5 Easy Ways to Give Up Your Job and Work For Yourself


Everyone dreams of working for themselves and not having to put up with a boss. Well, today the opportunities are endless and with a laptop and phone, there are countless things you can do with your skills to make money. So, let’s get started, here are 5 things you can do to make money and say goodbye to having a boss:


If you are looking to earn income online, writing is a great place to start. If you are passionate about a certain subject and enjoy writing about it, there is always someone out there who will pay you. You can start by selling your services on freelance websites such as Upwork or PeoplePerHour. From there you can get paid work and start to build a portfolio. If you are starting out in writing, be sure to read a beginner’s guide to Writing: 8 Tips for Starting a Writing Career. This will teach you the basics and will save you a lot of time in the future. 

2Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the process of using links to earn commission on a sale for a product or service. You can be an affiliate for almost anything, from Amazon to forex companies and even online mobile casinos. In the case of mobile casinos, the site provides players with useful information such as game availability, compatibility, security, and whether the operator accepts a variety of payment methods such as Skrill or Bitcoin. They compare all the casinos so you do not have to. When a player signs up using the link, a small commission is earned. The startup cost of affiliate marketing is very low and there are websites such as clickbank which provide you with all the links to start making money. So, what are you waiting for?


YouTube is the most popular online video hosting website and if you gain a following with your content, you are destined to make the big bucks. Depending on what country you are located in, content might be censored so check out our guide on ways to unblock your YouTube to fully utilise this great resource. When you have picked your niche e.g. cooking, start making content. The fastest and easiest way to make money is from ad revenue, however when you have built an audience you can make money through affiliate marketing or even selling your own merchandise. At first you will have to be patient, but with enough hard work, perseverance and good content, earning money from YouTube is not as difficult as you think.

4Online Teaching 

Online teaching has grown exponentially since the COVID 19 pandemic with many students not being able to go to class to learn, opting for an online solution. The main type of online teaching is speaking English, especially to Chinese people and there are countless platforms to work for. On average, you will work 4 hours per day, 5 times a week teaching kids basic English and the pay is pretty good – starting from $15 per hour. If you are a native English speaker, this is one of the easiest ways to make money online and a terrific place to start the journey of working for yourself. 


If you are great at graphic design, you can use your skills to make money. All companies need social media channels to engage with their customers meaning sharp, enticing graphic design pieces are in huge demand. You can either cold email/direct messages to potential clients or use a services platform like Fiverr to showcase your skills. Furthermore, selling graphic design has long term benefits as firms will always need new graphics for different campaigns, new websites and of course their social media. When you have worked on projects for companies and have proved valuable you may have the chance of being paid a monthly retainer.  Additionally, there is nothing stopping you having monthly retainers from multiple companies, furthering your income and being in control and not over reliant on a client at any given time.