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Vacuum cleaners these days are significantly more advanced than how they used to be. They can help you clean your entire home with as little effort on your end as humanly possible. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner in 2021, perhaps you might wish to consider the BISSELL 9595A as it seems to be equipped with all the user-friendly and convenient features that any owner might wish for in a product of this type. It’s versatile and reasonably lightweight, and the neat thing about it is that it can be used to clean all the bare floors, upholstery, and carpeted areas in your house. What’s more, it comes with a unique cyclonic system that makes it possible for the suction power of the unit to remain on par all throughout your cleaning routine. In case you can’t try out the BISSELL, perhaps you might want to opt for the Shark Navigator.

The Benefits of Owning a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning a room with wall-to-wall carpeting or a large area rug would be backbreaking without the best vacuum cleaner for carpet 2021 to assist you. Vacuum cleaners have a market all their own, and it can a bit difficult to decide on a single product that some consumers even own more than one type of vacuum cleaner to suit a variety of cleaning applications. Whether it’s a steam vacuum cleaner, a wet-and-dry model, a handheld unit, two-or three-in-one, the vacuum cleaner is engineered to deliver surface cleaning with the added benefit of keeping indoor quality safe and breathable for models that come with filter systems. Machines can be designed for hard floors while some are both for carpet and hardwood. Pet owners will appreciate units that are rated go well or hair.

Allowing you to clean your home quicker while doing all the vacuuming for you, robotic vacuum cleaners are an innovative invention since they have built-in sensors that make them detect all levels of dirt while being able to handle all types of floors. People with mobility issues and those who are perennially busy will appreciate these tiny machines that can be programmed to do the cleaning.

For quick messes, handheld models are great because they are lightweight, easy to carry and use, providing the versatility to clean various surfaces that larger models can’t handle that easily. On the other hand, upright and full-sized models are equipped with really powerful motors that power the suction system to handle the toughest cleaning needs in the home.

Knowing how to choose a vacuum cleaner doesn’t depend on how much you know about the priciest brands on the market, because there can be high-priced brands that do not really deliver well on suction power and performance despite their hefty price tags. On the other hand, there are models that offer genuine value for money with their stellar suction power along with the supplied cleaning tools and attachments that manufacturers include in the package. The ultimate goal when buying a vacuum cleaner is versatility and ability to handle your cleaning needs while ensuring easy maintenance and storage.

How to Choose a New Vacuum Cleaner in 2021?

The search for the best vacuum cleaner of 2021 is hardly an easy task. One will have to go over more than one buying guide and probably a dozen or so expert review sites before deciding on one model that offers good cleaning performance, lossless suction power, versatility, and easy maintenance and storage. Knowing how to compare vacuum cleaners is important since it can be difficult to tell in a glance at the manufacturer’s specifications if a machine is the perfect one for your needs. These are the aspects to really look into when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Suitable type
Most homes have more than one vacuum cleaner in the closet. Considering the different kinds of surfaces and the types of dirt that can be generated in the typical American home, this is not a bad idea and neither can it be just a regular (nut) case of obsessive-compulsive behavior or having a lot of money to spend on cleaning tools. There have been marketing gimmicks that present all-in-one vacuums that are supposedly engineered to be good for tile floors and also good for pet hair, hardwood floors, and carpets as well. Chances are, that is exactly what they are made for pure marketing gimmickry because the unit has to have a pretty advanced or space-age cleaning system that incorporates the ability to clean all types of surfaces.

Vacuum Cleaners Are of Five Types: upright; canister; stick; handheld; robotic. One type has a distinct use and advantage over other types, but fortunately, most manufacturers have been able to design their units to handle multitasking. You’ll just have to decide what kind of cleaning you need done on a regular basis and go from there.

An Upright Vacuum is a full-size model that offers a wide cleaning path, typically up to 15 inches. It is a machine with a power cord and with the cleaning head directly connected to the motor housing along with the dust collection tank. This type comes with a motorized rotating brush that makes it able to coax out embedded dirt in carpets. Most upright vacuum cleaners can also handle wood floors. They come with attachments and extensions to enable cleaning under furniture, on the stairs, and in tight crevices while being able to provide dust window treatments. More compact than canister models, upright vacuum cleaners take up less closet space because they store upright.

Full-sized and Corded, canister models feature the dirt tank and motor in a wheeled housing, which is the canister component. This element connects to the cleaning head via a hose. The overall design of the canister vacuum makes the unit easy to move around, as the cleaning head is just what you clean around with and not the entire machine. The cleaning path of a canister vacuum model is similar to that of an upright, and so are the supplied attachments. Most models come with a powered rotating brush, which is indispensable for carpet cleaning.

Stick Vacuums featured in the best electric broom reviews resemble upright units, only smaller with a narrower cleaning path. A stick vacuum is a good alternative to a heavy, full-size upright or canister model, especially for small living spaces. Offering a quick option for multiple floor cleaning, a stick vacuum employs suction to clean so it is suitable for hard floor cleaning. Some models are made for carpet cleaning thanks to their motorized brush. Some models include cleaning attachments. Lacking the capacity and power of a full-size model, this type boasts a compact design that enables easier handling and storage. Plenty of electric brooms are cordless, but if you want extended run times, a corded model is best.

Readily portable, lightweight and sleek, handheld vacuum cleaners are geared for quick clean-ups of messes or spot cleaning. Dry spills on a countertop, dirt on car floor mats, dust on blinds and pet hair on upholstery are easily handled with a handheld vacuum. Available in both corded and cordless models, handhelds can also be powered through the vehicle’s accessory outlet. Wet vacuuming can be handled by some models while others offer extra functionality by being usable for carpet cleaning using a motorized brush attachment.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are self-propelled machines that do the cleaning for you. Diminutive enough to move around furniture legs and under large furnishings, a robotic vacuum is ideal for small living spaces as a complement to manual vacuuming and makes a great alternative when you can’t do heavy-duty cleaning too often. There are models geared for hard floor cleaning as well as for cleaning carpets. Programmable units even allow scheduling. Remote control is supplied with some models. Others come with WiFi connectivity so you can activate or program the unit using a mobile device.

Cleaning Performance
With a motorized brush head, a vacuum cleaner can do better carpet cleaning compared to a model that only features suction. To deactivate the brush and protect bare floor finishes, such units come with a toggle switch. Models with manual height adjustment controls for carpet piles along with suction control can be used for cleaning delicate fabrics such as curtains and draperies. When buying a vacuum cleaner, horsepower, wattage and ampere ratings are not accurate measurements of suction power. The bigger question is what vacuum cleaner has the most powerful suction because of its system design and not the wattage, amperage or horsepower rating, which is mostly just a measurement of the electrical current used by the motor.

You want a powerful airflow to ensure delivery of strong suction, which is often determined also by the overall design and the accompanying attachments such as an upholstery brush, which is great for car interiors, curtains and upholstered fabrics. A wall or floor brush is great for cleaning bare walls and floors. A crevice tool gets dust out of air conditioning and heating vents and from under large home furniture and appliances. A dusting brush enables you to clean moldings, lampshades, and blinds.

For high traffic areas, around seven passes are needed for total cleaning. For light traffic areas, three or four strokes will do. A dirt sensor detects how much cleaning is needed in an area and whether it needs cleaning or not.

Features and Ease of use
Moving from one area to another is easy with a cordless vacuum. You won’t need to ensure there is an outlet nearby when cleaning if the unit is cordless. Remember to check for battery life or how long the cordless vacuum can clean on a single charge. You’ll also want fast charging times.

Programmable robotic vacuums simplify in-between light cleaning with scheduling. You’ll also want the unit to be able to handle dog hair if you own a pet. A HEPA filter in your unit is best for allergies since the filter ensures that tiny particulates don’t get released in the air. A wet-and-dry model with a water filter delivers an extra touch of freshness because the water filtration system enables it to filter out 99.9 percent of dust to leave nothing but pristine freshness.

Noise while cleaning is undesirable if you intend to watch TV or if you don’t wish to miss telephone calls or hearing the doorbell. Check decibel levels for this element. You also want a lightweight machine that is easy to carry from room to room and from floor to another.

Bagged models can hold a greater amount of dirt and dust while bagless ones eliminate the need to buy replacement bags periodically. Height adjustment for the cleaning head, which may be manual or automatic, enables customized cleaning according to the floor type. Variable suction also delivers the same. Edge cleaning features let you handle hard-to-clean areas along walls.

Buying a vacuum cleaner entails that you do your homework on product specifications and features and consult reliable vacuum cleaner reviews in 2021 to find a suitable product. Manufacturers who back their product offerings with a decent warranty give you peace of mind that they stand by their units. Make sure to choose a vacuum cleaner that strikes a balance between value for money and reliable performance.

Top Selling Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

Bissell 9595A

Bissell 9595A

Judging by the critical acclaim it has gathered over time, this BISSELL model is one of the best vacuum cleaners in 2021. It’s easy to use and versatile and makes cleaning the floors and upholstery in your home a breeze.

The cyclonic system that the unit has been equipped with makes it possible for the suction to remain powerful regardless of the number of times that you’ll be using the vacuum.

Everything about the 9595A has been designed to give a helping hand to the user, in that the tank is easily removable and can be cleaned in a matter of minutes.

Carpet cleaning is a piece of cake with the help of the BISSELL 9595A as it comes with a unique brush that can rotate down into the surface of the carpet so that it removes all dust and debris in depth. A TurboBrush intended for stairs and furniture is provided in the box.

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How to Use BISSELL 9595A Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator Lift-Away DeluxeShark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe

In spite of the fact that the Shark Navigator model is perhaps not as budget-friendly as other options we have tracked down on the market today, it definitely raises up to par and can do its job exactly how it is supposed to.

The core difference between this unit and many of its competitors is that it is a professional alternative that can be used both upright and as a portable vacuum cleaner.

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What this means for users is that they can simply modify the design of the product so that they clean all of the surfaces in their house as efficiently as possible.

Since the Shark Navigator comes with a HEPA filter and innovative technology that makes it one of the tops recommended choices for people suffering from allergies, it goes without saying that it should be at the top of your list. Besides, this model has garnered some of the best vacuum cleaner reviews in 2021.

Hoover UH70120

Hoover UH70120

This Hoover vacuum cleaner is another notable option that needs to be given some thought to before finalizing your purchase. It’s lightweight and easy to use as it has been constructed with the user in mind.

In other words, you’ll be able to enjoy the 5-position carpet height adjustment featured by the model as it can be customized depending on the hard floors and carpets you have to clean.

In addition to all of this, it should be noted that this unit comes with a power cord measuring 25 feet, which should allow you to reach all of the places, whether they’re located at a sizeable distance from the power outlet or not.

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Despite the fact that it usually costs less than one hundred and fifty dollars, this model offers plenty of value as it comes with all of the accessories you might require to perform your tasks.

A crevice tool, extension wand, and air powered hand tool are all provided in the pack, as well as an upholstery brush. Also, the owner feedback revolves around the idea that this model is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Shark Navigator SV1106

Shark Navigator SV1106

The SV1106 is another choice to bear in mind if you’re in the market for a versatile and portable unit that does the trick every time, with no exception.

This particular stick vacuum is cordless, so you’ll be able to take it everywhere you want. Besides, it should be noted that the battery life of this option makes it possible for users to clean their homes for as long as four hours on a single charge. The precision charger is provided in the pack.

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What’s impressive about the Shark Navigator SV1106 is that, although it has more than enough capacity to collect all types of debris and dust that might exist on your floors, it’s extremely simple to empty.

The contents of the dust cup can be removed in a matter of less than a minute, therefore allowing you to tend to your cleaning routine without any time-consuming interruptions.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

If you have little to no time at your disposal and can’t afford to spend hours on end to clean your entire house or office, perhaps the ILIFE V3s Pro is the right product for your requirements. It’s been named the best robotic vacuum cleaner, and for good reason, too.

The core advantage offered by this alternative consists of the fact that it doesn’t need any human interference at all. Believe it or not, this model is so cutting edge that it can even dock and recharge automatically, therefore allowing you to rest assured that your floors will be cleaned while you’re away from home.

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The schedule of this option can be programmed depending on your needs and preferences.

What’s more, it’s important to underline that the ILIFE V3s Pro features one of the longest battery lives in the line because it can function for as many as 150 minutes per charge.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers

With its products widely distributed via specialty stores, its website and major big-box retailers, Shark belongs to the trusted housecare brands developed by Euro-Pro Operating LLC. a pioneer in innovative cleaning solutions, Euro-Pro ie engaged in the manufacture of small household appliances that make life ultimately better for the busy consumer. Producing efficient machines that fit the perpetually on-the-go lifestyle, the Shark line of products are made for fast cleaning of your daily messes with products that are often featured among the best electric brooms of 2018 thanks to their ability to handle from soggy food to glass, effectively eliminating the need for a heavy full-size vacuum. Shark also has a line of steam vacuum models for top-to-bottom cleaning.

For over a century, Hoover has delivered products that strike a balance between cleaning power and ease of use. Cleaning the home from floor to ceiling, Hoover products even ensure that the air you breathe at home is safe. The company’s story began in 1907 when the inventor Murray Spangler decided to use his creativity to create a special machine that would help him handle dust cleaning without aggravating his asthma problem since he also worked nights as a janitor. What began as a cumbersome contraption he called suction sweeper has evolved into today’s modern line of Hoover vacuum cleaners, making the brand easily recognizable so that vacuuming has become synonymous to hoovering.

From cost-effective electric incandescent light bulbs to radios, TVs, electric shavers to medical systems for clinicians as well as smart house care products, Philips has become an export-oriented global company with a multinational workforce in over 100 countries all over the globe. The company is recognized for holding strong leadership positions in oral healthcare, portable entertainment, and male grooming and shaving. With headquarters in the Netherlands, the firm has brought to the vacuum cleaner market its own handheld models, steam vacuum cleaner and bagless unit, all of which deliver superior cleaning performance from top to bottom. Get high-quality products made using Lean techniques to ensure reliability and superb craftsmanship.

Steadily building a rich history of good business since 1876, BISSELL makes cleaning products that are easy and fun to use. The company introduced the manual carpet shampooer in 1956 and by the end of the 60s, had brought to the household cleaning products market the first Vac/Floor Scrubber, Dry Powder Rug Shampoo and Applicator, two-brush sweeper and the Gemini Sweeper. The family-owned firm has been an acknowledged leader in the homecare industry for more than five generations and has geared itself to be the go-to company in terms of understanding the lives and cleaning needs of its millions of customers. In fact, if you want the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair in 2021, it’s most likely a BISSELL!

From pressure washers to sweepers to Best steam cleaners or steam vacuum cleaners and rugged DIY multi-purpose vacuums, Karcher has carved out its own niche in the cleaning equipment industry. With an impressively complete line of cleaning equipment, Karcher offers the perfect cleaning solution for every household dirt problem. Its products serve a variety of groups, from commercial users to private households and the cleaning service industry. Karcher offers ecologic cleaning equipment that is environmentally friendly, saves on cleaning time and delivers exceptional cleaning results. The company boasts a vacuum cleaner with a water filter that ensures a clean floor and fresh, clean air as well, for a truly pleasant home environment.

Dirt Devil
Offering remarkable cleaning solutions that are as innovative as they are powerful, Dirt Devil started at a backyard garage in Cleveland, Ohio. The firm started out being known as the P. A. Geier Company, one of the world first vacuum cleaner companies, in 1905. When World War II occurred, the firm switched over to military production. P.A.Geier was renamed Royal Appliance Manufacturing, which was dissolved eventually. Royal was revived by a group of its loyal employees, who sold the firm to investors who gave the entire firm a fresh start with a revolutionary new cleaner, the widely popular Dirt Devil® Hand Vac. Now, Dirt Devil has built a solid brand loyalty that includes Dirt Devil quick cleaning hand vacs, uprights, canister vacuums, stick vacuums, and carpet washers.

A global leader in home appliances, Electrolux has always upheld a commitment to deep consumer insight and has developed products in intense collaboration with professional users. The firm delivers expertly engineered and meticulously crafted home cleaning solutions and home appliances that are both sustainable and innovative, including dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and small domestic appliances. The Electrolux Group comprises highly esteemed brands that include AEG, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Zanussi, and Electrolux Grand Cuisine and markets to more than 150 countries every year, selling more than 60 million products to a solid customer base. With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, the Electrolux Group was founded in 1919.

Frequent Questions about Vacuum Cleaners

Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner?
Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa invented a carpet sweeper in 1860. The machine collected dust using a rotating brush and bellows to generate suction. Ives McGaffey invented the Whirlwind in 1868, a cumbersome device that was difficult to operate and was commercially marketed with mixed success. Melville R. Bissell constructed a similar model in 1876. His company had its line of cleaning tools that soon included portable vacuum cleaners. Hubert Cecil Booth of England invented the motorized vacuum cleaner in 1901 but did not market it and instead offered cleaning services using it. Cleaning-by-suction machines were also created by American inventors including David Kenney and Corinne Dufour, but it was James Murray Spangler who invented the revolutionary carpet cleaning device for households, which was the portable vacuum cleaner.

When was the Vacuum Cleaner Invented?
In the truest sense, a vacuum cleaner is a cleaning machine that employs an air pump to create a partial vacuum that sucks up dirt and dust from surfaces, usually floors. A mechanical solution to floor cleaning was first attempted in England in 1599. Before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, a carpet beater was used to pound out as much dirt as possible from rugs hung over a line or wall.

A sweeping machine was patented to Ives McGaffey on June 8, 1869. Though not a motorized vacuum cleaner, the device was designed for rug and carpet cleaning. A gasoline-powered vacuum cleaner sprung from a horse-drawn vacuum system that offered door-to-door service in 1901. Spangler invented the portable electric vacuum cleaner in 1907, received a patent for it in 1908 and sold his patent rights to William Hoover, for whom he continued to design.

How do Vacuum Cleaners Work?
Vacuum cleaners execute their cleaning functionality using simple technology: they pull air in, which sucks up dust and dirt. The vacuum cleaner houses a fan that blows air, and to be able to do this, the machine has to draw air in as well. Dirt and dust get sucked up with this mechanism. Small objects get trapped in the filter, canister or bag because of the low-pressure air generated by the air that goes into the machine.

The electric motor in a typical vacuum cleaner is rated at about 500 to 3000 watts, which turns the beaters and brushes on the roller found at the front of the machine. With vigorous brushing and beating, the dirt is loosened from the rug or carpet. Air is suctioned in by the fan attached to the electric motor, along with the loosened dirt, which is captured in the bag or dust tank.

How to Operate a Vacuum Cleaner?
Walk through the area you will be cleaning, making a mental note of walls and door locations as well as AC outlets if you’re using a corded vacuum cleaner. Get any objects that may require moving out of the way, including bed sheets, toys, and pieces of paper. Set the vacuum dial to the proper setting. Use bare floor or low carpet setting, as required. For use on carpets, set to either low pile/carpet or high pile/carpet, as needed. Plug the machine in and switch it on.

Move the cleaning head forward and backward slowly. Push the head around furniture legs and other immovable obstacles. Once you’ve covered the entire cleaning area using up to seven strokes for every segment, depending on how dirty it is, switch the machine off and unplug it.

Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners any Good?
Robot vacuums have become highly popular in households where heavy duty cleaning can’t be done regularly because of busy lifestyles. An adorable little cleaning device, the robotic vacuum is designed to do floor cleaning by itself, with some models even programmable to do scheduled cleaning. A robot vacuum proves to be useful for those with mobility issues or who can’t operate a full-size vacuum cleaner. It keeps dirt and dust in check and offers a good level of independence for those with disabilities. Designed to work best on short carpet lengths (less than one inch high) and hard surfaces, a robotic vacuum gives floors a nice once-over every day so weekend cleaning can be much easier.

Can Vacuum Cleaners Filters be Washed?
Regular, thorough cleaning of the vacuum cleaner is an essential part of machine maintenance. When the filter is dirty, the vacuum cleaner has to bear a heavier workload to efficiently suck in and remove dirt and irritation-causing elements from various surfaces. An improperly cleaned filter also decreases the suction power of the machine with time. Dirt can accumulate and clog the vital cleaner components. Washable filters are available on the market, the most popular being HEPA filters that remove up to 99% of particulates suspended in the air. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A good rinse under the sink faucet can be given to filters made of plastic, foam or similar material, but make sure to refer to the manual if you can wet the filter.

Do Vacuum Cleaners use a Lot of Electricity?
Using between 500 and 3000 watts, the average size vacuum cleaner uses an air pump to enable it to suck in debris, dirt, and dust from various surfaces. The standard top selling unit will need around 1400 watts of electricity to do its job. For this type of cleaner, electricity usage is determined by its wattage rating multiplied by the number of hours the machine is used and the average cost per kilowatt hour in your area. It is always good advice to purchase cost-efficient machines that boast low power consumptions between 600 and 800 watts only, enabling you to vacuum more often.

Do vacuum Cleaners Need Servicing?
Although the vacuum cleaner will not need plenty of maintenance, a little goes a long way to ensuring that the machine does its job consistently well. Besides, the machine comprises plenty of electronic parts that do their job well aided by its filters, dust tank and brushes, so make sure to give those a check every now and then. Regularly check the bag and do immediate replacement when full. Frequently empty the dust tank in bagless models. Clean the brush roll or beater bar of hair, thread and other debris. Clean and lubricate the brush roll bearings. Check the belt for signs of wear and replace immediately when worn. Any masses of debris on the brush roll and air passages should be removed. Replace or clean the filters and make sure the hose is not clogged.

Usual issues with Vacuum Cleaners
Electric cleaning appliances are not free from deficiencies, and the vacuum cleaner is not immune either. The important thing is knowing what makes a good vacuum cleaner and what doesn’t. You probably know what to look for in a good machine but what do you really not want to find in a vacuum cleaner?

What to Avoid when Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner

Corded models are a pain to use when they have extremely short cords. Because corded machines have you tied to an electric socket while cleaning, you will want to make sure the cord is long enough to allow you to cover a wide area. Vacuuming stairs can be exasperating when the cord is short, as you will have to use an extension cord or stop vacuuming every now and then.

Cordless models with short battery life are also not a good purchase. They do allow you to vacuum the stairs easily because you are not tethered to an AC outlet, but short battery life can test your patience especially when you have got plenty of vacuuming to do. Stay away from units with long charging times too.

Which vacuum cleaner is best for pet hair? It’s often the one that provides stellar performance for picking up pet hair but is a mediocre performer when cleaning carpets and ekes out an average rating when handling bare floors. You want a model that rates high on all levels, but consumer reviews have found only a select few.

You don’t want to be lugging around an extremely heavy machine, which can cause back pains especially when you have to do multiroom and multi-floor cleaning. You also won’t want to use a machine that offers no protection against allergies via a HEPA filter. You will also not want to use a noisy machine that will make you bend a lot (no handle height adjustment) and won’t let you watch TV or hear the doorbell while cleaning.