Best Diet Books 2020 – 5 Most Inspiring Weight Loss Books


If you’ve every wondered where to find the best diet books for 2020 then make sure to not miss this article.

The beginning of the new year. Spring break around the corner. The looming joy slash panic of the much anticipated summer vacation. High-school reunion. That one important upscale business meeting. Your best friend’s wedding. That black-tie event you somehow got invited to. To simply and most importantly feel better about yourself.

The reasons for wanting to lose a few pounds, and ASAP if you please, are numerous. Nearly as numerous as the diet books promising great results in no time at all that are floating around out there.

Generally speaking, we all know that a balanced diet, the simple (im) balance of calories in vs. calories out, and a healthy dose of exercising is the key to losing or maintaining weight.

But sometimes knowing this seemingly simple formula is just not cutting it. Knowing and actually being able to do it are two vastly different things after all.

However, lucky for us, many people have tackled the seemingly endless ways of changing your diet, losing weight. We’ve waded through the myriad of diet books currently on sale and have picked out those few that are really worth reading. And following. Just browse the following list, pick out the approach that speaks to you the most and we’re sure you’ll be able to reach your goal!

Most Selling 5 Best Diet Books for Weight Loss

1Mini Habits for Weight Loss:

Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.

Let’s start with a book that’s less focused on promoting a certain diet, but rather discusses how long-term weight loss and maintenance can be achieved by everyone.

In his book, Stephen Guise introduces you to a wealth of small changes that are easily implemented into your lifestyle and will ultimately lead you to living a healthier life without any strict no-nos.

With dinner invitations, holidays, family gatherings, or just too little time to cook elaborate “healthy” meals each day, many of us think that our weigh-loss journey will be doomed from the beginning. But with this book and the many small habit changes you’ll quickly find that leading a healthier life isn’t that hard after all. And that it also allows for the occasional indulgence or fancy meal out.

If you’re looking for long-lasting, sustainable changes to your eating habits, this book is the best diet book for you.

2The Whole30:

The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

Arguably, the Whole30 diet is one of the hardest out there.

But hear us out!

Yes, this method is strict. And yes, there are absolutely no cheat days (which essentially means: slipped up? Too bad. Back to start for you!). BUT it’s only 30 days, and the results are truly amazing.

In all honesty, this diet is more of a challenge than a real diet, but nevertheless it serves its purpose just as well. And with this lovely diet book full of yummy recipes, a step-by-step plan for breaking bad habits, and motivational bits and pieces strewn all throughout, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up not only weighing less and feeling better, but with at least a handful of new, healthy favourite go-to meals.

3The 21-Day Sugar Detox:

Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally

It’s safe to say we eat way too much sugar. And even if you now think you don’t indulge in sweets that often, you very likely have a much too high intake of sugar anyway. Just grab any package in your kitchen, chances are there’s at least some kind of sugar added. No matter if it’s your granola, your pasta sauce, packaged meat, or that lovely loaf of bread.

We know cutting out all sugar from your diet sounds impossible. And something your really, really don’t want to do. Particularly since it sounds like you’ll lead a miserable life from then on.

But once you’ve opened Diane Sanfilippo’s book you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Cutting out sugar in no way means cutting out the fun in eating. There’s a whole wealth of yummy recipes without any added sugar that won’t leave you wanting. And yes, there’s also desserts! And snacks!

Breaking the habit of eating way too much refined sugar is hard, but it’s also so very worth it. You’ll find your bodyweight dropping in no time and will start to feel that more satisfied and energized within just three short weeks.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a great diet book that gives you a lot of background knowledge on top of really tasty recipes that will change your stance on sugar completely.

4The Keto Diet:

The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet

The very easy principle behind the Keto diet is the belief that we’ve blamed fat for weight gain for far too long. A balanced diet that’s high in natural, healthy fats actually helps your body to lose stored fat reserves instead of adding to them.

In other words, the Keto diet helps you to cut back on carbs, while at the same time upping your intake of healthy fats. This in turn means that you’ll start losing weight without ever feeling hungry since your caloric needs are met each day, leaving you energized and feeling great while at the same time loosing weight.

What’s so great about this book is it’s varied approach that gives you the means to tailor a plan to your individual needs. And of course, this wonderful diet book also includes more than 125 recipes that just wait to be tested and tried by you!

5Paleo for Beginners:

Essentials to Get Started

Essentially, the Paleo diet introduces you to the way humankind has been eating since the dawn of time.

The Paleo approach focuses on a low carb, high protein diet that resembles the way our ancestors have eaten and that has essentially enabled the human species to become who we are now.

This dietary approach is incredibly suitable for everybody who exercises regularly (the high proteins enable muscle growth and therefore help losing weight healthily), who wants to prevent common diseases like diabetes and arthritis, and who wants to change their diet sustainably to help maintain a healthy body-weight throughout their life.

The comprehensive, straightforward introductory book offers a 7-day meal plan with shopping guide to get you started, extensive lists of foods that are suitable for a Paleo diet and those you should try to avoid from now on, and more than 100 easy, mouth-watering recipes that will leave you wanting more! The Paleo for Beginners diet book is the perfect choice for active people and those who want to be.

These are the best diet books to help you get in your preferred shape.