Bigcommerce Review: The Best E-commerce Platform for Increase Sales


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What is Bigcommerce?

In this modern era, there is lots of online website using for selling or trading products, services as well as goods. Especially Bigcommerce is one of the most leading platforms. Besides, it allows you to easily sell your product, services as well as goods and then manage your orders, process payments and connect with the globe by its many features. This article now shares on the information of bigcommerce review, features as well as packages. In general, it offers to shop cart products at 3 various levels of pricing, features, and service. It will help to develop your business and services in online.

BigCommerce Features:
Bigcommerce are typically having a wide range of features available in these bigcommerce platforms. With bigcommerce, one can easily as well as quickly make their own portal store without any technical experiences. It has a unique features including drag and drop design mode which make you easy to customize appear and layout of your online store using your mouse. Here, they have elaborated some best bigcommerce features as given below.


  • It also features a built-in content management system to permit you easily to publish website content like coupon codes, promotional banners, news items and web pages.
  • It is easy to import products or services whether you are switching from some other platform also.
  • When you are using this platform and then you can check easily the payment options like credit cards, PayPal as well as many others.
  • It also includes all features and support choices which allow you to get successful e-commerce website.
  • It will help to create or upgrade your products or services in online store.
  • It has amazing features and bigcommerce templates to pick from or you can promote your business develop your custom themes.
  • It allows you to alter colours as well as fonts in your products selling without need any other coding.
  • It has responsive bigcommerce themes and adaptive both desktop and mobile themes.

These are the features of bigcommerce that will help to develop your business as well as this is one of the best eCommerce platforms for small business in this globe. So, if you want to use this features for your products then simply you will use to try it for your business.

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BigCommerce Multiple Packages:
The eCommerce shopping cart continues to be most leading e-commerce platforms on the online market today. It is suitable for both small and large business and it has built an array of e-commerce hosting plans.

It is a standard plan which is plainly listed on the bigcommerce website but the enterprise features are not having plainly stated. This is the standard and initial plan and with help of this plan one can buy their needs. The prices are normally based on your specific needs.

PLUS Plan:
The bigcommerce has created a plus plan which used to compare rates, other payments options and features. This plan is providing several aspects of choosing the right choice in this platform. It is useful for your small and large business and it has attracted more customers.

PRO Plan:
It is another type of price pro plan that is accessible in this bigcommerce platform. It offers you several price list, features, discounts as well as coupons, shopping comparison sites and also monitoring section also. This plan helps to support your products as well as services for your small and large business.

Bigcommerce has also launched an enterprise plan suitable as well as convenient for large conglomerates with a use of a multiple websites or product lines. It is still user-friendly and always receives 24 x 7 services and product filtering is a feature that is simply accessible on this enterprise plan.

Bigcommerce Templates & Design
It is the fast growing ecommerce platform in this modern globe. The best shopping cart software platforms are offering small and enterprise companies the chance to open an online store for low investment. If you wish to create own the template then choose the favourite template and then customize as per your needs.

Customer SUPPORT:
Normally, this platform has attracted more customers because they have some reasons. If you have any doubts about the bigcommerce simply call or send the messages then suddenly they provide you reply for your wonders. It will help to solve your problems in using 24/7 by phone, email as well as chat.

The bigcommerce is one of the best eCommerce shopping cart software platforms. It discovers all testing various content types, analyzing the results and evolving with the altering interests of consumers. This is a right option to making an emotional bond on people in online and real brand equity. Finally, if you want to increase your sales then you can try these platforms.