Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinder 2022 – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]


What is basically golf rangefinder? For anyone who is a newbie, a golf rangefinder is used to determine the distance to a fixed point on a golf course. Anyone who is interested in this game or wants to become a champion may need this product for a better distance control. Golf rangefinders maybe used for standalone purpose. Even software can be installed on another device. Finding the best golf rangefinder can be a difficult task. There are various manufacturers that sell the best products. In order to reduce your burden, we have presented the top products available in the market today.

Top 10 Golf Rangefinders


1Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Advantages: This product stands at the top because of its advanced features. It has pinpoint accuracy and consistency and has pin seeker technology. It has features like scan mode, 5 yards 1,000 yards ranging performance, accuracy with 1 yard, posi-thread battery door, rain proof construction, 3-volt battery, and single hand vertical operation with 5x magnification and a 24mm objective.

Disadvantage: The battery life is questionable.

Why to buy: Although the product is pricy, it has ample of features to help any golfer. You can easily rely on this brand.

2Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

Advantage: Yet another product from the same brand Bushnell that has made all the golfers happy. This product is waterproof, has 3-Volt CR2 battery; offers vivid display technology for all lighting conditions, adjustable diopter setting, 6x magnification, posi-thread battery door, rubber armored metal housing, accurate to 1/2 yard and 5 yards-1,300 yards ranging performance.

Disadvantages: It might pinch your pocket a little as the product is pricy.

Why to choose: Every customer has advised people to own this product because of the quality assurance and the features it offers. We too loved it!

3Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder

Advantages: If you are looking for a golf range finder that within $300 then this is might prove to be the best product for you. It provides instantaneous measurements in yard and meters and is accurate to within 1 yard. Be it the design, feel or the performance, you will never be bored with this product. It has all the features included that a golf rangefinder should have.

Disadvantages: No disadvantages found.

Why to buy: It is a perfect yardage finder and worth the money. Don’t forget to take a look at this product.

4Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

Advantages: Nikon is a trusted brand. People often go for this brand when it comes to camera and there is no doubt that more and more people are purchasing this model because of its extreme quality. It features 6-550 yard ranging capability, complies with USGA local rule 14-3 for tournament play, weatherproof, first target priority mode, 8 second continuous scanning and offers tee shot with dogleg corner.

Disadvantages: Little practice is required to use this product.

Why to buy: It is an absolute versatile product. Missing this golf rangefinder might be a big loss!

5Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder

Advantages: The pretty red colored golf rangefinder should be yours right away. It has the right laser accuracy. The intelliscan technology lets you set the scan mode and help you pick up the distance. The pin sensor mode is designed with first target priority. Other features like 8 second continuous scan mode, 6x magnification and a 24mm objective, lightweight, small, easy grip, free CR2 3V battery, and have water resistant construction.

Disadvantages: At times you may not find accurate readings.

Why to buy: This product is budget-friendly and not all products come with accuracy problems.

6VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Advantage: This is probably the best durable product that would fit in any budget. This is a high quality range finder that has a long measurement range of 5-540 Yards. It has three modes such as target priority mode, pro-scan mode and distant target priority mode. It features multi-coated optics, 6x magnification, +/- 1 yard accuracy, through-the-lens distance display, and easy finger-tip operation.

Disadvantages: No disadvantages found.

Why to buy: It is suits your budget well and is packed with features. Don’t forget to take a better look!

7Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Laser Rangefinder

Advantages: This is a single hand vertical operation golf rangefinder with 5x magnification and a 24mm objective. It has Range finding performance of 10 to 1,000 yards; 300 yards to flag. It features pin seeker technology with jolt vibration activated and a scan mode that offers continuous updated LCD display. The slope compensation calculates and adjusts swing yardage depending on the degree of the slope.

Disadvantage: It is priced quite high.

Why to buy: If you ignore the price, the product has everything to offer you. Having this product will help any golfer win the game. Go for it.

8Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Advantages: Whoever has got this product has always said that satisfaction is guaranteed. This means whatever features you are looking for you will get it in this single product. The exchange technology offers you slope when you want it and makes it tournament legal when you need it. It has a dual display technology that lets you toggle between bright red display. The product features PinSeeker with JOLT technology that offers feedback that you have locked onto the flag and has 6x magnification ranges between 5 and 1,300 yards and is accurate to +/- 0.5 yards.

Disadvantages: Hard to find one! The only thing that might force you to step back to buy this golf rangefinder is the price. It is priced high.

Why to buy: It guarantees quality and wide range of features that any golfer looks for.

9Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder

Advantages: Are you ready to spend $500? If so, buy it right away. No one would ever miss this product. The product is waterproof and durable enough to last for years. It has pin seeker with JOLT technology ensures you know when you hit the flag. The product ranges from 5 yards to 1 mile; 1/2 yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards; 550+ yards to flags. It also has slope technology that provides compensated distance based on the hole’s incline/decline. The product offers 7x magnification and premium HD optics ensure bright clear images.

Disadvantages: There is no disadvantage apart from the price.

Why to buy: The brand is reliable and so is the product. If you are a pro at golfing then this is the product for you.

10Callaway 300 Laser Golf Rangefinder

Advantages: This is the last product on our list. The Callaway golf rangefinder is a budget friendly product and has been liked by the customers. It has a range of 5-1000 yards with 6X magnification with 1 yard accuracy, pin acquisition technology locks onto flag quickly from up to 300 yards and scan landscape to acquire distances to multiple targets at once. The product is lightweight (7.5 oz.) and has compact design. It is compact and waterproof and includes CR2 3V battery.

Disadvantages: You may encounter battery issues.

Why to buy: it suits your pocket and makes it an ideal buy for any golfer.

How to Choose a Best Golf Rangefinder?

There are certain key rules that you need to remember while buying a golf rangefinder. Take a quick look to have a better understanding about golf rangefinders-

  • Are you using it for tournament or for competitions? If your answer is yes then always go for Tournament Legal Golf Rangefinder. You will not be allowed to take any golf rangefinders apart from the Tournament Legal Golf Rangefinder. The reason is, it offers line-of-sight distance measurements only.
  • Another variety of golf rangefinder is the slope edition rangefinder. These are best suited for practicing or training purposes. It offers advanced features like weather conditions, angle of slope, etc.
  • Understand the maximum distance range of the golf rangefinder. It can range anywhere from 500 yards to over 1,000 yards away. Also know the accuracy of these rangefinders. The latest ones have +/- 1 yard accuracy.

Research well before you buy your favorite golf rangefinder 2022. Know your needs and only then go for the product you desire to purchase.