Tarot Reading in Modern Times


The world as we know it is getting older. Father time has changed the face of civilization a thousand times and will continue to change it a thousand more. Cultural practices, traditions, norms, values, and beliefs also experience change because it is the only thing that is constant. The change will bring about the new face of everything and will turn it into a much better form of itself, version 2.0 I might say. But of course, before it occurs, we must keep safe what was and preserve the meanings and essence before letting them go.

Tarot reading, especially in modern times, has ventured into new waters. Many psychics, fortune tellers, and would-be readers of fate are now claiming that they all have the same ability, that is to see what could be and guide you to what can be. Although tarot reading is not about predicting the future, it surely can guide you to a better one.

Let’s not forget that tarot card reading has been practiced for centuries, and it relies on a one on one physical appearance both by the medium and the client. The medium will be the bridge for the energies that the client has and with it, see what’s best for him or her at the moment. A physical meeting and experience of a tarot reading session are unlike any other, but thanks to technology and the combined bright minds of people, we can now do an online tarot reading.

If you think that online tarot reading is full of non – sense and is just a trick to milk people for money, then you are wrong. It actually makes the impossible, possible. For example, Tarot card readers can now interact with their clients without any physical contact. It is very helpful especially during this time of a pandemic. Another thing is that mobile apps can now give a brief prediction or assumption accurately to any tarot reading clients without the help of the medium physically because it has been designed by well oriented and great software engineers to actually simulate and replicate the physical session of an actual tarot reading. 

But yet, skeptics still think that online tarot reading and tarot reading mobile apps are full of baloney. Well honestly, I do not blame them, it’s their right to be skeptical about something that they think does not pass their standards of being normal. I mean why base your life in an online card reader when you can just make your own fate. True! But yet as I have discussed, tarot reading is not about predicting the future, it’s about guiding you to the correct path to it, balancing your spiritual and metaphysical self, and resolving issues that makes you anxious and distraught. I myself, who was once a skeptic, tried out a Celtic cross tarot reading found out that there is nothing wrong with trying it, and honestly, it helped me resolve very important issues in my life.

Always remember that tarot reading, especially in modern times, is here to help you and is giving you the luxury to stay at home and be guided to enlightenment and not into manipulation.