What Is a Time and Attendance System?


If you’re looking for a time and attendance system for your company, here are a few options: Online time tracking software, Excel templates, and QuickBooks Time. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use each opportunity to ensure that you’re keeping track of the hours employees spend on the job. What’s more, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each of these time and attendance options, including their advantages and disadvantages.

1Excel templates are a time and attendance system.

The basic concept of an attendance template is the same as that of a time and attendance system. You will have to enter the date of each employee’s attendance in the first section of the template, and the year and month will automatically be added up. If you want to change this format, right-click a cell and choose the “Format Cells” option. Then, you will change the design to show the date in MMM format. Then, you’ll need to review the labels for each type of leave to know which ones are accurate.

There are many ways to use an Excel template to keep track of the attendance of your employees. One of the easiest ways is to create an employee attendance sheet. You can even make one using Microsoft Excel, but you’ll need to buy a license if you want to use the program for over a few months. On the other hand, suppose you’d like to create time and attendance systems that only need a few employees. In that case, Google Sheets may be a better alternative. Once you’ve downloaded a template, you’ll need to name it with a relevant name and fill in the employee’s data.

2Online time tracking software

There are many benefits to using online time tracking software. Besides helping you keep track of your time and employees, such software can also help you monitor your business’ performance. For example, you can monitor employee activity in real-time and define project schedules. You can also import actual dates from your email or calendar. Time tracking software can also identify your workflow and give suggestions based on past work. Many software packages even offer a free tier for small teams.

When selecting a time tracking software, you should consider whether the feature you need is included in the program. For example, while reporting and task management are essential, you may also need extra features such as payroll functions and resource scheduling. Some software also provides color-coded timesheets, which may help keep your employees engaged. Before you decide on software, making a spreadsheet and writing down the features you need most is a good idea. This way, you can make an informed decision based on what features are essential for your business.


OnTheClock’s free time and attendance system allow businesses to monitor employee time and productivity from a web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, the system tracks employee hours and shifts and manages paid time off and project expenses. OnTheClock can be set up in minutes and includes biometric fingerprint scanning, group punch stations, and kiosks. Businesses can choose which type of time and attendance tracking best suits their business needs.

OnTheClock has a plethora of features to accommodate all types of businesses. The system is customizable and integrates with some payroll providers. The system is also compatible with multiple payroll reporting formats, including PDF, CSV, and print. In addition to tracking employee time and attendance, OnTheClock includes features for scheduling, managing PTO requests, and monitoring employee locations. Managers can leave notes for employees and adjust clock-in and out times. Employees can also view each other’s schedules, helping to ensure that they don’t miss any work.

4QuickBooks Time

A time and attendance system for QuickBooks can be a valuable addition to your company’s accounting software. The timekeeping features of the software make it easy for employees to clock in and out, allowing you to track their work hours. The software is designed to be easy to install and configure and includes advanced features like time tracking. In addition, it allows you to email invoices and accepts payments online and on mobile devices.

The time-management functions of QuickBooks Time include customizable notifications through text and email. They help you keep track of employees’ PTO, which reduces the chance of miscommunication and missing shifts. QuickBooks Time also enables you to send emails to employees whenever they need to take a day off, and they’ll be alerted about any changes in their schedule. With the help of this software, you’ll never miss an important event or meeting again!

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