What to bring When you Travel During the Pandemic


The world of travel has changed a lot since the pre-pandemic days of 2019. Do you need to have your vaccination card with you? Do you need additional travel insurance?

Here are some keys for what to pack for your quarantine and planning tips to help you transition into the new normal of travel before you do your next and possibly your first trip in the COVID19 era.

1Consider Buying Travel Insurance:

Look for non-stop flights at Cathay Pacific whenever possible. This will limit the need to change planes and walk around crowded airports. In addition, the shorter the flight, the better, as long flights increase the likelihood of infection. masks are worn during the flight; Consider cutting yourself out of your meals so you don’t have to take them. Be sure to bring disinfectant wipes to clean all high contact areas.

Even if you’ve never bought travel insurance before, 2021 could be your year.

Some travel credit cards include travel insurance as a benefit that can save you from unexpected illness, flight delays or cancellations, or weather. This coverage can be especially helpful if you test positive for COVID19 and you will no longer be able to travel.

Please note that COVID19-related reluctance to travel is usually not a covered reason. This is where Any Reason Cancellation coverage comes in handy, and is often offered as an upgrade on some travel insurance plans.

2Hand Sanitizer:

While handwashing is the best way to keep yourself (and those around you) safe if you don’t have water or soap, CDC recommends using hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol before and after use in public places. Because hand sanitiser is so ubiquitous and sold all over the place, our experts have spent the last few months tracking down where you can still buy it online, including at the retail stores. You must bring up to a 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitiser through airport security.

3Bottle of water:

There is no evidence that anyone contracted COVID19 through drinking water. water source; After all, the surfaces around the fountain, including the button you press to turn on the tap, can pose a risk of infection. Instead, take a large, reusable water bottle with you that you can fill with water from a tap that you know has been emptied.


When travelling by plane, bus or train, check your seat before boarding. Use antibacterial wipes to clean chairs, tables attached to chairs and armrests, and remember to wash your hands again. while in flight, rotate the top air nozzle completely and point it slightly outward to create a stream of air away from you. your carrier on the plane.

5Cure for Colds and flu:

Great item to pack even in the pre-reproductive period, cold and flu medications are needed to relieve pain and fever. Please keep this handy. Add some colic and sunburn medicine to your travel bag. You wouldn’t want to get sick without them if you or a member of your family were feeling unwell. Add some immune-boosting vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, D, or zinc to your travel kit. If you do get sick, they mildly improve your immunity and reduce the duration and severity of the flu or cold.

6Check your Passport in Advance:

Some countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after your travel date. And considering that passport processing times are slower than usual, you can renew your passport now.

This is how serious the delay is: As of August 2021, the US Department of State says you will receive your new passport within 18 weeks of receiving your application (previously about six weeks before the pandemic). While you can pay $ 60 for expedited service, it can take up to 12 weeks to get a new passport.


The hardest part: clothes. Remember to bring a mix of light and warm layers with you on your trip (depending on where you are going). It is always a good idea to check the weather before you travel and pack your belongings appropriately. It’s an art, and with limited space in your backpack, you have to be hard on yourself and only take the essentials with you.

Consider what you can do while travelling to get the gear you need, whether it’s hiking, diving, partying, skiing, or sightseeing in the city. You will need appropriate clothing. If you are travelling for a long time, be sure to check if the hostel has a laundry room so you can do your laundry and change.

8Contactless Credit Cards: 

Contactless credit cards are considered a safer payment method to avoid fraud, but they can also be a safer way to prevent infection. give your card to someone else.

Credit cards are increasingly being developed using “tappopay,” which means your card is equipped with a technology called near field communication. Just hold your card (or a device with a mobile wallet, such as a phone or smartwatch) to the card reader to complete the transaction.

If you share transportation, such as aeroplanes or buses, isolating your destination may be the best option to prevent the possibility of infection along the way and you can get more updates about covid19 and what to pack for your quarantine you need to visit Cathay Pacific. But sometimes a 14-day quarantine may not be practical; many people lack the time, resources, or space to properly self-isolate, or they cannot lose income by not working and staying at home.