Basics About the Intensive Outpatient Program

Each drug rehab program aims to enable you or your loved one to lead a life free from the impacts of drugs. Not every program works well or the same for each person: a successful rehabilitation is based on choosing the right drug rehab program and facility for your circumstance.

It is always recommended that you consider the level of addiction before choosing any method of addiction recovery. Trying to search for the right program can be a daunting task since several models, methods, opinions, and treatments are available.

While pursuing an intensive outpatient program for your addiction or that of a loved one, you should understand the basics of the process. Here are some key things that can assist you in making the decisions easily:

What is the Intensive Outpatient Program?

Los Angeles IOP allows individuals with an addiction to drugs or substances to recover from the state and lead a better life. These types of programs assist in developing skills that help you uphold sobriety and offer a good support system to your family. In most cases, addicts get 10-12 hours a week of service.

The rest of the day, you can go about the usual daily activities. The intensive outpatient program is a short-term endeavor that uses cognitive behavioral therapy to control psychological and emotional distress. The program is advisable if you can fairly manage your actions.

The Rehabilitation Process begins with Detox

The first aim of the rehabilitation process is to help the addicted individual get over the drug detox part. The rehab facility’s goal is to help you or your loved one accomplish the withdrawal with the least danger and discomfort. The best and safest way to assist an addict through pain, the dangers, and the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms is to find a medically supervised detox program. Always consider an outpatient program with medical professionals who can help you in the case of suffering from any withdrawal symptoms. Monitoring the process is vital in meeting the specific metabolic needs during the process in terms of nutrition. The detox program can be an emotional experience that needs counseling.

Questions to Ask about a Drug Detox Program

After the detox program, you are ready for the next step in the rehab program. With this in mind, consider asking the following questions before joining an intensive outpatient program for your addiction:

  • Does an experienced health professional supervise the intensive outpatient program?
  • Is the detox program assessed and adjusted to the specific metabolic requirements of a patient?
  • Is there a nutritionist to assist an addict recover in terms of physical health?
  • Does the intensive outpatient program offer emotional support?
  • How long do the programs offered in the outpatient facility take?
  • What is the success rate of the programs offered in the facility?

After answering the above questions, you are on the right track to getting the best drug rehabilitation assistance from the intensive outpatient program you settle for.

Important Services of a Drug Rehab Program

The right place to get an intensive outpatient program is a facility that works on different aspects of an addict. Below are some other services offered in a good intensive outpatient program:

  • It should work on your communication skills.
  • The center should help you know how to get along with others.
  • The majority of the facilities entail instilling skills such as owning up responsibilities for your actions and consequences: both in the past and the future.
  • You should learn how to avoid old behavior, people, and places associated with your substance addiction.
  • The program entails guidance and assistance in making plans, setting new life goals, and working towards achievement.
  • The professionals help you to deal with personal issues that may be causing the addiction issue.

An IOP is beneficial and the most reasonable way to get over your addiction issue. The main reason is that the facility allows you to go about your normal daily activities to maintain a sober life. The program addresses your addiction problem while allowing you to connect with people who can relate to you.

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