how to get started? Try searching for opportunities on social media sites. Search hashtags on Twitter like #bloggerrequest and #bloggerswanted. You will find a wide array of opportunities each day.

Another option is to email brands directly. Come up with an idea for a post, and pitch it to them in an email. Explain who you are and what you blog about. And also provide a snapshot of your reader demographic. Tell the company why you love their brand specifically, and explain clearly how their products will appeal to your followers.

Then, briefly explain your post idea, and how it will benefit their company.

Remember, you’re selling your brand. Let these companies know what you can do for them!

My favorite option is working with the company ShareASale, which is one of the leading affiliate marketing networks. It’s a website that pairs together companies and affiliates, and it’s incredibly easy to use. You can learn more about affiliate marketing and how their company works here!

3 Ways to Make Money with E-Books

In the presence of advanced technology, 4G high speed internet and so many facilities E-Book creation is not a difficult task at all. Best thing is it is the most versatile and lucrative mode of information product available these days. These are mainly in .PDF files but, are commonly longer than the usual reports. The length of an EBook can vary from 30-300 pages; there is no page limit depending on your selected topic. However, the common length of an EBook is 60-100 pages.

EBook popularity has increased to an alarming rate because it offers an in depth information on a specific subject but, is still shorter than the actual books. If you have good writing abilities you can create an EBook and can allow your reader to purchase it, read your content and take advantage of your knowledge. In this way you can make money by sharing your knowledge with others. In this article I will elaborate 3 efficient methods to monetize your electronic book.

1) Sell on Your Blog:
After the creation of an eBook it’s the time to monetize it in order to generate income. The very simple and easy way is to sell it directly on your Blog. For this purpose you have to create an appealing sales copy that embraces useful information about your book, its benefits and also some attractive lines that motivate people to purchase it. Sales pages can be created in a variety of ways but, the most used and effective one is the longest written letters. Video sales copy is popular as well and have shown much better results in some cases than the written sale pages. However, opt the one that is feasible for your EBook but, opt it carefully because it is the chief source that will boost your eBook traffic.

2) Email Marketing and List Building:
Another way to earn money with your eBook is to utilize it for Email marketing or list building. In this way you can make use of your EBook and can utilize it as a gift or a magnet to grasp peoples’ attention with the aim that they will subscribe to your list. Though, you may not make money straight away but, getting a person on your email list is a big achievement. The best thing about this strategy is once you get people on your list; you can create another book and can offer them after a few days. Moreover, long list multiplies your profit opportunities.

3) Amazon.Com:
The last and the most lucrative option is to publish it on the leading booking selling site Amazon.com. By leveraging the strength of Amazon’s marketing and traffic you can generate long term profit. Though, it may ask for some front leg efforts to get your EBook in kindle format because it is one of the most sought after eBook format these days.

A significant change in people taste has been observed that, now people prefer digital books for their knowledge and information. So, by publishing on Amazon and other leading book sites you can reap maximum profits from your eBook easily.

Be a Freelancer

Now admittedly, freelancing is not money coming directly from your blog, but it is a great source of income when you’re starting out.

There are many freelance writing websites out there. I’d recommend checking out Freelancer and SEO clerks; both are great places for content writers and bloggers to advertise.

How do you sell your work? Easy! Use your blog as your portfolio. It’s already filled with quality content, which will grab potential clients immediately.

If you have skills in any of the following areas there is probably a market out there that would pay for your skills:

  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Transcribing
  • Accounting
  • Web design
  • Marketing

I think you might be surprised at the demand out there for various skills.

The best thing about freelancing is that you dictate your own hours and you can work from anywhere.

You can either start by working your existing network, maybe its contacts from your field of work.

If you want to reach a wider audience, then you can check out Upwork and Freelancer.

However, I must warn that the competition is pretty stiff on these sites and often you are competing with people in countries who can afford to charge a lot less than you do.

Teach English online

Did you know that many people around the world want to learn English and are willing to pay people like you to teach them!

If you are a native speaker of English, you can find English teaching jobs on websites like Indeed, Learn4Good and Remote.co.

All you have to do click on the links above to see what jobs are available. You will have to register to upload your CV and apply for the roles.

You can expect to earn about $25 an hour and the lessons, often conducted via Skype, can easily be fitted around your schedule and day job.

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree, you can sign up for VIP Kid, an online platform for teaching English to Chinese students aged between 5 to 12.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know Chinese.

VIP Kid is rated in the Top 5 on Forbes for best remote companies to work for and is currently hiring remote teachers. To become a VIP Kid teacher, you need to:

  • Be eligible to work in the US or Canada,
  • Have one year of teaching experience, and
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any field.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are highly organized and have strong administrative skills then you might be a great candidate for becoming a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can earn between $35-$50 per hour from home and can dictate their own hours.

With the rise of online businesses, there is also an increased need for virtual assistants who help businesses with emails, customer service, blogging updates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest management.

If you want to find out more about becoming a virtual assistant and all the tasks you can do and offer to potential clients, check out Gina’s top tips* to getting started as a virtual assistant.


If you enjoy writing, there is an opportunity to write for online businesses or blogs, and get paid!

When you are starting out without any experience and without your own website, your payout rate will be lower than an established writer. But once you get a few samples and a couple of clients under your belt, you can then start to command a higher rate.

My advice is to tell everyone that you know that you will be offering writing services, even if they don’t have a blog or business.

Because they may not need your services, but somebody that they know may need a writer and with the recommendation from your friend you are very likely to get the gig.

Linkedin is the best social network for offering professional services such as writing.

But if you are not keen on writing you can offer any kind of freelance services, do you enjoy social media? If so, offer your services as a Social Media Manager.

If you have a flair for graphics, you could offer graphic design services. If you are organized offer your services as a virtual assistant or customer service agent.

Whatever you are good at, you can offer to do it for other people who don’t have the time or talent to do it themselves.

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