Top 4 Solutions for Removing Adobe PDF Security in a Proper Way


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    Dealing with a protected PDF file is one of the toughest tasks nowadays for users. Users apply a different type of password security on their PDF document to keep it safe from any unauthorized access. They apply either owner-level password security or user-level password security to protect their document. In owner-level password security, a user is allowed to set multiple types of restrictions on any specific operation. For example, restrict editing, copying, printing data from PDF. If PDF file is protected from user-level password security, then one is not allowed to open PDF without a password. Therefore, whenever a user come across such type of PDF document, he or she is unable to access it accordingly without knowing the correct password. All these situations make users start looking for an online solution for unlocking or removing Adobe PDF security.

    Now, there are several tools available online to unlock PDF files. But, choosing the right one is always tough. In order to make this task easy for the users, the top 4 solutions to bypass PDF security is suggested in this post. As per their requirements, users can make a choice between them.

    Top 4 Programs to Break Adobe PDF Security

    In this segment of the post, the top 4 popularly used PDF restriction remover tool are discussed that one can try to bypass PDF security.

    1. PDF2GO

    One of the famous online PDF Unlocker tools is PDF2Go. It is a feature-rich online service that helps users in removing Adobe PDF security in an easy and fast way. To use this application in a proper way, simply upload a protected PDF file and enter the permission password. By clicking on Submit Password button, the security from PDF is removed safely and permanently. In addition, a user is allowed to remove both owner-level and user-level password in just a few simple clicks. As it is an online service so, a user can break Adobe PDF security from anywhere without any hassle. It is not machine dependent.

    Limitation: It requires a permission password to bypass PDF security restrictions.

    2. HiPDF

    Another effective and popularly used online service for removing Adobe PDF security is HiPDF. The service is specially designed to unlock protected Adobe PDF. A user just needs to upload PDF, the software will remove password security in no time. The application is totally free of cost and does not require any signup or subscription. In addition, a user can open this application on any type of browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

    Limitation: Remove only user-level password security. It is unable to break Adobe PDF security if the file is having owner-level password restriction.

    3. Aimersoft PDF Password Remover Online

    In the list of top 4 solutions for removing Adobe PDF security, the Aimersoft PDF Password Remover Online is also the popular one. It is one of the best application to bypass PDF security password online. A user is allowed to remove owner-level password security also from PDF files without permission password. After that, one can easily perform any required operation on it. For example, edit, print, copy data from PDF file. Moreover, a user can open the unlocked PDF file in any desired PDF viewer without any hassle.

    Limitation: The demo version of the tool is capable to remove restrictions from the first 5 pages of PDF only. In addition, a user is allowed to unlock PDF file of max 5MB in size.

    4. SysTools PDF Unlocker

    The proficient application without any limitation in removing Adobe PDF security is the one-stop SysTools Adobe PDF Unlocker Software. The application is designed in a manner that it can easily deal with both user-level and owner-level password security. A user can remove user-level password security by entering the password once. Moreover, in the case of removing restrictions from PDF file, it does not require a permission password. The software is capable to deal with all type of restriction in PDF file like print, copy, edit, etc. Apart from this, there are many other features also offered by the software. All of them are listed below:

    • Capable of removing Adobe PDF security in batch in the licensed version
    • It is also capable to remove comment restrictions from PDF file
    • Break Adobe PDF security from the documents having 128 & 256-bit encryption
    • It is able to enable form filling in PDF and remove signature restrictions
    • Adobe Acrobat installation is not necessary to bypass PDF security restrictions
    • Supports Windows 10 & below versions of Microsoft Windows operating system

    Limitation: Does not remove security from corrupted PDF files.


    A protected PDF document is always hard to access without a password. Therefore, whenever a user needs to access such a PDF document, he or she looks for some professional software or online tool. Now, which application suits them best is the main task. Hence, in this post, the top 4 solutions for removing Adobe PDF security are covered.