Best Pet Camera {2020} – Petcube, Pawbo Life, Furbo Dog Camera


There’s a new trend in taking care of your favourite four-legged friend and to make it easier for you to find the best pet camera of this 2020 make sure to check out this article.

Have you ever wondered what your pet is up to when you’re out of the house? Particularly when your little furry friend is prone to create mischief at the best of times, there’s always the question of what he’s up to nagging at the back of your mind whenever you’re out and about.

As a loving pet owners, leaving your little (or not so little) four-legged baby alone for any extended period of time, be it for work or vacation, is always stressful. To set your mind at peace, investing in a pet camera is the perfect way to keep tabs on your dog or cat while you’re away. These days a quick peak into your pet’s life is just one klick away.

Depending on your needs, there’s a variety of cameras to chose from. Ranging from straight forward security cameras to elaborate technical gadgets that allow video chat and dispense treats, the possibilities are endless. Settling for one product can become a chore quickly, particularly if you want to get the best service for the best price. To help you get peace of mind and pick the right camera for you and your pet, we’ve accumulated the best cameras currently available below.

Top 10 Best Pet Camera in 2020

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

You’re a doting dog owner and price doesn’t matter? Then the Furbo Dog Camera is undoubtedly the best pet camera for you out there.

The camera is specifically designed for dogs (though it works for cats just as well), and has all bases covered.

The 1080p HD camera delivers top quality video, and the night vision makes sure you’ll have a good look at your dog day and night. Additionally, the Furbo is specifically honed in on your dog’s movements and sounds. It will send alerts for continuous activities like your dog chewing up the furniture, stress coping-mechanisms like constant pacing, and will also alert you to barking.

With the built-in two way audio and the great treat-tossing option, you’re able to communicate with your pet from anywhere, soothing their anxiety and remotely reward good behaviour from your phone.

YI Dome Camera

YI Dome Camera

Originally a home security camera, the YI lends itself perfectly to keep an eye out for your pets while you’re away.

The 720p HD camera gives you a clear picture of what your little friend is up to. And with its infrared sensor, it makes tracking your pet at night just as easy.

The mobile app sends you motion alerts when your four-legged friend is on the move and the handy voice feature makes talking to them (or trying to remotely stop them from creating mischief) easy.

What makes the YI such a great pet camera is the fact that it allows for tilting and panning, making sure that no corner of the room is out of view. You’ll be able to catch your little monster red-handed wherever they are up to something.

Petcube Play

Petcube Play

You want a stylish pet camera that doesn’t stand out from your furniture, but still comes with everything you need to check in on your dog or cat and keep them entertained?
Then the Petcube Play is the perfect choice for you!

The brushed aluminium cover hides as 1080p HD camera with 138° wide vision, digital zoom, and night vision. A standard two-way audio makes communicating with your furry friend easy.

And the best? There’s a built-in human and pet-safe laser toy that will keep dogs and cats entertained for hours. The laser can be either set to auto-play to keep your four-legged friend exercised, or -even better- can be remote controlled from your phone. Playing with your pet from afar becomes just as easy as if you were at home!

PetChatz HD

YI Dome Camera

Two-Way Audio/Video Pet Treat Camera

Your dog gets scared easily when home alone? Or you just want your dog or cat to be able to see you when you’re talking to them remotely?

Then the PetChatz is the perfect pet camera for you.

The two way camera offers you the unique chance to literally communicate with your furry friend face to face, no matter where in the world you are. Particularly for pets that are known to show anxious behaviour whenever they are left alone, simply seeing your face smiling at them can make a huge difference.

Additionally, the PetChatz disperses a calming scent that can aid your efforts to sooth your furbaby as well. And once your little friend responds to your face and voice, you can reward and reinforce good behaviour with dispensed treats.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

You don’t want to have to chose between entertaining your pet or rewarding good behaviour with treats? Or your little menagerie has dogs and cats together and you want to meet the needs of both of them?

Then the Pawbo is the best pet camera for you.

The Pawbo naturally gives you the opportunity to sneak a peak into your pet’s daily life remotely, and also lets you talk to them. Additionally it comes equipped with both a treat dispenser and a built-in safe laser, making it ideal to entertain both cat and dog at the same time.

And just as important these days? You can easily snap pictures of your favourite scenes and instantly share what your furbabies are up to on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, keeping your friends and family entertained with their antics and cuteness.