Why TVS Jupiter is the Best Two-Wheeler for Women?


With women undertaking more jobs in the present era, transportation becomes essential for them. Two-wheelers offer a more comfortable mode of transportation for women due to various reasons such as affordability, ease of use, and ease of transportation.

When it comes to the best two-wheeler for women, TVS Jupiter takes the forefront. Here are the reasons why TVS Jupiter is the best two-wheeler for women.

  • High fuel efficiency – Keeping in mind the soaring petrol prices, fuel efficiency would be one of the major concerns while buying a scooter. Under ideal conditions, TVS Jupiter gives a mileage of 50km/l which only drops down to 45km/l in rugged driving conditions.
  • Lighter steering control and bodyweight – When compared to the other major competitors in the market, TVS Jupiter has a lighter body. This will make it easier for women to handle the weight of the body. The overall weight of 108 k.g also ensures that it is easy to navigate the vehicle on highways without much vibrations.
  • The ideal height of the bike – TVS Jupiter has a height of 3.6 feet which will make it easier to manoeuvre the scooter while sitting. This will give a better sense of control over the scooter while riding and braking.
  • Nominal insurance cost due to low cc – It is mandatory to have a TVS Jupiter insurance policy while you are riding the scooter. It is illegal to ride without an insurance policy. The cubic capacity of TVS Jupiter’s is only 109cc. Since the third-party insurance policy depends on the cc of the vehicle, it will be only a nominal amount for TVS Jupiter. This makes insurance policy affordable for drivers.
  • Best and wide service centre options – TVS has a wide network of service centres throughout India. Hence you will not have to travel long distances to service your two-wheeler. It also has the advantage that you can give the vehicle to authorised service centres instead of opting for unauthorised services.
  • Higher efficiency through Eco-mode– TVS Jupiter has an eco-mode riding facility. While riding in this mode you can get a higher fuel efficiency. This will further reduce your petrol expenses.
  • USB Mobile charging port – A mobile charging port can definitely come in handy if you are running low on your mobile battery and if you get stuck somewhere remote. It is a veiled safety feature for riders, especially women.
  • Advanced suspensions for a smoother ride – The telescopic suspension at the front and the hydraulic gas filled rear suspension are great features in TVS Jupiter especially if your everyday ride involves going through pothole-filled roads. The suspension system in TVS Jupiter will ensure that your ride is less bumpy.
  • Minimum turn radius– TVS Jupiter’s minimum turn radius of 1910 mm makes it easy to turn the vehicle in tight spots. This means you will have to fidget less if you want to turn your vehicle. You will not have to go back and forth much to turn your vehicle. This can come in handy if you are stuck in extremely tight traffic congestion.
  • External fuel opening – TVS Jupiter’s external fuel opening will make it easier to refuel the scooter. You will not have to get down and open your seat every time you have to refuel the scooter.

These factors make TVS Jupiter an appealing choice for women. Keep in mind that apart from your driver’s license you will also require an insurance policy before you start driving your new scooter. While buying a TVS Jupiter insurance policy, it is advisable to compare the insurance policies online before straightaway buying it from the dealer. This is because, if you are buying the policy online you will have more choice of options. You can choose the right insurance policy as per your requirement. Furthermore, many insurance companies also offer discounts and other promotional offers online. Your dealer would be having a tie-up with only one single insurance company and you will not get to customise the policy according to your need.