When and How to Get Better Internet Connectivity?


    You have perhaps moved into a new space and are looking forward to installing a home internet connection. This means you’ll need a good home internet provider. Owing to the current pandemic scenario, work from the home station has become a necessity. Moreover, working from home is not possible without a stable and high-speed internet connection

    Therefore, you’ll need to hunt for a good internet service provider who meets all your internet requirements. Unless you’re only using social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook, you’ll need good internet speed for your work.

    Let us understand why internet speed matters so much.

    Internet speed is significant because this determines the type of activities you can perform on your gadgets with the help of the internet. Having a good understanding of your activities will help you determine the speed you need for your household. 

    When you use a slow internet for streaming, uploading heavy files, or playing games online, this could cause you to use more internet. Ultimately this costs you more money. While picking an internet speed for yourself, you’ll need to keep in mind the number of people in your household and the activities they perform with the help of the internet. 

    If everyone in your household makes use of multiple devices, they will need a high-speed internet connection. It may also be the case that you’re looking forward to upgrading your existing internet speed. If that’s the case, then here are a few pointers on when to do so. 

    When to upgrade internet speed

    Here are situations that might arise and make you want to upgrade your internet plan:

    1Poor existing provider 

    Your current internet service provider may not be of much use to you anymore, and you’re looking for a better home internet provider with better speed. 

    2Needing to Disconnect

    You might need to disconnect some of your devices at home for one significant device to run.

    3Delays in streaming

    When you experience delays with higher data-consuming activities such as streaming, gaming, or video calls.

    4Slow speed 

    If your speed is consistently slow throughout your house, you need to upgrade to a higher internet speed. 

    5Location-specific issues 

    If your Wi-Fi connection is showing location-specific issues, you need to change to a better internet service provider and a higher speed. Bravo Telecom internet company is one of the reputed companies that offer reasonable deals at good pricing with high speed. 

    Tips to speed up your existing Wi-Fi

    Check out the following ways to improve your existing internet connectivity:

    6 Long-range router

    Always look for a long-range router. This helps you to maintain a high quality and stable internet.

    7 Restart

    Restart your router. This helps clear stored data and gives you a stronger connection.

    8 Extender

    If your Wi-Fi speed tends to slow down in some regions of your house, then invest in a Wi-Fi extender.

    9 Security

    Internet speeds slow down when multiple users are leeching off the same network. Therefore, make sure you have robust security protecting your Wi-Fi from snoopy neighbours.

    10 Channel matters

    Switch to a 5 GHz channel. This gives you access to 23 channels.

    11 Router angles

    Keep one Wi-Fi antenna straight, and the other angled to the side. This enhances your connection in all directions of your house. 

    Final thoughts 

    We hope this guide helps you to speed up your existing Wi-Fi or allows you to invest in a better high-speed connection.