How to Make Money Online with Fiverr in 2021


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Fiverr is a $5 marketplace that has gained immense popularity in the recent past. Technically known as a micro job site, Fiverr is the pioneer of the field that bought this type of platform to the online world. A number of similar sites came up in the recent past but none is able to replicate the traffic and popularity garnished by Fiverr.

Make Money with Fiverr

How Fiverr Works?

Fiverr allows single sign up for buyers as well as suppliers. This means you can offer services and buy those offered by others using the same profile. Signing up is simple and easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes. As a supplier, you can post small tenders of the work you can complete for $5. The buyers would just need to search for the service they need, the fund in advance and wait for the supplier to provide the services as offered in the desired time. If the same is not delivered in the pre-defined time, the buyer can cancel the order.

One area where Fiverr scores above traditional bid sites are that you do not need to wait for the buyer to select one supplier among the various bids before you can start working. Instead, all you need to do is put up the tenders of the services you can offer along with detailed descriptions for the buyer to review and place an order.

Reviews and Levels

After an order is completed or canceled, both supplier and buyer can leave a review of the particular job. This not only acts as a reference point for other buyers and suppliers but also helps decide the levels for suppliers and enhance their chances of earning more. Fiverr allows four different levels including basic, level one, level two and top level. Rising to higher levels allows you to earn more for your services. Positive reviews and a higher number of order completion allows you to move to a higher level.

The Categories

Fiverr has as many as 12 different categories ranging from Graphics and Design to Online Marketing and Fun and Bizarre among others. Each category has several subcategories and you are required to place your tender is one that is best matched to the services you are offering. This not only makes searching for the related tenders easy but increases your chances of making a sale as well. The services, which do not belong to any category, can be put into others.

The Issue

Probably the biggest issue that can stop you from earning money is the increased competition. For any service you offer, chances are that there would be others as well as offering the same. Certain important points must be kept in mind in order to get more orders and generate money in turn.

  • Stand Out: One of the biggest mistakes made by most is that they copy the offering of some of the popular gigs. However, the point to consider here is that of the two similar services, a buyer would always choose one that has more positive reviews. This is the same reason why there are a number of gigs on the platform that have never been ordered. The trick here is to tweak the offering to make it unique.
  • Title: Title plays an important role and a unique and interesting one increases your chances of making a sale. The title should also specify what exactly you would be offering for $5. An example of a correct title can be I will write a 400 word Press Release in the desired format against I will write a Press Release While the second example does not provide any detailed information, the first one speaks about the service offered, the number of words one would be writing as well as the format of the release.
  • Videos and Customized Pictures: While pictures increase the trust of a buyer on a supplier, videos increase the chances of a buyer understanding the details of the tender. Studies reveal that people across the globe prefer watching a video when compared to reading a piece of text and that helps a lot in increasing your chances of making a sale on Fiverr as well.
  • Description: Even if the above point is kept into consideration, a detailed and clear description of what you would be offering is also necessary.
  • Keywords: Having the right keywords increases your chances of appearing in a search and thus making money. One good way to choose the right ones is to consider the keywords of those tenders that are making good sales.
  • Reviews: Positive reviews always matters a lot and can only be gained by completing orders correctly.
  • Look for Repeat Orders: Repeat orders not only offer a chance to earn more money but also helps you get positive reviews and more orders in turn.

The only point to keep in mind while working on the Fiverr platform, you get $5 for each job completed, while $2 is kept by the site as commission.