Reckoning 8 New Trends Of Ebook Marketing In 2021


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The advent of technology has changed the way people communicate and share information. No one can deny that hand-form books are still enjoyable for readers, but more readers today are switching to ebooks. E-book refers to a digital form of the traditional book that readers can read via mobile, tablet, or any other digital device.

Regardless of your ebook niche, you would spend day and night thinking ideas, writing, and publishing your book. However, what’s the purpose of all your hard work if readers aren’t aware of your ebook? It would be best if you explore various marketing strategies so that your book is accessible to the right audience at the right time.

Here is how you can incorporate the most popular and compelling marketing strategies to promote your ebook:

Create Video or Live Stream Your Ebook Content

Have you ever thought about marketing your ebook in video format? While many people don’t enjoy reading, creating a video for them is the best suitable option. Researches show video marketing produces more ROI in the business. Thus, creating a video of your ebook by highlighting your book’s essential parts helps build a relationship with a larger audience. You can post the video on different platforms, including social media, email, ads, etc. If you want to take one step further, what’s the more excellent way than live-streaming? Using live streaming, you can get your customers’ attention and entice them into buying an ebook without investing in advertisements.

Similarly, do you have your video ready and want to convert them into book format? Then, try using fast transcription software to create an attention-grabbing ebook from your available format files. Using the software can significantly reduce your publication cost and save you plenty of time.


You don’t want your potential customers to leave your page without taking any action. However, most users lose interest when they view a bland landing page. For this reason, you must create an eye-catching and actionable landing page to lure your prospective customers. Don’t rush while creating your landing page. It would be best to research your audience, their needs, and interests, and then write an attractive copy about it. You can also add links to all your social media accounts on the landing page. Your landing page should not only focus on the look but also convert leads and increase email subscriptions.

Collaborate With Other Authors and Co-Promote

Seek out writers in your niche and collaborate with them. There are two approaches to this method. The first one is that you promote the second-party ebook to your audience, and they do the likewise. The second approach is that both parties agree on writing together for a single ebook. Although this might seem like a more straightforward trick; however, maintaining the same tone and keeping up with the quality work can be a little too difficult. It doesn’t matter which one you choose to follow; both former and latter approaches allow you to enjoy the benefits of extensive outreach.

Apply SEO

What’s the point of investing energy in crafting your ebook if it does not appear on top of the search results? All your efforts will likely go in vain if the ebook does not get noticed as much as possible. For this reason, applying search engine optimization techniques is a must for every ebook author. Optimize content in such a way that if readers search for your ebook, be it an online website or search engine, it shows up naturally. Include appropriate long-tail keywords in the title. Write a fascinating short description of your ebook to build up anticipation among your audience and make them intrigued.


Are you missing on more significant opportunities by ending your book with a full stop? If yes, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. Put it this way; you got a new reader that immensely enjoyed your book and wished to read more of your books. However, here comes the saddest part. The reader might get disappointed if you finish your book with a period. That is why sharing excerpts from your other books can hook your readers. Even if your next book is in writing or publishing, sharing small content builds anticipation. Your readers will be looking forward to coming it alive, thus increasing the chances of more sales.

Make Use of Email Marketing

The idea of email marketing is still valid. You most probably already have a list of all your email subscribers. Since the open email rates these days are meager; therefore make sure you have split the entire list into different groups before starting your email campaign. In this way, you can send personalized emails about your ebook to the relevant audience only. If you fail to follow this technique and send away your ebook link to the whole contact list, it will hamper your marketing tactics. 

Don’t forget to include your detailed and updated email signature at the end of every email you send to your friends or family.


No marketing is complete without social media shares. Today, hundreds of people use different social media platforms daily. Letting people know your ebook is live on social media might get you the recognition you desperately want. One best tip is to look for social media apps your targeted audience spends the most time on. In this way, you can strategically market your ebook and spark a conversation with your audience. 

Actively answering visitors on social media posts is the best way to keep your audience engaged. Bear in mind; you must not spam your users’ feed by selling them the boring “buy an ebook.” Instead, share the small best paragraphs of your ebook, any tips, or any other exciting content to build curiosity.

Get In Touch With Influencers

Look out for famous bloggers and influencers and try to get in touch with them. You can leverage social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook for this purpose. Ask them if they would be interested in reading your ebook and giving reviews on their social media profiles. If the answer is positive, prepare a special PR package that comprises your ebook and the writer’s details, preferably a picture with contact information. 

With this technique’s help, your ebook can better reach the potential audience and increase readers’ engagement.


Before you start brainstorming and creating content for an ebook, it is crucial to get to know your audience first. Which niche will you likely target? What type of content is your intended audience expecting from you? Consider your readers as fictional characters and find answers to these questions. Marketing your ebook does not have to be a complicated process. If you cannot afford to hire a promotion team for your ebook, don’t need to worry. The internet encompasses in itself a plethora of opportunities to self-advertise.